Hotel Preslav 3 * (Golden Sands, Bulgaria): overview, description and reviews of tourists

Hotel Preslav 3 * (Golden Sands, Bulgaria) has recently been very popular with tourists. Why? You will learn about this after reading the article.


This hotel, located in one of the Europeancountries, in its own way beautiful, and the rest in it has many different moments. And both positive and negative. In general, this is an average hotel, which is constantly used by local and foreign tourists to come to this heavenly corner to relax and have a great time. Of course, it is not without flaws, but it also has a huge number of positive, interesting moments.

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You have chosen to have a wonderful holidayGolden Sands? Preslav 3 * will be the perfect solution for accommodation. The location of the hotel is generally beautiful. A person can go anywhere, get from it to any fascinating places that are around the hotel, and touch the beautiful. It is not difficult. It's not even problematic. Especially since to the beach, for example, a person can get in only three minutes. He does not even need to strain. The sea is very close. And there is the sun, and hot, warm sand, which is even closer. Just next to the hotel there is a water park. You can also get there without problems, in only fifteen minutes. Difficulties create only a small obstacle in the form of a huge ladder, along which one has to climb.

Man easily find himself in the magical paradise of thissouthern country - you can reach this place only in two steps. Nearby is also a swimming pool "Aquapolis", to which even less - only seven hundred meters. Tourists will get to it without difficulty.

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How to get there

Hotel Preslav 3 * (Golden Sands, Bulgaria)is located literally close to the city of Varna. Getting there from the hotel, in principle, is not at all difficult. Why this city? It's simple. It is in it is the airport, whose planes bring annually a huge flow of tourists: Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians. In general, all guests of the near abroad, who will be gladly accepted. To get from this city to the hotel is also not difficult. You can call a taxi, but the tourist's money in order to reach the hotel, will lose a huge amount. It is easier for him to negotiate with the hotel administration, and then the personal car of the hotel will approach the airport, the driver of which will take him to the place of the tired tourist. Of course, this service is not free, but still it is worth it, so that, not lost in the crowd of visitors, quickly and comfortably get to the hotel.

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What are the numbers in Preslav 3 * (Bulgaria, Goldensands)? They are different. Some are air-conditioned, well maintained, with fine furniture, with good, comfortable beds, with TVs. Some even with the Internet. So, to live in these rooms, in principle, you can. But some rooms are not very. Some rooms do not have air conditioning, TV. Outwardly, such numbers look as if they were not cleaned in a hundred years. All this creates a lot of problems for the guests who have settled in them. So it's worth considering before choosing such a number. But then again, it all depends on the price. But also not only. Because of the proximity to the garden in the hotel can live all kinds of insects, which now and then penetrate into the rooms. And in the most neglected. It can be, for example, cockroaches. These insects create a lot of problems and frighten the owners of these numbers.

You can choose the option of living cleaner anddecently, but the cost of such a number will not be cheap. Any whim of a tourist for his money, only if he has this money. If he can not afford more serious costs, then there is nothing to say about the worthy number. All this creates a lot of problems and negative emotions.

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The most pleasant thing that a tourist can visit,strolling along the Preslav 3 * hotel (Golden Sands, Bulgaria) is, of course, a dining room. There, he can refresh himself before heading out of the hotel to the sea of ​​entertainment. The tourist can freely indulge himself with exotic things in this hotel. The best chefs can present him a variety of simple and delicious dishes. Unfortunately, not for choice. They can feed only on the principle of "eat what they have prepared", as in the usual standard public canteen. But the refined traditional dishes are praised by many vacationers staying at this hotel. So if you go to rest in Preslav 3, do not go past the dining room. You'll like it here.

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What is in the hotel Preslav 3 *(Golden Sands)? What other services can a tourist take? Of course, you can spend time from morning till night on the beach, in the sea water. But what if you can swim, feeling the taste of salt in your mouth, and in the pool? And he is there. Swimming pool in the hotel is not only an adult, but also a children's. There you can briefly leave the children, get rid of various problems, from the bustle with them, while they roll from the primitive hill, bluffing into the transparent water surface.

