Several ways to get from Stavropol to Krasnodar

Krasnodar is a city that is called smallParis. It retains some special culture of kindness, courtesy and understanding. In Stavropol, a huge number of ancient architectural monuments, which simply can not help admiring their grace. Needless to say, why so often people are interested in how to get from Krasnodar to Stavropol or make a route in the opposite direction? There can be several options for moving. It is worth choosing the most convenient of them and going to another city in order to enjoy its beauties.

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Features of the city of Krasnodar

One of the most interesting places in Krasnodaris a Moorish house. Every tourist who has come to his territory will necessarily hear a beautiful story about pure and radiant love. Special attention should be paid to the Botanical Garden, where you can not only study the most exotic types of plants, but also buy a souvenir for yourself. Visitors do not deny themselves the pleasure of walking through the extreme rope park. This trip for a long time will charge the body with positive emotions. It is worth to come to this city in order to enjoy the view of unusual monuments, towers, estates, parks and picturesque streets. Tourists are encouraged to taste the most juicy fruits and vegetables.

Krasnodar Stavropol route

Features of the city of Stavropol

The Stavropol Territory has always been considered one of thethe most beautiful places in the country. You can talk about its sights endlessly. The present natural treasure is the Burukshun Limans, which represent a whole system of different reservoirs. In Stavropol is the largest number of churches, churches and chapels, which were repeatedly restored after the fighting. Every visitor necessarily strives to approach the "Cold Spring" and entrust flowers to him in memory of the dead.

Features of the route

As it turned out, Krasnodar and Stavropol are twosimilar cities, with an identical culture, nature and architecture. Perhaps, it is for this reason that the inhabitants of each of them travel to another city. The route between them, if you look at the map, represents one continuous line. The total distance is approximately 299 km. This is a relatively small distance, which can be overcome by several modes of transport.


The distance from Krasnodar to Stavropol is notexceeds 300 km, so it will not be difficult to overcome it by personal transport. Throughout the route not so long ago, the asphalt was renewed and a bright marking appeared, which makes the trip easy and comfortable. Between these two cities there are two settlements (the city of Ust-Labinsk and Kropotkin). If you want, you can stop to rest, eat and refuel your car. If you move from one point to another without stops, breakages and traffic jams, you can make the move in just 4 hours.

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A train

Unfortunately, there is no direct train fromKrasnodar to Stavropol. A trip on this type of transport can be made only with transplants. Most passengers prefer a flight through the Tikhoretsk station. This is due to the fact that there will be the shortest time between the departure of one and the arrival of another train.

In general, the total travel time is about 8 hours. As a rule, in most cases, night moving is carried out. That is, at 21.00 the train departs from the railway station of the city of Stavropol, located on the street. Vokzalnaya, 5, and at 5.00 he arrives in the glorious city of Krasnodar. Tickets for it can only be bought at the ticket office of the station. Approximate cost including transfer is 1100 rubles.


krasnodar stavropol train

Another theoretically possible route from theKrasnodar to Stavropol - using an airplane. At a distance of about 10-15 km from the center of each city there is an airfield. Next to it is a taxi parking, so there will be no problems with moving to the right point. It is worth noting that there is also no direct flight, you will have to make a transfer, for example in Moscow, going there on business. Approximate cost of such a flight will be 4800 rubles, while the road will have to spend at least 5 hours.


If there is no personal transport, then the bestway to go from Stavropol to Krasnodar will be a bus. At the bus station of each city there is a timetable, from which it follows that about 10 times a day there is a direct flight between these two points. The first departure takes place early in the morning - around 5.00. There are several options to get from one point to another with transplants, but they are few people happy. The ticket costs about 700 rubles per person. Total travel time does not exceed 6 hours.

Krasnodar and Stavropol - two great citiesRussia, which will cause delight for every person. The distance between them is small, which allows you to quickly get from one point to another, using any convenient vehicle. Between them there are several more beautiful places, so the impression of the trip will be the best.

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