"Airbus 320": the layout of the cabin. The best places

Airlines with a high level of service are trying tomake an air journey as comfortable as possible. However, the flight still remains a rather tiring thing. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right seats in the cabin. One of the most popular aircraft, which are currently used to transport passengers over long distances, is Airbus 320. The interior layout for both models (320-100 and 320-200) looks about the same. Currently only the second model is in operation. From the first for technical reasons the developers refused. But first things first.

History of creation

Airbus A320 - narrow-bodied aircraft forairlines of small and medium length. Airbus began developing the A320 after the success of the A300. The main features of the novelty were the digital cockpit and EDSU (remote control system). Instead of mechanical instruments in front of the pilots' eyes, in 1988, all the data on the flight was displayed on the electron-beam screen. The second innovation is the use of sajdstikov instead of steering wheels. These side handles were directly connected to the aircraft control apparatus. Any movement in the sydstics was instantly handled by the on-board computers and activated. High level of automation allowed to limit the number of crews by two pilots. For the same reason, this model is actively exploited by Aeroflot.

"Airbus 320", the layout of which is presentedbelow, has a liner length of 37.59 m, a height of eleven meters, a maximum width of thirty-four meters. With a maximum load of one and a half hundred people, an airliner can travel six thousand kilometers. The difference in modifications affected the number of seats. The two-class model is designed for 150 passengers, and a one-class model for one hundred and eighty.

airbus 320 interior layout

Airbus 320: interior layout updated

The A320 has several advantages over otherairliners: large shelves for hand luggage in a spacious cabin, wide hatches for loading luggage and a large cargo deck. In the early 2000s, the interior panels were modified with facing panels, FAP was made with touch screens, the volume of shelves for hand luggage increased by eleven percent, there was LED individual lighting and the ability to adjust the brightness of the cabin. In addition, the logistics of computers have been updated, the electron-beam screens have been replaced by LCD-displays. For these reasons, and also because of the relatively low cost of an airbus is very popular in the world.

airbus 320 interior layout s7


Details from various factories are shipped to Toulousefor the final assembly of the A320. In 2007, German managers achieved the transfer of production to Germany. The productive capacity is forty-two units per month, in the CRN-fifty aircraft per year. Some parts are shipped from the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. Issue A320 allows Airbus Industrie to compensate for losses associated with the production of the A380. But the company incurs losses due to the difference in rates. Payment for equipment is in dollars, and production is concentrated in the Eurozone. The successful model served as the basis for the development of the A321, A319 and A318.

Airbus 320: interior layout

"Aeroflot" best places on the plane calls these: A, B, E, F in the fourth row and B, C, D, E - in the eleventh. General rules for choosing a place are standard. Before buying a ticket, check out the layout of airplanes from booklets that can be purchased at the ticket office. "Good" tickets are bought up quickly, so it's better to check in early. Place in the tail, next to the galley and toilets is better not to buy. During the purchase, be guided by your taste: if you are going all the way to sleep - it is better to choose a place near the wall, and if you admire the clouds - then at the porthole. These are two different concepts. Study the booklets carefully.

airbus 320 airplane scheme aeroflot best places

"Airbus 320 200", the layout of whichpresented below, includes twenty-five rows of five or six seats in each. The first five series are given to the business class. The distance between rows in this model is rather limited. The first row has its own peculiarities:

  • the business chairs have a large angle of inclination, you can safely throw back, no one hitting;
  • business class is rarely flying passengers with young children, although the entire salon is equipped with a fastener for children's cots;
  • passengers of business class will not have a special place for legs.

 aeroflot airbus 320 interior layout

Features of economy class

The sixth row is located in front of the liner"Airbus 320". The scheme of the salon is shown in detail. Step seats in the economy class is even smaller. But passengers in a separate row may not worry that someone will throw their chair on them. If you do not take magazines along with you, you will have to admire the wall all the time. Since this is the first row of the economy class, then the maintenance begins.

The eighth row is close to the emergency exit. Therefore, the backs of the seats are severely restricted in movement. The passengers of the ninth row will face the same problem. Places A and F can be skewed. But, thanks to the large distance between the rows, passengers can comfortably sit with their legs stretched out. If someone from the neighbors wants to get out, he can do it without bothering you.

The first nine places B and E do not have access toporthole. They are located in the middle of the row. Passengers from places C and D can leave them at any time without disturbing their neighbors. But stewardesses with trolleys and other participants in the flight can interfere when they will move along the aisle in the model "Airbus 320 100".

airbus 320 100 interior layout

The interior layout is designed in such a way thatthe best places of economy class are in the tenth row: B, C, D and E. Comfort of passengers is achieved easily by the reclining back of the seats and a large space for the legs. But hand luggage will have to be placed under your feet, since there is no space under the seats for it. Such a situation will make access to emergency hatches more difficult. Tickets in the ninth and tenth rows are best not to buy passengers with children and the elderly. The safest places in this plane are in the fourth and eleventh rows, as they are next to the emergency exits.

Other interior features

The extreme places of the twenty-fourth series can bevery uncomfortable because of the close neighborhood with the cabins of the toilets. It is worthwhile in advance to prepare for the constant accumulation of people at the armchairs. The seats of the last, twenty-fifth, series are considered the most uncomfortable in the plane. In addition to the smell from the toilet, constant movement, the sound of the tank and the slamming doors of the cubicle, people sitting in the last row will not be able to tilt the back of the chair back.

airbus 320 200 interior layout

In this plane, even the highest passengerscan feel uncomfortable. This is due not only to turbulence, but also to the technical nuances of the airliner. However, despite these shortcomings, the A320 is one of the most successful in the world. More than four thousand cars have already been produced, seven more are being prepared for launch.

Development prospects

Although the A320 made its first flight for another quarter of a centuryback, the plane is constantly being modernized. At the moment, the developers are working on installing new engines, which will save fuel by fifteen percent, as well as increase the flight range by 950 km or load capacity by two tons. "Airbus 320", the layout of which is almost identical to its predecessor, received the name neo- (new engine variants) in the name. According to the company's CEO, the new equipment will reduce operational costs by 20%. The first aircraft is being prepared for release in 2016. And in just 15 years, Airbus plans to sell 4000 units. 670 orders for the total quantity of 1,000 units have already been collected. In Russia, the first customer was Transaero.

plane airbus 320 interior layout


The most comfortable aircraft for long-termflights to date is Airbus 320. The scheme of the salon, studied in detail before buying a ticket, allows you to decide on a comfortable place to fly. This affects the general impression of the time spent on the plane. No. 4 (A, B, E, F) and No. 11 (B, C, D, E) are the safest places in the airliner "Airbus 320". The scheme of the salon "S7" is a detailed demonstration.

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