Activities of the Hungarian Consulate in Moscow

Hungary is an interesting European country,you can visit it by pre-issuing a visa. You can get permission to visit here at the Visa Center or Consulate of Hungary in Moscow. In the same city there is also the Hungarian embassy.

Functions of the Hungarian Consulate in Moscow

The key tasks of this officeHungary in the Russian Federation is to expand the interaction of the two countries. Also, the organization is responsible for servicing Russian citizens who wish to obtain a visa to Hungary. However, it does not matter what type of document they need: a tourist, educational or working visa.

Consulate of Hungary in Moscow

In addition, the Hungarian consulate in Moscow provides assistance to Hungarians located on the territory of the Russian Federation. They help solve a wide variety of problems and issues for their citizens.

Here, the analysis of applications of Russians forThe Hungarian visa, on the basis of which a decision is made to issue it or refuse it. Also here you can get a European visa (Schengen). It allows you to travel not only in Hungary, but also throughout Europe, which is very convenient.

The consulate also conducts various cultural and educational activities aimed at acquainting Russians with the culture of their country.

Of course, this is far from all functions performed by the Hungarian Consulate General in Moscow, but they are the main ones. This is one of the main offices of Hungary in the Russian Federation.

Consulate of Hungary in Moscow: appointment, opening hours

The consulate works on a five-day schedule. Address: Moscow, st. Mosfilmovskaya, 62. Reception of clients and other works are conducted from 8:30 to 16:30. However, different questions need to be addressed at different times. Exact hours can be clarified by calling the consulate in advance (phone numbers are located on the official website).

It is better to appoint a visit in advance by phone. This not only helps to avoid queues, but also does not allow errors in the time of the work of a particular department. But if there is no opportunity to pre-register, then they take it without a note.

Consulate of Hungary in Moscow

On the basis of the consulate there is a visa department that collects applications, documents, transfers them to the Hungarian consulate in Moscow and gives clients ready visas.

Russia and Hungary today do not have the closest economic and cultural ties, but with joint efforts in recent years, serious progress has been made for the better.


Hungary is a country of chic medieval castles andbeautiful nature. Budapest in the past was one of the largest cities of the mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire, and today the main city of the Republic of Hungary. The very same country attracts a large number of tourists with its beauty, rich in history and culture.

Consulate General of Hungary in Moscow

Russians have not yet mastered Hungary very well as a place to spend a holiday, but active work is being done in this direction. A considerable role in this is played by the Hungarian consulate in Moscow.

The same can be said about the Hungarians, whorarely come to Russia as tourists. Trade relations among countries are also not in the best condition. There is something to strive for and where to grow. It is these tasks that now lie on the shoulders of the staff of the Hungarian consulate in Moscow, as well as other representations of this European state in Russia.

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