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Kozmodemyansk is an ancient city of merchants,which is located on the right bank of the Volga River. This is an administrative center in the Gornomaria district (the Republic of Mari El). It should be noted that Kozmodemyansk, whose attractions are described in this article, is an important cultural center of the region. Be sure to go there to look at merchant houses with carved wooden elements, museums and much more. Kozmodemyansk is an old, provincial and unhurried city, but this is its special atmosphere.

How to get there?

You can get to it by motor ships, which, as a rule, stop here. Also in Kozmodemyansk get on first by train or plane to Cheboksary, and then continue on the bus.

History of Kozmodemyansk

If you believe the legends, the city bears a name thatwas given by Ivan the Terrible himself. Returning from the campaign, the king wanted to stop at one of the high river banks. It seemed to him that the site was quite profitable, from the point of view of military strategy. As a result, it became the site of the fortress, laid before the saints day, whose names were Kosma and Damian. Hence the name of the city. Later in the area near the fortress, which protected the neighborhood, the inhabitants of neighboring provinces settled. The official date, when the city was founded, is 1583. During the reign of Peter the Great from Kozmodemyansk timber was transported for the manufacture of ships. And already in the 19th century the city had the status of the second largest forest trade center in the country (while the first occupied Arkhangelsk).

kozmodemyansk attractions

Since the 17th century Kozmodemyansk was a sitetransit on the Volga. So, by the beginning of the 20th century, a lot of rich merchants lived here, and the city itself flourished, especially when compared to the nearest large populated areas. The situation changed in revolutionary times. The status of the capital in the Mari Autonomous Region passed to Tsarevokokshaisk. Kozmodemiansk inherited the fate of the ordinary district center.

Kozmodemyansk Museum Complex

Arriving in the city, it's worth to visitmuseum of merchant life, in which you can look at the interior items of bygone times, feel the unique atmosphere of the old city. The guides recommend to take a look at the exposition of the art historical museum. On the ground floor there is a local history department. There are archaeological exhibits, as well as exhibitions devoted to the history of the region. For example, you need to pay attention to the workshop, which will tell you about the first school in the country that produces plucked musical instruments, which opened in the early 20th century in this city. The museum also offers to see what the objects of kitchen and, in general, everyday life looked like, as well as old weapons items and armor. The second floor will surprise you with beautiful paintings of famous Russian artists (Bryullov, Aivazovsky, Levitan and others).

In addition, and other museums knownKozmodemyansk. Sights of the region also include the museum of Ostap Bender. In addition to him, references to Ilf and Petrov in the names of shops and shops are found throughout the city.

Kozmodemyansk is a city on the territory of the RepublicMari El, which is inhabited by mountain and meadow mari (representatives of the Finno-Ugric people, living mainly in the interfluve between Vetluga and the Volga). Therefore you can visit the exposition of the most famous museum - Ethnographic. This is a village with recreated objects of everyday life and people's habitation. It is an open-air museum, the exposition of which will surprise every traveler.

kozmodemyansk city

Today you can see on its territorysixty different buildings, including huts, farm buildings, bathhouses, wells and smithies. You will also be able to appreciate the handicrafts (gemmarian embroidery) that Kozmodemyansk is famous for. Sightseeing of the city is one thing, but in order to feel the edge of the countryside more deeply, it is necessary to look at the traditional elements of everyday life.

Kozmodemyansk Museum Complex


At the beginning of the 20th century, Kozmodemyansk had wholeeight temples. In the city there are several reconstructed historical churches after the revolutionary events. This list includes the Holy Trinity and Old Believers, as well as the Smolensk Cathedral. If you want to find, for example, the Holy Trinity Church, you need to climb the Pugachev mountain, which is famous in Kozmodemyansk district. Attractions of the city also include this temple. From the church opens a chic look.

drama drama theater

Mining drama theater

If you are in search of places for culturalleisure, go to the drama theater, there are many performances in the language of Mary, and in Russian. The purpose of the work of this institution is to preserve the traditional representations of the mountain mari, their linguistic features and culture.

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