Novostar Palmyra 3 * (Tunis / Sousse): photos, rates and reviews

No more than five kilometers from the narrow cobbled streets, colorful houses in the Moorish style and luxurious golf courses of Port El Kantaoui is a cozy club hotel Novostar Palmyra 3 *.

Here, not far from the exciting and inviting sails,entering the harbor, and from the main entertainment centers of the resort, are, perhaps, the best beaches of the Mediterranean. Here, on the picturesque coast in the area of ​​Shot Meryem, soak up the sun and dip into the fresh milk of the sea invites you to the hospitable Tunisia. Let's go immediately!

Novostar Palmira 3 Tunisia Sousse

Tunisia: Novostar Palmyra 3 * (a bit of geography)

Yes, El Kantaoui can not boast of the ancienthistory and ancient monuments, but in return it will offer unforgettable rides to holidaymakers: going to the sea on a pirate ship or on a boat with a transparent bottom, breathtaking toboggans on the slides in the water park and many other entertainments that tourists, even when they tell about it Upon arrival home, it catches its breath.

Here you can get to the port (marina), whereAt the same time there are up to 300 boats and yachts. And watch the boiling life of this amazing place, settling in one of the many fish restaurants. Or take a stroll in the bright souvenir shops, presenting the delight of those for whom you buy presents.

However, Sousse, the suburb of which El-Kantaui is, with his medley rattling on the whole world, can satiate even the most insatiable hunger of history lovers. But we'll talk about it later.

What does the hotel look like

In 2008 Novostar Palmyra 3 * experienced a thorough reconstruction and now proudly shines with a snow-white flower among the dense greenery of slender palms, on the shore, which was quite recently completely deserted.

Turned to the sea facade four-story building, it seems, peers into the sea horizon from under the "palm" of its arched openings.

And nothing that the territory of the hotel looks likecompact, it can please you and perfectly located here tennis courts, and a platform for archery, and even a football field. The hotel awaits the athletes and is ready to provide them with all the conditions for a great pastime.

Those who prefer serenity and peace can sit comfortably in sun loungers around the pool or on the beach and enjoy the noise of the surf or the flowering of hibiscuses adorning the complex.

A little about the features of the hotel

Earlier the hotel hosted only tourists from France andItaly, but from 2013 Novostar Palmyra 3 * appeared on the tourist market as a holiday destination for Russian-speaking tourists. This, of course, brought him special popularity with them.

Imagine: you do not have to remember frantically the lessons of English at school, scolding yourself for unlearned irregular verbs in order to reach an understanding with the hotel staff. And children will be much more interesting and understandable animation in their native language.

In the hotel there is a place!

Hotel Novostar Palmyra 3 *, reviews of which wewe offer to your attention, has 180 rooms, among which there are also adjacent rooms. Holidaymakers will be able to easily pick up apartments for any number of people. Here there are rooms and two, and three, and four.

hotel novostar palmira 3

They all meet guests with impeccable cleanliness,bright, cozy interiors, have huge French windows, proudly looking into the sea blue, the azure pool or emerald lawns. A graceful forged details and rich color of textile elements give each room a unique Arabic flavor.

By the way, know that in a room for two can comfortably accommodate a family of two adults and a child no older than 13 years.

A little more about comfort

All rooms of Novostar Palmyra 3 * hotel, photowhich we offer to your attention, are equipped with separate beds (so-called twin-type), shower or bathroom, balcony, air conditioning and, of course, telephone and TV (it shows three Russian channels). Guests are also offered a safe (for an additional fee of 3 dinars per day), a hairdryer and a heating system. In the lobby there is free internet access.

If you need to accommodate three people, then the hotelfor this there are two options for placement. Tourists are lodged in a room that has 3 beds in the basic configuration (2 stand close to each other and one - separately), or in a room with two base beds, standing close to each other, but in this case they put a European cot there. Do not worry, nothing to do with the Soviet she has: a steel frame and a normal, like a stationary bed, a mattress.

By the way, those who settle in the room will be greeted not only by cleanliness and comfort, but also by fresh fruit and drinks.

A free laundry is provided to the guests, inwhich you can not only wash, but also iron your clothes. Considering that many parents with children spend their vacation there, such a service is highly appreciated by tourists.

How food is organized

In Novostar Palmyra 3 * food is served byall-inclusive system. The restaurant of the hotel is always glad to guests, its buffets are pleasing with an abundance of dishes, and those who like late breakfast can enjoy them in the lobby bar, after which they will again take the relay restaurant, this time with lunch. So for all who like to eat tasty and abundantly, this process is almost continuous.

The lobby bar and restaurant are not the only calamarians, you can visit bars on the beach or by the pool, as well as a Moorish cafe, exotic and cozy.

But it is important that you do not forget to take your clothes with you on a rest, because the dress code is a necessary part of the dinner at the hotel.

