Bus station "Schelkovski" - the only bus station in Moscow

Not every village can be reached byrailway transport. Many cities and villages are located far from the railway tracks. In this case, you can get to these places by taxi or by bus. The first option can not afford each, so the most common - the second. Buses leave from the bus station, which is a complex of facilities designed for passenger service. One of the largest is the bus station "Schelkovski" in Moscow.

Shchelkovsky bus station

Where is the bus station?

The bus station "Schelkovski" is aterminal of the enterprise "Mostransavto". From here, intercity and suburban buses leave. It is located in the eastern part of Moscow, in close proximity to the metro station "Schelkovskaya", near Schelkovskoe highway, in the Golyanovo district. As a rule, bus stations are arranged at the final points of the bus service, while bus stations can be on transit.

Description of the station

The bus station "Schelkovski" has the main railway stationThe building, inside which ticket offices are located. It was erected in 1980. Throughout its operation, the building was repeatedly updated and repaired, as the management of the bus station tries to create the most comfortable conditions for passengers. So, in 2008 the lighting system was completely replaced by a more modern and new one. In the building of the bus station there is a waiting room, a cafe, service rooms. In addition, there is a luggage storage room. In addition to the main building, there are aprons, as well as an entrance to them. After replacing the lighting, the waiting room, aprons, as well as adjacent areas are illuminated by LED lights.

moscow shchelkovo bus station schedule

Also, the bus station "Schelkovski" offers a number ofadditional services. So, for the convenience of passengers, there are railway and ticket offices. In the waiting room there is an information board that records the arrival and dispatch of buses, as well as indicating those to which landing is made. There is also a long-distance telephone, a pharmacy and a currency exchange office. In the immediate vicinity, many shops are open, and near the metro station "Schelkovskaya" there is a large shopping center.

Direction of buses

Daily from the station are about 140buses not only interregional, but also interstate communication. In addition, more than 800 flights are carried out in the suburbs. Every day from the bus station you can get to such settlements as Aleksin, Alatyr. Buses run daily to Bobruisk and Vladimir, Voronezh and Volgograd, Vladikavkaz, Vyazniki, Gomel. On weekends you can get to Donetsk, Grodno. In addition, flights to cities such as Ivanovo, Yoshkar-Ola and Kirovsk, Kirzhach and Chisinau, Kostroma and Krivoy Rog, Krasnodar and Kuznetsk. Buses carry out routes to Minsk and Mogilev, Murom and Morshansk, Nizhny Novgorod, as well as to many other cities, which can be reached from the Central Bus Station, leaving such a huge magnificent city like Moscow. Shchelkovsky bus station, the schedule of which will tell in more detail about the existing flights and the time of their departure, runs from 5.30 to midnight.

Shchelkovo Bus Station phone

Useful information for passengers

Those who do not know the timetable and do not havethe opportunity to get to the Shchelkovsky bus station, the help desk phone will help you to find out the necessary information. Telephone for information: +7 495 468 0400; +7 495 468 4470, 8 (499) 748-80-29. Tickets can be ordered by calling 8 (499) 748-87-18.

Those who decided to use the servicesShchelkovo bus station, you should know that up to such railway stations in Moscow as "Kazan", "Yaroslavl" and "Leningrad", the distance is about 10 kilometers. To get to the central part of the city, you need to drive 14 kilometers, and to the international airport "Sheremetyevo" - 44 kilometers.

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