St. George Hotel 4 * (Cyprus) - photos, prices and hotel reviews

St. George Hotel 4 * - a luxurious, beautiful and elegant hotel, located in the heart of Greece - on the island of Crete. Here tourists constantly go to rest, sunbathe and swim in the warm sea.

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general information

The first thing I would like to note is an attractiveappearance of the hotel complex. This chic building immediately catches your eye and attracts attention. And, I must say, in this case, the exterior is not deceptive - inside the hotel is decorated as stylishly and beautifully. It's really nice to be in such a place. The hotel administration has taken care of creating the most comfortable conditions, both for recreation and for official meetings. The hotel area is well-kept, clean, it is decorated with shady palm trees and a spacious swimming pool in which guests can swim at any time or sunbathe nearby, on the terrace. By the way, we should note one more pleasant moment - this complex is located on the seashore, and from the windows of the rooms of the hotel a stunning view opens. In principle, the hotel is in a very favorable place, because next to it there is everything you need - different taverns, shops and much more, recommended for a visit.

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Rest for the soul

I want to say that St. George Hotel 4 * is not just a hotel where people stop to spend the night. This is really a full-fledged hotel complex with all the conditions that are needed for both leisure and entertainment. For example, the hotel offers a huge selection of bars and restaurants of a variety of formats. Guests can drink aromatic coffee alone in a cozy cafe alone or take part in an incendiary dance program. Organizers working in the hotel always offer interesting and non-standard events. All the guests staying at the St. George Hotel 4 *, left with a lot of impressions left by local shows. On the institutions should be said a little more. People sitting at the tables in the restaurant can admire the stunning views of the sea. In the pool bar only the best cocktails are served - any connoisseur of strong and weak drinks will find himself exactly the one that he will like. And, of course, it is worth noting the attention of the amphitheater, because there two times a day there are different dance shows and musical performances.

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For lovers of active lifestyle

Many people do not represent their lives withoutsports and everything that is connected with it. In St. George Beach Hotel 4 * such persons will not be bored for sure, if only because there are two tennis courts with lighting, a hall intended for playing squash, and a mini-golf course. Here you can play beach volleyball or swim in the pool. Men will definitely like the billiard room, and people who like exploring the surrounding area can rent a bike and ride. On the territory of the hotel complex there is a real paradise, which is called the Center of Revival. There is a magnificent gym, equipped with everything you need. And, of course, guests are offered Jacuzzi, sauna, sauna, indoor pool and even a massage parlor. As can be seen, in St. George Hotel 4 * (Paphos) will not be bored, even if you want to stay in a hotel one day and not go anywhere.


It was said that St. George Hotel 4 * (Paphos) is a good place not only for living and recreation, but also for holding official events with the participation of VIP VIPs. So it is, business meetings and conferences are often held here. Influential businessmen, who once organized events here, were satisfied with the level of decoration of the hall and rooms for private meetings. There is everything necessary for this - professional equipment, equipment, comfortable conditions of stay and much more. The level will delight any businessman.


St. George Hotel 4 * (Cyprus) has 255 rooms. All are decorated with taste, are distinguished by a special luxury and undoubted comfort. In these rooms, it's nice to spend time. Apartments fully meet all the requirements that are imposed on four-star hotels. They have a different level of comfort, but the conditions are excellent everywhere. Some numbers, by the way, can be combined with others. Thus, the apartments are of the "1 + 1" type.

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What is worth noting about the conditions? Guests can choose rooms with a double bed or with two single beds - at their discretion. A couple of words must be said about the studios. All apartments of this type have a sea view. In addition, these rooms are much more spacious than standard (32 square meters). And, finally, luxury apartments. Their area is about 50 square meters. m, and the room itself is equipped with everything for a comfortable life and even more - a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a toilet, access to a balcony or terrace, etc. The rooms also include: air conditioning, coffee maker, refrigerator, satellite TV, minibar and even such pleasant little things as a safe, a hairdryer and a telephone.

Care for children

Guests who chose to stay in St. Petersburg George Hotel 4 * together with their children, can not worry about how they will feel. To such guests the hotel provides an additional service called friendly service. This is a real find for parents who want to be alone on vacation. The service gives them complete freedom - if they want to remain alone, go somewhere, relax, then professional specialists with a pedagogical education will take their children under their control. Children will feel at ease, as the furnishings of the apartments are filled with home comfort. Therefore, parents can safely enjoy the rest, while their child will develop with the teacher. The hotel also organizes classes designed for children from 4 to 10 years old. The program is called the Soft play center, and everyone can use it. By the way, it is worth noting that for children in the hotel there is even a separate pool and playground.

