Where to see the monument to Cervantes

Many of us in childhood read the book of one of thethe most famous writers of the seventeenth century, Miguel Cervantes, describing the adventures of the knight of the sad image of Don Quixote and his faithful servant Sancho Panza. However, not all are familiar with the biography of this Spanish author. And especially not everyone knows that hundreds of monuments around the world have been installed in honor of him and the heroes of his popular book. The most famous of them can be seen in cities such as Madrid, Nafpaktos, Moscow and Havana.

cervantes monument

Monument in Greece

Monument to Cervantes in Greece adorns itselfthe citadel of the Venetian fort. At its picturesque walls (at Cape Skrofa) in October 1571 there was a great naval battle, as a result of which the united European fleet defeated the unbeaten up to this time the numerous fleet of Turks. Direct participation in this battle was hosted by the famous writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. He commanded a platoon of Spanish soldiers and was seriously wounded. In honor of the writer, the inhabitants of the small Greek city of Nafpaktos established a sculpture.

Monument to Cervantes in Spain

monument to Servantes in Madrid
Monument dedicated to Don Quixote and Cervantes,installed in Madrid in the Plaza of Spain, near the Royal Palace. The history of his appearance is connected with the 300th anniversary of the death of the great author.

In 1915, the Spanish government announcedconditions of the competition for the creation of a national monument that could decorate the palace square. The winner was a project presented by the sculptor Kullo-Valera and the architect Zapatera. They opened the monument to Cervantes in Madrid in October 1929, despite the fact that at that time the necessary work on its creation had not yet been completed.

The sculpture itself is prettya complex composition of three figures. In the center there is a writer who sits in thoughtfulness on the pedestal, and directly in front of him are Don Quixote and Sancho, poured from bronze. At the top of the stele is an allegorical globe with five continents.

Monument in Russia

 monument to servantes in moscow
In 1980, Spain and the Soviet Union inunity and friendship of their peoples agreed on the exchange of "cultural signs." Russia, for its part, presented a monument created in honor of one of the most famous poets, novelists and playwrights of Russian literature - Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. And in 1981, Madrid officially introduced the capital to the monument to Cervantes, poured from bronze. Today it is installed near the River Station in the Druzhba Park, located on the Leningrad Highway.

It is especially worth noting that the monument to Cervantes inMoscow is an exact copy of the monument that, from 1835, stands in the center of the capital of Spain on the Cortez Square. Today it is one of the most beautiful and famous sculptures in Madrid, created by the famous sculptor Antonio Sol.

Monument to the writer in Cuba

In order to see the monument to Cervantes,established in Cuba, it is necessary to go to the so-called Old Havana. Further it is necessary, having passed along the street of Empedrado, which starts from the Cathedral Square, from the Museum of the Revolution in the direction of the city Museum of Colonial Art, to go to the square of Cervantes. It is here that there is a monument made of white marble to the famous hero Don Quixote. The Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra with the book settled down next to him in an old armchair.

About this monument, set on a verysmall in size, not all tourists know. As a rule, large groups do not lead here, and you can see the sculpture only by ordering an excursion with a personal guide or independently searching for it.

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