Ivanovo Circus: everything as if in childhood

Most of us love the circus.It is drawn to us in pink, purple and yellow tones. So nice in the middle of everyday life even for a couple of hours to plunge into another, bright world! Here people with tremendous capabilities are able to soar under the dome, feel themselves in the water like fish, curl up into real knots, create magic and miracles, talk with animals and cheer even the most gloomy person. And after the show, we all leave the building with a dome with the feeling that good things can be done and needed. And which of us in childhood did not attract the profession of a circus artist? And all the blame - films in which the life of these people is cloudless, and under the mask there are no tears. To think: to travel around the world, get into road stories, communicate with a variety of interesting people and give everyone around the joy - is not it wonderful? And so in the circus everyone at least a little become children and perceive this world brighter and more beautiful, washed, like after the rain. Today we will talk about the Ivanovo circus.

Ivanovo Circus

Raisin of the city

Ivanovo is often associated with uson is a provincial town, because we represent it abstractly. But in fact, the settlement (by the way, gave the whole country the group "Disco Accident") exists on the map. This is the regional center of the Ivanovo region. The city has a population of almost half a million people. Well, who has not heard of the city of brides! This nickname received Ivanovo in the middle of the last century: here the female population prevailed. By the way, that is why the city was destined to become the textile capital of Russia. And in Ivanovo, by the way, really there is something to see. To begin with, there is a triad of theaters here - to any, even the most capricious, spectator. The same number of cinemas. But there are many museums. Their subjects - the city itself and its history, local history, art, "visiting card" of the city - a print. And the public life is boiling in Ivanovo: besides the famous film festival "Zerkalo", there are a lot of music festivals, special attention is paid to rock, namely - to inculcating young people with a good musical taste. But the children especially like the zoo, in which one and a half hundred animals live. Zest of the city - Ivanovo State Circus. V. A. Volzhansky.

Ivanovo circus schedule of performances

Ivanovo Circus: a short history of a fun temple

The idea of ​​its architectural performance waswas born in the distant twenty-ninth year - this building was to become the pioneer of such architecture - the first state circus, and the building was executed in the forefront. The project was published: a dome with a diameter of fifty meters and a height of twenty-five meters, designed for three thousand people. It had to be built from semi-arches. This project was original and unique at that time. Moreover, the building was a transformer. It survived even during the war without a single repair, but ... Seventy-seventh year. Despite numerous protests, the circus was blown up. Ivanovo lost a wonderful monument. Instead, a dome with a capacity of one thousand seven hundred seats was built for sixteen more cities. And now we see it as it was almost fifty years ago.

Ivanovo State Circus How to get there

Circus programs

This dome sheltered a lot of troupes:even the circus brothers Zapashnyh. In winter the collective "Iceberg" arrives. The highlight of the circus itself is the selection of animals to participate in the rooms. Here come many stars of circus art from Europe and America - so there is something to see!

Traveling to Ivanovo

So, perhaps you are already burning with desirego to this wonderful city ... This desire is quite feasible: take it in your hands! Great, if you come to visit the Ivanovo State Circus. How to get to the place? To begin with, it is easy to get to Ivanovo by train, as the city has a convenient location. If you take Moscow as a starting point, then you will not spend an hour on an airplane; If you choose the overland modes of travel, then the trip will take a maximum of half a day. But it's easy to get to the circus: it is located at 42 Lenin Avenue. It is located between Baturina Street and the bank of the Uvod River.

circus ivano

We rush to the circus

Our people like to rest - yes, we are ableDo it right! And some would not get out of the circus around the clock. If it were not for a strict schedule. And here is useful information that will be needed by everyone who wants to visit the Ivanovo Circus: the schedule of performances. Usually the programs last for 2 hours, presentations start at noon, the most busy time is four o'clock in the afternoon. It should be noted that in 2014 the Ivanovo Circus is closed from July to December 25 for repairs.

Circus in numbers: how much do you give fun?

Depending on the location, the price may varyfrom four to nine hundred rubles. Children under three years old can visit the Ivanovo Circus for free. As already mentioned, its capacity is one thousand seven hundred seats, so there is almost always free space at an affordable price. And here is one minus you can find: in the circus you are not allowed to take pictures of the performances, you have to pay for the shooting.

Ivanovo Circus reviews

And what about the people?

What do people who visited the Ivanovo Circus say?Reviews are very different. No comments on the cultural program. But the situation is worse, for example, with the state of the room, which requires urgent repairs. The eye and the state of the cupboard and latrines are not pleasing. But why finish the story on a sad note? The circus is the place where we are charged with energy, but also give our energy to the brilliant dome. So do not grumble about the imperfect state of the building or the cold in the hall, you just need to let go of all the problems and wrap yourself in the haze of a new miracle.

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