Krivoy Rog, hostels: description, photos, reviews

There is a thing for which all residents of Ukrainethey appreciate Krivoy Rog, - camp sites. Clean air in combination with local scenic views allows you to forget about all existing problems and enjoy the rest. Choosing from a large number of recreational facilities, pay attention to the price and quality of the proposed recreation.

Krivoy Rog - where is it?

Krivoy Rog, whose tourist centers are famous in Ukraineand the former CIS countries, is located in the Dnepropetrovsk region. It is home to about 640 thousand people, it is here that the development of deposits of iron ore. In the city, various exhibitions, concerts and exhibitions are often held. In the summer there are performances of various musical groups, as well as festivals in open nature.

The city has been destroyed many times in its historyand again rebuilt, now its total area is more than 410 kilometers and continues to increase. In summer, it is very hot and arid, so many residents are selected for tourist centers and numerous beaches. The average temperature in summer is 24-26 degrees Celsius, while the amount of precipitation is very limited. The absolute maximum reached here is 40.3 degrees Celsius.


The tourist centers of Krivoy Rog, photos of which are fascinating andattract attention, mainly work in the summer. This also applies to the institution called "Brigantine", located near the Karachunovsky reservoir. Having traveled only 20 kilometers from the regional capital, you will find yourself in a stunningly picturesque place where you can lie on the beach, ride a catamaran, fry shish kebabs, etc.

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You can get to this camp site on your owncar or by means of minibus taxi No. 408, which connects Krivoy Rog with the city of Valovoye. If you use the second option, you will have to exit before the bridge leading to Kudashevo, and then walk several meters on foot. The cost of recreation at this camp site is about 100 to 800 rubles per day (depending on the chosen house and service package).


If you want to relax and save at the same time,go to Krivoy Rog. The hostels located near the city will pleasantly surprise you with the price-quality ratio. In particular, we are talking about the "Rubin" base, in which you can find numbers of different formats: economy, luxury, etc. The total area of ​​the recreational facility is almost two hectares, it often organizes holidays and major events.

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Here, vacationers can take advantage of the largedining room, Russian bath, sports ground, gazebos and all other infrastructure. Two piers function: one is for bathing, and the other is for fishing. There is a private kitchen where you can leave food in the refrigerator, there are also gas stoves, sinks, water is supplied from the well. The cost of living is from 150 to 1500 rubles per day, here you can also relax with animals, but you will have to pay for each day they are near you.


When choosing a place to rest, pay attention tosmall private hostels. Krivoy Rog is known for the fact that there are few such institutions, but they are all very popular. In particular, we are talking about a complex called "Spring". The camp site also works only in the summer season, while the cost of living is 50 to 300 rubles per day, the cheapest place is to take a bed in a common room.

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This recreational institution will suit those whowants to enjoy a quiet rest, there are no cultural events, and every guest is left to himself. On the territory of the base there is a sports ground, next to the beach and pier, from which you can fish. In short, here the price corresponds to the proposed quality.

Yacht Club

If you are going to organize your holiday inKrivoy Rog, camp sites may not be suitable. Then be sure to take a closer look at the yacht club "Scarlet Sails", which is located on the Karachunovsky reservoir. At the service of holidaymakers here are offered small yachts that can be used only during the navigation period, in winter the base does not work.

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In addition to yachts and related equipment, hereyou can rent a small house at relatively low prices. However, the institution has a small disadvantage: since it is a yacht club, there are no other entertainments here. However, if you prefer a quiet rest and are ready to spend it on the shore of the reservoir, watching the competition of yachtsmen, this place will be ideal for you.


One of the few places in Ukraine where it is very closeare located to the city boundaries of the tourist center, - Krivoy Rog. Feedback about these institutions will help you get an idea of ​​whether it is worth it to rest or not. Basically, those who have been in these parts, speak about local camp sites positively. Very often people note low prices, which are available to all comers. Service at the same time is given the highest quality, which can not but rejoice.

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As a wish, many guests expressthe opinion that it is necessary to expand the entertainment program. Not all holidaymakers like to spend time in rooms or in the open air, watching the fun of others. They want to be able to go on an excursion, spend time in a bar or, for example, in karaoke. Also, vacationers note that some tourist centers have long needed repair, at least cosmetic. The management of the organizations tries to maintain order and cleanliness at the proper level, some of them plan to carry out capital repairs in the near future.


If you want to visit Krivoy Rog, tourist centers,located near the city, can be a real discovery for you. Clean air, sunbathing, a reservoir and a high-quality complex of tourist services will help you forget about all the problems. Low prices for recreation - the main advantage of these recreational facilities, but they are best to specify in advance, because they can change.

Pay attention also to the fact that the hostels forKrivoy Rog most of them do not offer transfer services, that is, you will have to get there yourself with the help of minibuses or an ordinary taxi. Therefore, it is best to specify in advance which vehicle you will have to use.

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