How to overcome the route "Gelendzhik-Sochi": the best options

Many people, in order to come to rest orjust on business, overcome the route "Gelendzhik-Sochi". How to get there? This is the first question that arises in connection with this. It should be noted that there are lots of options.

Sochi Gelendzhik Bus

By sea

And one of those is a passenger catamaran,the name of which is "Sochi-1". Flights go through the day - on odd numbers, the cost of a ticket for this type of transport is the following: for adults - 1200 rubles, for children under 12 years - 600 rubles, and for very young passengers (up to three years) - for free. In general, to go by sea from Gelendzhik to Sochi, it will take four and a half hours. On the way the catamaran passes Tuapse (arrival two hours later from departure) and Lazarevskoe - three hours later. By the way, if a person takes a ticket at once in both directions, then he gets a discount. And, I must say, this is one of the most picturesque ways to overcome the path from Sochi to Gelendzhik or vice versa.


Gelendzhik Sochi

If a person decided to overcome the distanceroute "Gelendzhik-Sochi", then to implement this there are a lot of options. Anyone wants to get to the city as quickly as possible. And one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to carefully think over the shortest route "Gelendzhik-Sochi". The first thing you need to know about the distance that separates the point of departure and the end point of the route. You can see it on the map. Then, knowing the average speed of the vehicle, you can easily calculate the time that will have to be spent on the road. So, the distance "Gelendzhik-Sochi" is 246 kilometers. You can overcome it in about four hours. And now about working with the card. The route search system itself will find the most optimal option and will offer it to the person. Then he will see the scheme, which clearly indicates the settlements on the way. Also, information will be provided regarding the DPS posts located along the route, thus it will be possible to better navigate the terrain that the driver is unfamiliar with. Traffic on a carefully planned route is the best way to minimize the possibility of problems that often arise in unfamiliar terrain.

Intercity bus services

How to get to Gelendzhik

If the opportunity to go on your ownthere is no car, then for such cases there is another option to overcome the route "Sochi-Gelendzhik" - the bus! A popular way and very simple. You just need to come to the cashier and, having sounded the right direction, buy a ticket. Transit flights on this route are carried out four times a day: at half past nine in the morning, at noon, at eight in the evening and at eleven. Time can vary, so it should be clarified at the box office. Also, the number of hours that you need to spend on the road varies, it all depends on the route that the bus follows. So the labor will not overcome the route of Sochi-Gelendzhik. The bus schedule can be found at the box office.


So, the shortest route "Gelendzhik-Sochi" -directly through several items, which it is desirable to identify for yourself. These are Dzhubga, Novomikhailovsky, Tuapse, Lazarevsky, Golovinka, Big Sochi and the final stop is Sochi. Even along the way, there are a lot of small villages like Vishnevka, Volkonka or Vardan, but they usually pass by transit (referring to a regular bus).


Sochi Gelendzhik Schedule

If you go yourself, then in addition to the route you need morecalculate the fare. This refers to the consumption of gasoline. So, the approximate calculations are as follows: a car spends eight hundred liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers. Taking into account the fact that the distance from Sochi to Gelendzhik is 246 km, it will take about twenty liters. Add to this the fuel consumption for small transfers, as well as what will go during idle time in traffic jams (which may well be on the outskirts of the city), you should stock up another five liters from above. It's better than looking for refueling to "feed" your car. Many go to Gelendzhik from Krasnodar, as this is one of the best and most convenient resort options for residents of the capital of the region. And the most popular route runs through the federal road "Don" (M-4). And those tourists who travel, for example, from Rostov, may face some difficulties. Approaching the capital from Rostov-on-Don, you have to be careful, because if you miss the turn to Dzhubga, you can get to Krasnodar itself and lose a lot of valuable time. But in fact, everything is not so difficult. The road to Dzhubga, going through the overpass, leads to the left, directly to the coast. That's it, and you need to move straight ahead and do not turn anywhere, until the moment when the fork in Novorossiysk or Sochi appears in sight. So, before you go on vacation or on business, you need to carefully think through your route to get to your destination quietly and without problems.

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