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In the south-eastern part of Cyprus, at a distance of 8kilometers from the city of Protaras, is a small town of Ayia Napa. It was formed from a small fishing village, which stretched around a monastery built in the 14th century.

Cyprus, Ayia Napa: reviews

Those who visited this resort are left asrule, praise. There are very few residential buildings in this town, but there are a lot of different hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars and other entertainments. All conditions for tourists are created here.

cyprus aia napa reviews

It is for those who love active recreation,it is recommended to visit the town on the peninsula of Cyprus - Ayia Napa. The reviews of numerous tourists confirm that life in this city is boiling all day and night. In the daytime it is mainly concentrated on the beaches that stretched to the neighboring city of Protaras. These are wonderful beaches with golden sand, which are in harmony with the sheer rocks and the clearest sea. There are, probably, all the existing water sports, ranging from jet skis to parachute flying. In addition, here you can go surfing, sailing or snorkeling.

Cyprus Ayia Napa Tours

Wonderful will be rest and for those who camewith children in this resort town on the peninsula of Cyprus. Ayia Napa (reviews confirm this) offers all conditions for a family holiday. A lot of fun and emotions children get from visiting the Aquapark. Its peculiarity is that here all the attractions are connected with the stories from the mythology of Ancient Greece. The appropriate atmosphere is maintained by the park design, based on historical elements, with numerous columns, fountains and statues. And how much fun brings entertainment in the Lunopark!

Cyprus Ayia Napa Tours
Cyprus, Ayia Napa: tours

But this is not all that can be done, resting inthis beautiful town. Tours include visits to many attractions, including the ancient monastery of Ayia Napa, located in the heart of the city. It was he who gave the name to this town, which is translated as "holy forest". The name is due to the fact that in the church of the monastery is kept the icon of the Virgin of Napa, which is considered the Blessed Forest.

Attention is also drawn to the chapel of Aya Varvara, located in the western part of the village. During the earthquake, this structure was almost completely destroyed and restored only recently.

One of the most interesting cities on the peninsula of Cyprus- Ayia Napa. Excursions that are offered to tourists include visiting not only local attractions, but also nearby neighborhoods and neighboring cities. The most popular are excursions to Protaras and Larnaca.

cyprus aya napa excursions

With the onset of darkness, life in the cityMoves to restaurants, bars and nightclubs, which gladly receive guests who come to rest in one of the most tusovychnyh cities on the peninsula of Cyprus. Ayia-Napa (reviews of tourists confirm this) is suitable for lovers of noisy parties. Nightlife here really "boils." After sunset, you can dance, try your vocal abilities in karaoke or just sit in one of the restaurants and enjoy a fascinating atmosphere, listen to light, unobtrusive music, sipping a fine wine of local production.

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