Where is the route of the Adler-Perm train

The train route Adler-Perm is on the verythe busy direction of passenger traffic. Many thousands of people rush annually from the northern regions to the Black Sea coast. And most of the passenger traffic has traditionally fallen to the railway. Air transportation currently can not compete with it on price parameters. And there is no reason to believe that this situation can fundamentally change in the foreseeable future.

train route adler perm

South by rail

The flow of passengers to the south is brightpronounced seasonal character. It almost stops in the winter, but with the beginning of warm days, an increasing number of residents of the northern Urals dream to quickly overcome the Perm-Adler distance. The train, the route of which is indicated in the railway timetable number 353Е354С, regularly helps to overcome this distance. And after a lapse of two or three weeks, neatly delivers well-rested passengers on the seashore to their native northern city. The train route Adler - Perm is well known to more than one generation of Perm, and residents of the entire region. The distance to the Black Sea coast from here is quite large, it exceeds fifteen hundred kilometers. To get there, in the train car it is necessary to spend 2 days and 15 hours. But despite this, the loss of popularity of this railway route is not at all threatened.

Perm Adler Train Route

The train route Adler - Perm

In the high season tickets to Adler accounted forto purchase long before departure. Of course, not only residents of the Perm region and the northern part of the Urals are going to the south by this train. The route of the Adler-Perm train goes through a number of cities and major regional centers of the Urals, the Volga region and the Krasnodar Territory. The country's railway network has historically been formed in such a way that most of the main lines pass through the capital's railway junction. In the same place, most routes are formed, which provide transportation of passengers to the south. This circumstance explains the large deficit of transport capacities at the height of the summer season. Of the major cities of the Russian periphery, it is much more difficult to reach the Black Sea coast in summer than from Moscow. And so we can say with all certainty that the route of the Adler-Perm train went very successfully through such large provincial cities as Izhevsk, Ulyanovsk, Saratov and Krasnodar. In these cities, additional wagons are often added to the main train. At the height of the summer season, their number sometimes reaches eighteen.


How much is the trip to the sea

The fare for the whole route from Perm toAdler is 3245 rubles in a reserved seat and 6546 rubles in a compartment car. Recently, the management of the railway is making active efforts in the direction to make the trip to the sea as comfortable as possible. On the way, passengers are offered hot meals. And in order to two and a half days of flying passed unnoticed, provides an entertainment program for adults and children.

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