Visa to Israel

If you plan a trip and are interested, you needwhether a visa to Israel, then you will benefit from the following information: Russian citizens can enter this country without a visa. But only for three months and only in such cases:

- you travel as a tourist;

- you are going on business affairs;

- you are traveling at the invitation of relatives;

- if Israel for your transit is an intermediate point.

Visa to Israel

A citizen of the Russian Federation at entry to the country will make an appropriate note in the passport. For this it is necessary to have such documents:

  1. A passport with a validity period of at least six months from the date of entry into Israel;
  2. Flights with the specified date of return flight;
  3. Medical insurance for the entire stay in the country;
  4. An official invitation from relatives, a travel agency voucher or confirmation of a booked hotel room.

In some cases, representatives of the migration service require you to show a bank card or to report the amount that you have available.

A visa to Israel for Russians is issued for free, there is no need to pay a visa fee.

Do I need a visa to Israel

Please note, due to the fact that Israelrather difficult relations with some countries: Iran, Lebanon, Libya and Syria. And if in your passport there are visas of these countries, representatives of migration services can detain you for more detailed verification. And if there are marks in the passport of entry to the Arab countries, it makes sense to replace the passport in general before leaving for Israel.

Working visa to Israel is issued only atpresence of an invitation from the employer. You will not be given a visa without an invitation. In addition to the visa category B1 you need to obtain a work permit in Israel. At the same time, foreign citizens can work only in some regions of the country. This line from Haifa to Netanya, Elayt, Tel Aviv - that is the safest and most recreationally saturated regions. If the work performed is different from the one declared by the employer in the invitation, the labor immigrant can be deported from the country.

Working visa for Israel

To obtain a work visa, the applicant must applyto the Israeli embassy, ​​which will transfer the application for consideration to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel. If the application is approved, then the applicant will receive a year's work in this country. A work visa to Israel can be extended for up to five years, if the employer is involved in the ministry. It should be noted that it is only possible to change the place of work with the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country.

As a rule, a visa to Israel is issued for a one-timetrip. A double-entry visa or a multi-visa is issued in very rare cases. The validity period of the residence permit is three months. But the term of stay in the country is determined taking into account the request of the inviting party or the duration of the tour purchased at the travel agency.

The visa can be extended on the territory of the country. You can also change the single resolution, to two or more times.

To extend the visa, you must contact the MOI forplace of stay and pay a fee of $ 15. In addition to paying the fee, an application from the inviting party is required, indicating the reason for the renewal of the visa and the new terms of stay. The inviting party must attend the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the applicant.

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