Traveler's advice: how much to fly to Bali from Moscow?

How good it is finally to get distracted fromeveryday worries and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the exotic and amazing corner of our planet. Especially if you have to rest not in any conditional Turkey, but, for example, on the amazing Indonesian island of Bali. By the way, how many flights to Bali from Moscow? What kind of flight is better to choose: docking or direct?

how much to fly to Bali from Moscow

The Indonesian island of Bali is a real paradise on Earth!

One of the smallest islets of MalayThe archipelago is Bali. This small land of sushi can be rightly considered a real paradise on the planet, because the sun here almost year-round pleases the locals and tourists with their warm and gentle rays. It's a pleasure to have a rest in Bali. Staying here, you forget about absolutely everything. I want to enjoy life, splashing in the warm azure sea, and also enjoy simply amazing rest and amazing local nature.

Sun-drenched sandy beaches, warm andcrystal clear sea, picturesque landscapes and incredibly beautiful mountain landscapes - all this will cause any tourist a real delight and literally force again to buy a ticket to Bali. How much to fly from Moscow to such an amazing and charming paradise? Read about it below.

Bali how much to fly from Moscow

How to fly to Bali from Moscow

As for the flight to the paradise island underthe name of Bali, you can get from Moscow to the Indonesian pearl in several ways, choosing between connecting and direct flights. It should be noted that docking can easily be either one or several. Before you know how much to fly to Bali from Moscow, you should decide what is more important for you - saving time or money, and then start looking for the best option for your flight.

Connecting flight from Moscow to Bali

Companies such as Korean Air, Qatar Airways,Singapore Airways, Hong Kong Airlines, Thai Airways allow you to get to Bali with one dock, while the flight time in this case will be 19.3, 19, 16.4, 16.3 and 15 hours respectively. Docking, in turn, can take from one and a half to five hours, which, in fact, can explain such a significant difference in time during the flight by various airlines in the direction of Moscow-Bali. How many hours to fly in the direction of Bali you would not have, it's really worth it.

With regard to transplants, they can be arranged in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, as well as Doha. The final destination is the airport, which is known as Denpasar.

Moscow-Bali how many hours to fly
The most optimal option is to flyon Singapore Airlines. Their important advantages are the exclusive service, the optimal prices of services. In addition, thanks to the long docking you will have a chance to see all the most important sights of Singapore after a nine-hour and very tiring flight to this city.

Also you can easily choose a flight with twodocking. And how many flights to Bali from Moscow with two dockings? The duration of such a method of flight is much higher and fluctuates between 19 and 26 and a half hours. The cheapest flights are provided by such airlines as Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, as well as Qatar Airways. It should be remembered that the difference between Moscow and Bali is about +4 hours in summer and +5 hours in winter.

Time of flight Moscow-Bali direct flight

If you have quite impressivemoney, then you can easily book a direct flight from Moscow to Bali. In this case, tickets will have to be booked in advance, laying out for them more solid money than for flights with docking. Although if there is money, and time is more important to you, then why not. As for the duration of a direct flight from Moscow to Bali, it is approximately 12 hours. An important advantage of this method of air travel is that you will not have to waste much time, being at the airport in anticipation of another aircraft, worrying for the integrity and safety of your own baggage.

time of flight Moscow-Bali

How to buy tickets in Bali

If you are going to visit the amazing anda unique Indonesian island called Bali, it is highly recommended to take care of buying tickets for the plane in advance. Buy tickets to the enchanting Bali can be, having issued their advance booking directly to the airline itself. How much to fly to Bali from Moscow, you probably already remembered, but as far as the cost of air tickets, it varies within a thousand US dollars for direct flights. Connecting flights at a cost much cheaper, and the price of a ticket depends solely on the airline, as well as the number of connections. That's why the cost of connecting air flights can vary in fairly wide limits.

Still think, whether to fly to such an amazing paradise? Do not hesitate, but you must immediately rush there at the first opportunity. So where, where, and here you just will not be bored!

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