Malaga airport: general description and directions

The airport "Malaga" (Spain) is considered the mainThe air harbor of the entire southern coast of the country and is twenty minutes away from the city. It is often called the airport named after Pablo Picasso. This is not surprising, because the city is the birthplace of the famous artist.

airport malaga Spain

general description

The international airport "Malaga" isthe largest in Andalusia and is in fourth place in Spain in terms of work volume. The average annual number of passengers passed recently has reached the level of 13 million people. In this indicator, it is second only to the air harbors of Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. Here flights from all over Spain and many large cities of Europe arrive. In summer, even flights to New York are carried out from here. The terminal itself is located about ten kilometers from the city.

The structure of the air harbor includes three terminals(one of them is not currently used) and two runways, the length of which is 3200 and 2750 meters. It should be noted that the second one was built relatively recently - in 2012. At the same time, due to its appearance, the maximum possible throughput has significantly increased, which is now estimated at 30 million passengers per year. The scheme of the airport "Malaga" is given below.

scheme of Malaga airport

The services

To pass the time of waiting for your flight, onthe territory of the terminal building passengers are offered a variety of services. Among their standard types can be called bank branches, ATMs, storage rooms, mother and child rooms, mail and others. In addition, there are a large number of restaurants, cafes and shops. The building also provides separate zones for people who have business class tickets. On the first floor of the main building there are representative offices of various companies that provide such services as car rental.

Lodging for the night

Numerous traveler reviewsshow that the airport "Malaga" is not the most comfortable place to stay overnight. The fact that the rest room here is only available to passengers who travel business class, while the chairs in the waiting rooms are designed solely for sitting position. Among other things, at night none of the above listed institutions work.

Malaga airport

Public transport

The easiest and cheapest way to get toThe city is a public transport. From the railway station, located near the building, the train goes to the center. To get to him, you need to rise from the waiting room on the escalator to the second floor, then follow the signs. It is important to have coins of euro with you. The fact is that train tickets are purchased in a machine that does not give change. The journey time to the center by train is about twenty minutes. As for its cost, the price depends on the distance to the final destination, but, as a rule, does not exceed three euros. In addition, the airport "Malaga" has an extensive network of bus routes. On this type of transport from here you can get to almost any city on the Costa del Sol - Cadiz, Torremolinos, Granada, Marbella, Gibraltar and others. The bus stop is right next to the third terminal.

Taxi and transfer

Whatever it was, to get tocity ​​is often very difficult. This is especially true for those people who first came to the airport "Malaga" and have a poor command of foreign languages. Such travelers are advised to take a taxi or order a transfer. In the first case for a trip to the city center will have to pay about twenty euros. With regard to the second of these options, it is considered more preferable for travel by large companies, as well as when there is a large amount of baggage.

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