Kamensk-Shakhtinsky bike-hotel: description, services and reviews of tourists

Traveling through the vast expanses of our country,motorists often experience difficulties finding accommodation. However, recently on the roads of Russia began to open mini-hotels, offering tourists comfortable rooms at affordable prices. Among such hotels there are also stylized, original and unusually decorated. There is such an institution in the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. Bike hotel, the only in the country, located on the 932 km of the M-4 "Don", offers its visitors comfortable low-cost rooms.

Location Features

In order to become a guest of this interestinghotel, you do not need to turn off the road and loop around the streets of the city. The hotel is built right by the road. Of course, this is very convenient for non-resident autotravelers. Of course, this arrangement does not imply a special silence and ecology. However, most tourists consider this a minor trifle. Moreover, the hotel is really very creative, it is convenient to live in it.

kamensk shakhtinskiy bike hotel

General view of the hotel

The original building of the hotel can not leaveindifferent to any motorist passing by the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. A bike hotel at 932 km is a multi-storey house with large windows and a white-blue facade, decorated in a modern style. Biker theme design is widely used not only inside the hotel, but also outside. At the entrance to the hotel is a traffic light, which always glows green for visitors.

Near the hotel is a monument to a tired biker in the form of a big scary skeleton on a motorcycle. Under a massive billboard with the name of the hotel pyramid are barrels "from under the fuel."

There is in the yard of the hotel and another monument -a completely rusty three-wheeled bike that is still on the move. Very interesting is the sculptural composition made in the technogenic style, which is a huge skull with a truck leaving its mouth.

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In the building itself leads a concrete staircase, finished with tiles, on the steps of which the visitors are greeted by a jazzman sculpture. Near the hotel for guests there is free secure parking.

Hotel Lounge

Entering the building, the visitor enters the reala museum of bikes. The first thing that catches your eye is the red drinks machines, stylized at a gas station. Visitors to the hotel have the opportunity to buy coffee, tea, beer and even vodka. Biker attributes are arranged throughout the hall: a motorcycle, wheelchairs with rubber tires, barrels "from under fuel", etc.

Over the reception desk hang stylizedA clock that shows time in different parts of the world. In the corner of the hall stands an old, green-painted Maxim machine gun. Visitors wishing to purchase an original gift, have the opportunity to do this in a souvenir shop.

bike hotel in kamensk shakhtinskiy

Rooms of the hotel

For car enthusiasts passing at night throughthe city of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, a bike hotel for 932 km is definitely worth a visit. You can relax in this hotel with great comfort. The hotel offers its guests standard and semi deluxe rooms. The keys to the rooms are issued on the original keychain in the form of a motorcycle number. On the floors you need to climb the massive staircase from the steel corner. Corridors are decorated in biker style. Posters hang here, metal and rivets are everywhere. The doors to the steel rooms with spraying in the form of skulls, motorcycles and other drawings of biker themes.

The rooms themselves are air-conditioned,refrigerators with bars, desks, beds, bedside tables and televisions. Of course, all this is decorated in a biker style. So, the tables represent a tire covered with glass. The backs of the beds are made in the form of a motorcycle or biker. General lighting in the rooms there, because the hotel is mostly at night. However, it does not cause inconvenience to visitors. On the walls in the rooms are sconces in the form of motorcycle lights, there are floor lamps and a light for the nightstand.

The place is a pleasant one also because to relaxoffers an inexpensive bike hotel (Kamensk-Shakhtinsky). Prices for rooms range from 2300-3000 rubles per night. Those who decided to book a hotel in this hotel for several days, it is worth bearing in mind that in case of a premature departure, the money for the unused time of stay is not returned by the guest.

hotel bike hotel Kamensk Shakhtinsky

Hotel bathrooms

Shower hotels are decorated very brightly. The doors leading to them are decorated with metal gears and original handles. The walls in the bathrooms are faced with multicolored tiles.

Judging by the reviews of visitors, the water in the shower comes withgood pressure, and the premises themselves are perfectly clean. For the convenience of guests in the bathrooms there are sachets with shampoo, pieces of soap in the individual package, new towels, toilet paper, etc.

Dining at the hotel

Bike hotel in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky is also convenient for those,that the room price includes breakfast. You can eat in the nearby small cafe "Garage". This institution is also decorated in biker style. The signboard is made in the form of a skull with wings, on the roof there are huge tires, and above the entrance there is a big white motorcycle.

Fed in the cafe, judging by the reviews of the hotel guests, very good. All dishes are delicious, hot, prepared from the freshest products.

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Guest Opinion

Hotel bike hotel (Kamensk-Shakhtinsky) toright deserved rave reviews of visitors. Almost all motorists who have ever stopped in this original institution, recommend it to friends and acquaintances. The rooms here are really comfortable - spacious and well equipped. Pay for the night in them for any car enthusiast. Cleaning in the rooms and in the hotel is very often. Therefore here it is always very clean and cozy.

Many autotravelers note and the fact,that the staff at the hotel is polite and discreet. The employees of the institution, if desired, you can ask both about the hotel itself and about the sights of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. They provide all the necessary information very willingly.

In general, in a bike hotel you can spend time notonly with comfort, but also very interesting. Many travelers rent rooms here permanently. People who often pass along the highway M4 "Don", advise other motorists, if necessary, at least to stop near this institution and admire the creative exhibits adorning the territory in front of him.

Museum of the Legend of the USSR

The presence of a rather large numbersights - this is what Kamensk-Shakhtinsky can boast of. The bike hotel itself is a very unusual place. However, those travelers who want to gain more impressions, it is worth to visit the Legend Museum of the USSR located next to this hotel. It represents a majestic building, decorated in a modern style. The main theme of the museum are cars produced during the Soviet era. Models of cars "Moskvich", "Chaika", "Gas", etc. are placed in the halls. Also here you can look at Soviet TVs, tape recorders and other household appliances and utensils.

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Bike Hotel (Kamensk-Shakhtinsky): contacts of the establishment

If you want a room in this hotel, of course,can be booked in advance. It's easy to do this, for example, by using one of the existing online services for the removal of housing. The only bike hotel in the country is a very popular place and you can book a room in it on most such sites. To do this, just go to the appropriate page and fill out a special form.

Also, to rent a room in advance, you can call the manager at the bike hotel (Kamensk-Shakhtinsky). The phone of this institution is +7 (86365) 4-51-01.

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