Pioneer Square of St. Petersburg. Fair and skating rink on Pioneer Square

One of the youngest in St. Petersburg isPioneer Square. Its name was in 1962. This year is significant for such an event as the opening in honor of the 40th anniversary of the pioneer organization of the Theater of the Young Spectator. It rises in its central part. The square faces towards Zagorodny Prospekt. On its left is Zvenigorodskaya Street, and on the right is Podyezdnaya Pereulok. Behind the square is the former Nikolayevskaya street, now called Marata Street.

pioneer square

Semenovsky parade ground

In the 18-19th centuries in the area wherePionerskaya Square, three regiments were quartered: Semenovsky, Moscow and Yegersky. After the barracks building, a free area of ​​26 hectares was formed here, which was later used as a parade ground. The northern and eastern border of this parade was the modern Zagorodny Prospekt and Zvenigorodskaya Street, respectively. To date, there are two barracks buildings located on Ruzovskaya street under Nos. 10 and 12. After some time, the area of ​​the parade ground has significantly decreased, and after the Vvedensky Canal was dug in 1804, new borders of this territory appeared - Vvedensky and Obvodny canals .

pioneer square saint petersburg

District History

What else can you tell from the history of the region, wherenow is Pioneer Square? At the end of the war in 1812, the western territory of the Semenov regiment was occupied by small officials, merchants and artisans. And in the eastern territories of the Semenovsky regiment there are the University and the Noble Boarding House, in which MI Glinka and Turgenev once studied. In 1836-1837 a passenger road was laid from Semenovskiy parade, which connected St. Petersburg and Tsarskoe Selo, and also led to the city of Pavlovsk. And at the beginning of the 19th century, the Segway House of the Moscow part was erected here, the construction of which was done in the style of classicism. Currently, you can see the partially preserved facade of the building. It is located on Zagorodny Avenue at number 37.

Earth, sprinkled with blood

The territory where Pionerskaya is now locatedSquare, from the middle of the 19th century was the place of political executions. So, in 1842, a whole group of revolutionary democrats, the so-called "Petrashevists," was brought here. In it was also FM Dostoyevsky. The group knew that she was brought to her death, and was already ready for this, but at the last moment the death penalty was replaced with hard labor. The last execution took place in 1881, when five people were hanged, who were preparing an attempt on Alexander II.

Building a parade ground

In the territory where Pionerskaya is now locatedIn the beginning of the 20th century a lot of new buildings appeared, among them the Countess MA Stenbok-Fermor, an art nouveau building, a large apartment house of the insurance company "Russia" and the building of the male gymnasium, and now the school of G. K Stemberga, which is built in the style of neoclassicism. In the same period, a racetrack was opened on the territory of the parade ground. In addition, between the Semenovskiy parade and Zvenigorodskaya street a printing house was built, where books and albums were produced, which were subsequently awarded high awards at international exhibitions. As a result, almost the entire Semenovsky parade ground was built up. During the Great Patriotic War the racecourse was destroyed. The wilderness stood there until the early 1950s, and then there was a park that covers an area of ​​11 hectares. During these same years, Marata Street was extended through the former parade ground, leading to Podyezdny Pereulok. On the site of their intersection, a well-developed square appeared, which was later named Pionerskaya.

where is the Pioneer Square

The Modern Pioneer Square (St. Petersburg)

The reconstruction of the square was planned for 2006year. According to the project, there was to be a replacement of all concrete slabs, a unique fountain complex was built. However, at that time, funding was not realized. In 2014, in the garden of the Theater of Young Spectators, it is planned to make major repairs, which in its plan includes the replacement of concrete slabs. At present, rallies, fairs, celebrations of city holidays and much more are held on the square.


One of the annual large-scale eventsSt. Petersburg is the Christmas Fair on Pioneer Square, which until this year was held on Ostrovsky Square. In 2014, it was the eighth. It was attended by 15 countries and 10 regions of Russia. Among the guests of this event were Spain, Germany, Great Britain and the USA. The shopping areas were full of gifts, souvenirs, all kinds of food, goods of craftsmen and craftsmen. In addition, this year, blacksmiths together with representatives of the governing bodies have made horseshoes of good luck, money from the sale of which is planned to be sent to charitable purposes. Fair was visited by more than 1000 orphans, who left their wishes to Santa Claus. For pensioners, there is a separate entertainment program called "We are always young at heart".

fair in the Pioneer Square

It should be noted that the fair opens in December and closes on January 12. In the pre-New Year period, you can buy a Christmas tree, both natural and artificial.

Ice rink

In 2014, the holiday market was supplemented by a newan entertainment arena - a skating rink on Pionerskaya Square, the house of Father Frost, a sports zone and a children's entertainment area. Most of the visitors are attracted by an ice rink, located in the open air. It is made on an aluminum base, so it can withstand any cold and temperature changes. For comfortable and safe skating, the thickness of the ice and its surface are regularly checked.

skating rink on the Pioneer Square
Roller skates are available near the rink. In the winter of 2014, for children under 16 years of age, admission is free. At the rink there are instructors who are always ready to train those who wish not only to the basic elements of skating, but also to complex figures. In addition, visitors can see a master class from renowned athletes, various entertainment programs and an ice show. In the evening, the skating rink is illuminated by dozens of colorful and bright lights, and specially selected pleasant music sounds from the speakers installed along the perimeter.


The easiest way to get to thisa historical place, like the Pioneer Square - the metro. Near the square in 2008, the Zvenigorodskaya station, part of the Frunzensko-Primorskaya line, was opened. It is located between the stations "Obvodnoy canal" and "Sadovaya".

Pioneer metro area
Initially it was used without a directexit to the surface. To communicate with the rest of the lines, a transit corridor connecting the Pushkinskaya and Zvenigorodskaya stations was built. Its lobby was opened in 2009. It is built into a five-story shopping center, which is located directly above the metro. Lifting and descent is carried out by four escalators. The decoration of the station itself is dedicated to the Semenov regiment, since its barracks were located in the area where the outlet is now on the surface. The walls are lined with dark green marble, and the floor is paved with green granite. The station "Zvenigorodskaya" is a transfer hub: on it you can go to the Kirov-Vyborg line.
pioneer square
The platform of the central hall is slightly elevated. From it over the tracks a ladder leads to three short corridors, at the end of which there is a small hall. From it goes a tunnel to the station "Pushkinskaya".

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