What will you offer in the menu

The menu of the restaurant will not leave indifferent guests. This, by the way, is evidenced by a huge number of enthusiastic reviews of those who visited Tunisia, Novostar Palmyra 3 *. Visitors are offered international cuisine, they prepare themed dinners and snacks. Grilled dishes and a variety of pastries are very popular here, and salads are amazing with taste combinations.

The mode looks like this: from 6.00 to 10.00 - breakfast in the main restaurant (buffet), from 10.00 to 12.00 - late breakfast (lobby bar), from 12.30 to 14.00 - lunch (main restaurant), then takes a snack-barbecue (it's salads, pizza, pancakes and fruit ), they will please from 13.00 to 17.30. Dinner (main restaurant) - from 19.00 to 21.00, for late-dinner lovers late snack (mini-sandwiches) - from 22.00 to 00.00.

Hotel Novostar Palmira 3 reviews

Once again about where you can eat at the hotel

Thus, to the services of holidaymakers there are several food outlets on the territory of the hotel that operate in the mode of relay race:

  • main restaurant;
  • snack bar;
  • bar "Jasmine";
  • Lobby bar.

At the pool you will be welcomed by the bar Delia, moreone snack bar is by the beach. A special mention should be given to the Moorish cafe offering Tunisian tea with mint and sugar, and the discotheque Capitol.

By the way, in such a hot country should be mentioned andabout where to find drinking water. It can be taken without bottlenecks in bottles at the bar, as well as in coolers located in the dining room or in the lobby of the hotel. So do not be afraid to die of thirst!

A few words about active rest

But, as they say, not by bread alone ... And the Novostar Palmyra 3 * hotel, whose reviews are pleased with their optimism, will allow guests to have a great rest, not only savoring endlessly delicious dishes from the menu.

On site you will be provided free of chargethe opportunity to do aerobics, gymnastics, beach volleyball and table tennis (by the way, if you do not have a pair for the game, you will be an animator company). And lovers of water sports on the hotel's own beach (among other things, the most comfortable in the vicinity) are waiting for a canoe, catamaran and windsurfing. For a fee, you can rent water skiing, a parachute or a banana.

Every day on the beach and right in the sea, animators conduct aqua aerobics classes and various competitions on the beach that will give you the opportunity to catch up and physically get stronger.

Sousse Novostar Palmira 3

And now we go to the beach!

The private beach of the Sousse Novostar Palmyra 3 * is located on the first coastline, onlyfifty meters from the complex. On this snow-white fine sand, which is cleaned by hand every day, you will be waiting for sun beds, deckchairs, umbrellas and equipped shower (note - for free!). For beach towels will have to leave a deposit (20 dinars).

The landscape of the shore is also excellent for screamingfrom the delight of the kids, and for the relaxed smiling adults. Left - a smooth drop to 200 cm, and on the right - small, the crumb can stand even at a distance of 30 m from the beach line. And there, by the way, curious gray fish are swimming, not lagging behind the bathers.

According to visitors, the water in the sea is verysalty, and from it can even pinch your eyes. And during the storm, seaweed sometimes appears in it. Some are frightened also by the presence of small jellyfish, which, by the way, disappear as soon as the excitement begins. But, despite these very minor inconveniences, you do not want to get out of warm and tender water. And if it were not for the team of fervent and active animators, who rest as one and all leave admiring reviews, then from here no one would go anywhere.

A little more about the advantages of the hotel

Unexpected plus, which has a hotelNovostar Palmyra 3 * (Tunis, Sousse), is its location. Yes, the happy tourists noticed that their place of arrival is the first on the route from the airport, and they get to their hotel before others, and on the way to the tour the bus calls for "Novostarovtsy" last, which allows them to sleep longer.

And, of course, proximity to the sea is undeniableplus, including a fascinating opportunity not only to admire the boundless distance from the balcony of your room, but also to fall asleep every evening under the lulling rustle of waves.

Parents who came to rest with their children,an undeniable advantage of the hotel is its enchanting animation, which is able to occupy the child almost all day, which, of course, allows moms and dads to distract themselves and devote time to themselves.

Novostar Palmira 3 reviews

How can I spend time

A special delight for tourists is a two-daytrip to the Sahara. An impressive jeep safari, a camel ride, a visit to the location of the shooting of "Star Wars" - this is something that should be spent both money and time. More about it you will be able to tell the ticket to Novostar Palmyra 3 * tour operator.

If you want to better consider life inTunisia, then you should take a taxi in the evenings and go to nearby Sousse (13 dinars) or Port El Kantaoui (7 dinars). Those who will find it an expensive pleasure will get a shuttle with a blue or yellow strip, stopping on demand at any place and for 1-2 dinars bringing you to the place. The interval of their movement is 10-20 min. In the cities you can wander through the shops and colorful souvenir shops or just stroll through the colorful streets.

