Tips, where to go to have a rest with the child

where to go to have a rest with the child

Many parents dream to go as early as possibleon vacation with a child. But so that it does not turn out to be a real test for all members of the family, one must answer to the question of where to go to rest with the child. Let us, based on the age of the young creature, deal with this issue.

With newborn

In the first month, it is strictly forbidden to goanywhere. This is understood by many. After all, spend this month will have to adapt the mother and child. But to solve a problem where to go to have a rest with the child, it is possible already from three-five-monthly age. And the best direction at this age will be Turkey, Egypt and other countries where "all-inclusive" service is popular. Why so? The fact is that during the rest you will become a hostage of the children's schedule, so active tours will not suit you. A quiet relaxing holiday on the beach so that the child can sleep and eat at any convenient time is the best solution. In expensive Turkish hotels you will not have problems with baby food, if you already eat anything, in addition to mother's milk. In addition, my mother in the postpartum period needs rest, and the sun and water are very conducive to this. Therefore, here is the answer to the question of where you can relax with a child under the age of one year.

Two to five

to go with a child to rest

At this age, children are already able to withstanddecent loads, can eat in a cafe and behave appropriately. But do not take them on long trips with spending the night. At this age you can go to Mexico. This is a popular direction for today. The child will better acclimatize, and at the same time get acquainted with new and completely unusual animals for him. Therefore, the question of where to go to rest with your child, we advise you to choose non-standard countries.

Five and older

The only thing that can be said about this age,so this is that the children are extremely inquisitive. They are ready for different legends, stories, adventures. Therefore, take them with you to Europe. Realize a childhood dream, visit Disneyland near Paris. It will be a fabulous holiday for the child. In addition, he will remember many stories about haunted castles, get acquainted with interesting people, etc. At this age, children can withstand long excursions, and will appreciate all the lived impressions. So, without thinking long over the question of where to go to rest with your child, go to Europe.

where you can relax with a child
Older children

With these children you can go anywhere. At this age, you can go with your child to any country. And here the main thing is that it is convenient for parents. Choose hotels that have children's animation, clubs and entertainment. Let the child feel independent on vacation. Allow him and eat at a convenient time for him, if it is a hotel, where "all inclusive" and there is a buffet. If the child is attached to you all the time, then such a holiday will not be to the liking of any teenager. Therefore, whenever possible, provide the child with an independent space in which you can still control it. For a child at this age it is important to get acquainted with peers, make friends. If you become a burden for your children, they will not want to rest with you anymore. This will be confirmed by many parents. So, we hope, we answered the question, where to go to have a rest with the child.

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