Also for those who want to lose weight and improve their physical form, there is a fitness center. The best trainers will help not only lose weight, but also take care of human health. Which, by the way, is no less important.

For fans of all kinds of games have their ownbilliards, in which long evenings you can spend time in a fun company, hammering balls into the pockets. And even for fans of evening feasts, fun, music and glasses of alcohol, there is also a bar at the hotel. There is also an own restaurant. This is for lovers of delicious food and for those who do not have exotic cuisine in the dining room of the hotel. It serves both Bulgarian and international dishes.

For those who like to spend time in silence among thevegetation, there is in the hotel its own wonderful garden. You can walk in it and spend a wonderful time in the evenings. So in this hotel, so to speak, "all inclusive". You can easily spend in the whole day without even going to the sea, enjoying the sun, air, water and exquisite Bulgarian dishes.

hotel preslav 3 golden sands Bulgaria reviews


And what about the staff of Preslav Hotel3 * (Golden Sands)? What is he like? Here you can talk about anything. The staff is very diverse. Some are lazy, do not know how and do not want, others are helpful and very attentive to the guests. For example, the rescue team on the beach does not always work. Cleaners for example, do not clean in all rooms as well as we would like. And some do not go into weeks. The maids take an extra charge for their services. This also negatively affects the attitude of tourists who subsequently write about the hotel reviews, often expressing their dissatisfaction.

Preslav 3 * (Bulgaria, Golden Sands): reviews

Reviews of tourists express an average position aboutthis hotel. On the one hand, most of those who visited it, celebrate wonderful rooms, care for staff, delicious food, clean wonderful pool, proximity to the sea and other entertainments. But some people write that bed linen simply does not change for two whole weeks. Some people are indignant about the same food in the dining room. And some very much frighten the cockroaches in the room, terrible unsanitary conditions. So in general Preslav 3 * (Golden Sands) reviews gets the most versatile. The tourists have no common opinion. Therefore, it occupies an average position in the ranking of various hotels in Bulgaria.

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In general, the hotel Preslav 3 * (Golden Sands,Bulgaria), whose comments were presented to your attention in the article, as has already been said, occupies an average position. It has both positive and negative sides. Reviews of tourists about it are also different. And yet it is not bad for those who are not going to spend the whole vacation in the room. This is a normal option for travelers who return to the rooms to spend the night, put themselves in order, and next morning they go on to study the country. And there are many attractions and entertainment around. Here there are all possibilities for a full rest and recovery. In addition, the plus of this hotel may be the proximity to the sea coast, to water parks and other entertainment nearby. So for those who want to travel in Bulgaria, it is worth considering to stay at this hotel. This is an inexpensive option with good living conditions, decent food and a good sea.

Definitely should not go here with children and seventhose who on vacation can not without comfort. Animation in the hotel there, so if you are used to the fact that you and your kids are constantly occupied and entertained, think about choosing this option. It's quiet, there are no discos and gay evenings. For some it is a disadvantage, but for someone - an indisputable advantage. The beach at the hotel is good, the sea is clean, the bottom is sandy. Of course, you will not dive here, but this is a specific region. In the rest, the whole range of beach entertainments is presented. On the shore, a team of rescuers is on duty, the beach is cleaned daily. In this regard, there are no complaints.

Many tourists like having their owngarden in the hotel - a quiet green corner for a secluded holiday after a hot noisy holiday day. Also, vacationers praise swimming pools and a fitness center on site. But there are many comments about the "Sovietness" of the territory and the wretchedness of the rooms. Choose "glory" or not - it's up to you. Everything depends on what service you are accustomed to, what amount you are willing to spend and what you expect from a holiday in Bulgaria.

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