Sousse is the embodiment of history, it is filled withsights that will not leave indifferent lovers of antiquity. In the old city (Medina) there is the Great Mosque of the 9th c. with the active minaret (where, it is true, you can only enter the Muslims) and the museum (for all comers), the fortress-monastery Ribat, the archaeological museum, decorated with ancient mosaics, Christian catacombs - see for yourself how much Sousse can offer you. Novostar Palmyra 3 * also offers various excursions: a trip to the zoo, aqua park Aqua Palace and the botanical garden, a trip to Carthage, El Jem with its famous amphitheater and to the capital. Choose your taste and capabilities!

Experienced travelers are advised to organizeexcursions independently, going there by a company of about 8 people on a hired taxi. Such trips are 2-3 times cheaper than those organized through the agency.

What do you need to take with you on the tour

So that you do not feel uncomfortable when getting acquainted with the new places of this amazing country, do not forget to take with you everything that may be needed in this journey:

  • a bottle of water;
  • money for souvenirs and other expenses;
  • camera;
  • medical insurance policy.

If you have a long stay on the openspace, do not forget to grab a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen! And be sure, if you are going to visit any religious buildings, dress properly.

On a sea trip do not forget to seizeTowels, swimsuits and pills from motion sickness. And if the walk is planned for the evening time, then take the sweater or jumper, as the evenings here can be cool.

On all sightseeing it is impossibleexchange dollars for Tunisian dinars. You should worry about it beforehand. By the way, the Novostar Palmyra 3 * hotel, about which you read here, provides its guests with an exchange office.

Novostar Palmira 3 reviews

Separately on the attitude towards children

To the joy of parents, in Tunisia, they treat children very well. And, as the tourists have repeatedly emphasized, the kids here are kissed and always under the close attention of adults.

Hotel Novostar Palmyra 3 * (Tunisia) offers an excellent program for children of all ages. Children from 4 to 8 years old can visit the mini-club for free.

Its important advantage is the availability ofown lawn with a shady pergola and a large trampoline. The lawn is surrounded on three sides by the walls of the hotel, which makes it absolutely safe to stay on it. Professional children's animators in vain offer restless toddlers relay games, board games or sit down with them to draw and prepare gifts for the mother.

For those who are older, there is a maxi-club (speechis about children from 8 to 12 years old). There is also an animator. Children have a great time in a circle of peers, play sports and board games without complaining about boredom or fatigue. Still, because they are held contests, discos, culinary shows - this will not bore anyone!

Separately about the prices for rest

On the prices of such travel, you know,we can talk only approximately, since in different cities and regions they can differ substantially. So, a tour for two adults (without children) in September for 8 days will cost the young family about $ 2,000. This includes the cost of one way flight, medical insurance and transfer.

We hasten to inform those who have not been on vacationin Tunisia, that from October 1, 2014, regardless of citizenship, tourists who leave the country will have to pay a tourist tax of 30 dinars (approximately 13 euros). For this purpose, travelers will need to purchase a special brand of the specified cost in advance, which the passport control officer will subsequently paste into the tourist's passport. These brands are expected to be sold at the airport, post offices and resort areas in special kiosks.

Some tips in the end

Upon arrival in Tunisia try to exchange a littlemoney for small coins for 1 dinar (by the way, it's about 20 Russian rubles), such tips left in the room will be placed by the maid. Although the guests left Novostar Palmyra 3 * reviews delightedly emphasize that the staff at the hotel and is invariably friendly, attentive and impeccably honest, and the manager is generally above all praise!

And, as persistently advise experiencedtravelers, before flying to Tunisia, do not be lazy yet to learn a few words in Arabic or French. Then you will notice how the attitude of the local population to you is changing. And if you still do not skimp on the smile, and do not go with the expression of the face of a strict auditor, then the prices in the local market will be reduced to you more willingly, and the hotel staff will treat you with special warmth.

Novostar Palmira 3

Novostar Palmyra 3 *: reviews of 2014 for sure will be relevant in the coming seasons!

According to those who visited this hotel,find fault here is not what. Of course, if you go in search of a broken outlet or waiting for some kind of dirty trick, this will necessarily become a reality. But if you go with a positive attitude, anticipating a great holiday, you will be provided with a Novostar hotel.

By the way, a very pleasant surprise, according to reviewsholidaymakers, is a solemn takeaway to the music of the chef cake birthday party. And in general the hotel treats its guests so that when leaving, they feel an acute need to return here again. After all, tourists are finishing their vacation here with a firm conviction that they are loved and will be happy to meet again. And this, you must agree, does honor to any hotel!

Many of our compatriots choose asplaces to spend holidays Tunisia, Novostar Palmyra 3 *. The reviews, which they did not stint, left, hopefully, will help you make the right choice and not regret later about the money spent. Have a nice rest!

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