Tenerife in October: reviews. Rest in October in Tenerife

Tenerife is not only the largestin the entire Canary archipelago. It is also considered one of the most visited resorts in the world. The whole reason for its unique weather. It's like spring all year round, that is, the temperature does not change in principle. In winter it does not get cold, but in the summer there is no heat. Accordingly, Tenerife in October is a green paradise, which is surrounded by warm ocean waters. About what kind of weather there is in the middle of autumn, and how you can have fun at this time, read in the article.

Climatic conditions

Temperature in Tenerife in October fluctuatesalways within 23-28 degrees. In this case, the lower indicator is a rarity here and is more suitable for night time. It is important to note that on the island, fluctuations between daytime temperature and nighttime temperatures are almost invisible. Moreover, it happens that the night is warmer than the day, which makes it possible to swim in the ocean and walk until the morning. If the thermometer rises above the 28 mark, you will not feel a strong heat anyway. It's always very warm and humid, but the heat never happens.

Tenerife in October

Tenerife weather in October: reviews and impressions

All travelers who traveled tothe largest Canary Island in the middle of autumn, claim that almost every day the bright sun shines. The probability of precipitation is very small. Even if sometimes there is a little rain, then literally an hour later everything dries up, you can again go to the beach, sunbathe and swim in the ocean. A large number of sunny days makes it possible not only to lie on the sand and listen to the sound of the surf, but also to travel around the island. There are a lot of natural attractions, as well as monuments of colonial architecture since the conquest of the Canary archipelago by the Spaniards.

Tenerife in October reviews

Features of a beach holiday

If you visit Tenerife in October, then youThere is an excellent opportunity to see the legendary beaches and yet not stumble upon a huge flow of tourists. In this period people are much less than in the summer, because all recreation areas are relatively empty. The island is famous for the fact that the beaches that belong to the hotels are covered with white sand. It is imported mainly from Africa so that vacationers can feel themselves most comfortable. As for the wild beaches, they are all covered with black volcanic sand. This is natural for this island, in the center of which the volcano with red-hot lava still bubbles. Landscapes of beaches with black sand are simply stunning, so do not forget to make as many pictures as possible here.

Holidays autumn in the Canaries

If you are going on vacation in October onTenerife, you can get there on the most famous holiday of the New World - the discovery of America. It is held on October 12 and reminds us of how in 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered the New Lands. On this day banks and shops do not work, as all the streets of the island are filled with local people who celebrate and rest. Also in October there is a magical festival. It is held in the capital of the island in the theater "Gimera". Along with it, the folklore festival, which takes place in the province of Adeje, is very interesting.

temperature in Tenerife in October

How are the tourists here?

These events are not visited by allvacationers who fall on Tenerife in October. Reviews of people who visited this resort in the autumn, tell us that it is very popular for surfing, diving, snorkeling and water skiing. It is important only to find an occupation for yourself from all that is offered here, and choose the most suitable place for it. There are open beaches, where there are always windy and high waves rise. Here they improve their skills in windsurfers and water ski lovers. In quiet bays, where there is always calm, one can get acquainted with the underwater flora and fauna of the Canary Islands. At all the resorts are popular walks on yachts and boats.

holiday in October in Tenerife

Price policy

Many people think that to visit Tenerife in October -it's cheap and affordable. In fact, this resort at any time of the year is slightly inflated prices (compared to Egypt, Turkey or Greece) precisely because of its unique climate. At any time of the year it is warm, sunny and moderately humid. The weather can not be too cold, windy or sultry. Because such seasons that open or close, on the island there. Tenerife in October is the same as in April, May or February.

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