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Attractions and cultural heritage

People who like different archaeologicalfinds, sights and much more, will definitely come to rapture, having settled in the hotel. George. Five minutes walk separates the guests from the stunning harbor of Paphos. You can not get around the church. George Chapel, which is the most important historical monument. By the way, it was on it oriented designers who developed the architectural plan of the hotel. The complex itself is located between picturesque hills and the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is like a flowering garden - most of it is occupied by tall trees. Museums, exhibitions, monuments, ancient architecture - to all of this from the hotel as a stone's throw. Definitely, staying here on vacation, one can not at least allocate one day to explore local attractions. By the way, the hotel even has a service for organizing excursions and hikes - this is especially relevant for those people who are poorly oriented in other people's cities, but they like to admire the surroundings.

For body and soul

Girls who like to take care of themselves and notcan imagine life without cosmetic procedures, like to spend time in the spa. In St. George Hotel SPA 4 * has a professional beauty salon, which offers a variety of treatments. This mask for the face, pedicure and manicure, instant tan. You can combine business with pleasure and undergo procedures that help improve vision. If you want to change something in yourself, then professional hairdressers will help in this. By the way, girls can even go through thalassotherapy offered here, or enroll in yoga. And finally I would like to note that the hotel also has a fitness center. Proceeding from all listed, it is possible to declare with confidence, that high-grade rest is possible even in the event that lodgers do not wish to leave territory of a hotel complex.

Services and Services

Service personnelguests, is distinguished by friendliness, friendliness and understanding. This is important, because the quality of the rest depends on how the hotel treats its guests. Here, guests can be offered various services, from early registration to the provision of individual services. The hotel administration made sure that the guests did not worry about anything, and arranged parking on the territory of the hotel - especially for those people who do not part with the "iron horse" even on vacation. Also in the complex there are dry cleaning and laundry, a point where you can exchange currency, car rental, and also fax and mail. A couple of words I want to say about the service in the room - regular cleaning and changing bed linen. All at the highest level.

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Guest comments

People who came to the city of Paphos andstayed in this place, were satisfied with the hotel. George Hotel 4 *. The feedback, at least, is a direct proof of that. Some even claim that the hotel corresponds to all five stars. First of all, the staff of the hotel - friendly and courteous, always ready to help in solving problems or problems. Also guests praise local dishes and offered drinks - everything is delicious, high quality and in large quantities. Guests liked the rooms - clean, tidy, light. They have everything you need to relax. In general, this is an ideal place for those people who love comfort and luxury. And, finally, it is worth noting the most important thing - the cost. For a hotel of this level, it is very small. For example, a luxurious Internet Rate with all the amenities will cost two people at 66 euros per day. If we summarize all the numerous responses left by the guests, we can say something like: George Hotels is a great cuisine, excellent service, first-class bars and restaurants, a huge selection of classes for a variety of interests, all at an affordable price.

Bulgarian equivalent

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There is another hotel with a similar name - St. George Hotel Pomorie 4 *. The complex located in Cyprus, often because of this similarity is confused with this hotel. If we talk about this hotel, it should be noted that the level is not inferior to the Greek, only here people go for a different purpose. This is a four-star hotel, located in a ski resort called Bansko. The hotel offers an indoor pool, a picturesque garden, a shuttle service to the ski lift and free parking. Spa-salon, infrared and aromatic sauna, swimming pool with mineral water, warm relaxation rooms - all this is there. The hotel is a great place where you can not only relax, but also improve your health. If you want to relax, you can go to a massage room or to cosmetic procedures with the best French cosmetics.

A couple of words worth mentioning about accommodation - numbershotel. George Hotel Pomorie 4 * is furnished with new wooden furniture, comfortable beds, TV, wired internet (also available Wi-Fi), a spacious bathroom and even a kitchenette. The apartment has everything - from the hair dryer and ending with slippers and sets for making coffee. In general, the level in both hotels is really worthy of respect. Only here in Greece, people go to enjoy the warmth and the sea, and the St. Petersburg hotel. George Hotel 4 * (Bulgaria) accepts guests who want to temper and get better.

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