Sicily in October: reviews of tourists

All the year round without a break sunny islandhosts many tourists. The proposed tours to Sicily in October enjoy an enviable popularity. You can get here by plane (in Sicily there are 5 modern international air terminals), by train and ferry.

weather in sicily in October

Holidays in Sicily in October

In the autumn period pilgrimage of tourists andholidaymakers to this seaside resort does not lose relevance, as it is promoted by warm climatic conditions. The weather in Sicily in October only gradually begins to cool down, and from the summer suffocating heat gradually turns into a soft autumn, accompanied by occasional rains. The average monthly air temperature does not fall below +25, and the water in the sea warms up to +22 degrees.

sicily in October reviews

It attracts tourists Sicily in October.Reviews of tourists who have been here at this time, remain only positive. The whole point is that this autumn month the resort is dominated by a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. In October, the island rests mainly adult contingent of people, youth companies and noisy parties in the cafe until dawn in this period is no longer met. This month the coast is very quiet, calm and comfortable. Especially the Sicilian autumn is suitable for rest with the whole family.


Sicily in October gives all who visited it not only a luxurious holiday, but also presents to the attention of many traditional for this time of year spectacles, holidays, exhibitions, tastings.

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Judging by the reviews of tourists, one of the mostinteresting events in October is the "Festival of pistachios", dedicated to the end of the harvest season and taking place in a small town of Bronte. At the festival there are theatrical performances, musical groups perform, fairs and exhibitions of various Sicilian dishes are held with the obligatory addition of the famous nut in them. Everyone can taste any dish for free and participate in various competitions.

Having plenty of tasty tasty pistachios, from Bronteyou can go to a small settlement of Modica, which organizes a chocolate festival, and then - to the city of Ragusa, where you can become a member of the "Festival of honey and products from it." Products Sicilian beekeepers are considered the most delicious in all of Italy.

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After the collection of grapes, in the second halfOctober, in Sicily traditionally harvested homemade wine. Guests of the island can not only become part of the tasting, but also watch the preparations of the local population for a major Sicilian holiday - St. Martin's Day.

The beach of Sicily

In the middle of autumn all the beaches of Sicily are officiallyare closed, but this does not mean that they do not function. On sand or pebbles you can freely settle down for rest and long-awaited sunburn. However, to use the sea entertainment, unfortunately, will not work. On the beaches in October, there are no longer any rental of water equipment, diving schools and other entertainment services.

holiday in sicily in October

There are a lot of beaches in Sicily, and all of themin their own way special. Taking into account the sincere feedback of tourists, the most beautiful and clean island on the island is San Vito Lo Capo beach. Rest in Sicily in October on it is remembered by the fact that, in addition to warm and sunny weather, you can enjoy white sand and clear sea water. The coastal strip is located in a quiet place near the Zingaro National Park.

The entire territory of Northern Catania is occupied by beaches withA rare and unusual sand, which is formed from volcanic rocks fractured by waves. In their reviews, tourists recommend putting on slippers, because sometimes you can feel large and sharp specimens of volcanic lava with your feet.

weather in sicily in October

Near Palermo there are beaches forlovers of pebbles and coarse sand. They are not as crowded as in places with a fine-sanded coating. Reviews of tourists claim that the sea water on all the beaches of the island during the month of October remains warm, but by the end of the month the bathing is no longer as comfortable as in its beginning.

Climbing Etna

Reading reviews of tourists, you can understand thatrelax on the island and not climb the famous volcano Etna, it's like not to come there. October is considered the last month when excursions to the volcano are organized, because in November at the top of the mountain it is already incredibly cold.

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For the ascent of organized groups of tourists toThe volcano offers high-end buses, professional guides and additional sets of warm clothes for hire. An independent trek to the summit is strictly prohibited. However, some extremals still risk to get there by themselves. It should be remembered that the state of Etna is determined by the color of the smoke above it: if the haze over the volcano is white, then it is safe, and if red, it is better to go to the airport at once.

Food and cuisine in Sicily

Sicily in October is rich in all kinds of treats.Guests of the island in this month of the end of the harvest of fruits, berries and vegetables can see the abundance of Sicilian treats at incredibly low prices. At this time of year on the island there is an intensive trade of fresh grapes and excellent wine from it, delicious garnets and persimmons, nuts (mostly pistachios) and white mushrooms, a huge number of which grows on the slope of the very Etna.

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The most popular products of this season are fresh olive oil and homemade wine. Reviews of tourists report that you can buy them almost at every corner.

Sicily in October: 6 Reasons to Travel

  1. To see first-hand the picturesque panoramas of the island in the autumn period.
  2. Take part in various holidays dedicated to the end of the harvest, with colorful theatrical performances.
  3. Take a dip in the warm sea water and soak up in a comfortable climate.
  4. To make an ascent to the top of the famous volcano.
  5. To be glad that the cost of the trip will be quite inexpensive, compared with the summer period.
  6. Back home and tell your friends about how great it is to have a rest in Sicily in October.

holiday in sicily in October

Sicily in October every year takes a hugethe number of tourists from all over the world and gives them a truly comfortable holiday, enjoying the Mediterranean landscape and an unforgettable experience for life!

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