Hotel Blue Aegean 4 * (Greece, Crete): overview, description, rooms and reviews

Blue Aegean 4 * is a hotel consisting of eightbuildings, each of which has the name of one of the Aegean islands. The hotel is quite popular. In many respects due to their rather modest prices. But in general, it has many advantages and interesting features. They should be described in more detail.

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So, there is Blue Aegean 4 * in the resort underthe name of Gouves. It is about 18 kilometers from Heraklion. That is in the north-eastern part of Crete. The airport is not far away, as is one of the most interesting cities in Greece, so you can say the location is good. But the most important thing is that from the hotel to the sea - a stone's throw.

Gouves himself - the town is quite interesting. It is here that the Institute of Marine Biology, the Mediterranean Institute of Agronomy, as well as many other well-known universities. But Gouves is focused not only on science, but also on tourists. Here often go to rest the Germans, the British, the Irish, the Poles and, of course, our compatriots. It is in Gouves that you can immerse yourself in the traditional atmosphere of Crete. This town has preserved its historical identity, which is indicated by cozy narrow streets, ivy-wrapped houses and beautiful temples.


Blue Aegean 4 * provides guests with services andcomforts of a different nature. The hotel is non-smoking, but there are also separate places where guests can enjoy a cigarette. There are also rooms with increased sound insulation and suites for newlyweds. Accessible facilities for guests with reduced mobility are also available.

There are several shops on the territory, amongwhich are also souvenir. There is a library, a games room and a church. Naturally, there is free Wi-Fi, private parking, transfer services. If guests need personal transport, then he will. Blue Aegean 4 * has its own car and bike rental.

In the territory there is also a conference hall with a business center, where an office is located, where you can receive or send a fax, and still copy documents.

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other services

In addition to the above Blue Aegean 4 *There is a 24-hour reception where individual check-out and check-in is possible. There is a camera for storing things, a tour desk, a currency exchange office. Tickets and newspapers are provided.

Cleaning in the apartment is daily. If necessary, guests can use the laundry or carry their things for ironing.

It is also worth noting that the Blue Aegean HotelSuites 4 * there is a nanny who can take care of the children of the guests while they are alone. For kids there is a playground and an animation staff, so they will not be bored.

Still it is impossible not to say that the staff at the hotelmultilanguage. People who work here own not only English and Greek, which are the standard in this resort. They also speak Russian and German.


Blue Aegean Hotel Suites 4 * can be nicehave fun. Of course, many visitors spend all their time on the beach, swimming in the sea. But the hotel has something to do. For example, you can visit the SPA-complex or health center. There is also a gym, which definitely will appeal to lovers of an active lifestyle.

On the territory there is still working on seasonsan outdoor swimming pool with a sun terrace and a picturesque quiet garden. Also, guests can go horseback riding (for this there is everything here), diving, cycling, playing billiards, darts or table tennis. And nearby the hotel complex there is a golf course. So do not have to be bored.

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The Blue Aegean Apart Hotel 4 *, as in anyanother decent hotel, there is a restaurant and a bar. As assured guests here, these establishments serve delicious, fresh dishes and undiluted high-quality drinks.

Every lunch and dinner, as the guests assure, hereserve several types of different meat. And good. Desserts and fruits are also there, though in less quantity than the main dishes. But this is not a problem, because there is an excellent supermarket nearby, in which the whole product is affordable. But everything is always fresh.

Every evening in the restaurant has its own theme. Barbecue, Italian dishes, fish, seafood are served here. Drinks are included in the dinner only if the guests have paid for the all-inclusive service. Another nuance (it can not be attributed to minuses, since it is conditional) -the absence of porridge. But this upsets only people who came with very young children. But there is a lot of delicious baking. And freshly squeezed juices, which are excellent in the morning. However, in hot chocolate, water, coffee and tea there is no shortage.

In general, no one will remain hungry here. And the guests assure that the menu does not repeat here, it was confirmed even by those guests who stayed on vacation for two weeks.

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Apartment Options

Blue Aegean Suites 4 * has rooms of differentcategories. But it's worth starting with a description of the standards. They are the most popular here. The area of ​​these apartments is 25 square meters. m. The bright, homely cozy rooms have a large double bed. The apartment has access to a private balcony with scenic views.

There is also a plasma TV, telephone, safe,a powerful air conditioner and a kitchen. There is a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a toaster and other amenities that are standard for a mini-kitchen. There is also a sanitary unit with a bathroom, toilet, hairdryer and free toiletries. By the way, as many people go to the Aegean Blue Hotel 4 * (Greece) with their children, the rooms have been equipped with special protective barriers for babies.

27 000 rubles - this is the price of a week stayin the apartment for two people. The amount is rather modest. But especially pleased that it can be even lower. There are often discounts here, so sometimes you can save 30%! And then the number will cost only 19 tons.


This category of apartments in Blue Aegean Apart 4 *is also popular. The area of ​​the suites is 45 sq. M. Inside there is one large double bed and two folding sofas. The apartments, decorated in an elegant style, have their own access to a furnished balcony.

What about amenities? They are the same here as in the above-mentioned standard. However, the suite has a separate seating area and a dining area. The kitchen is also available. And the view, by the way, from here opens to the pool.

For two people a week in such apartmentswill cost about 45 000 rubles (with breakfast). By the way, the same price of the room will be for four adults who decided not to order their meals. That, in principle, can be justified, because inside the apartment there is a mini-kitchen.

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Family suites

And such numbers are in the Blue Aegean 4 * (Greece, Crete, Heraklion). Many come here to relax as best as possible. And book for this reason suites. After all, they have better conditions.

Well, take, for example, a family suite with onebedroom and pool view. It is designed to accommodate two adults and one child - a standard choice. Inside there is a double bed and a sofa bed. Inside there is a toaster, an electric kettle, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a sitting area, a dining area, in general, everything that was listed above. Only the conditions are more comfortable. 35 000 rubles - this is how much it will cost a week to stay here with breakfast.

And if you book a family suite with two bedrooms? This will cost 40 tons. Of the advantages - an increased area and divided into zones space.

Other options

It happens that this hotel is visited by largecompany. For example, 2 adults with two children. For them, the notorious family suite with one bedroom will cost as much as it would have to pay if guests arrived with one child. Children are not included in the payment here.

But the hotel has even larger suites with twobedrooms. Their area is 70 square meters. m. The space is divided into two bedrooms, a living room, a balcony, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. Ideal for large companies.

For three adults, these apartmentswill cost 55 thousand rubles. for a week (with breakfast). For four - in 65 tons. For five - for 10 000 rubles more, respectively. And six guests will have to pay about 80 000 rubles per week. However, this is the cheapest option. Since a week from a person will leave only 11 tons of r. And this is 1500 rubles per day, which for Greece is a very modest price.

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About booking and accommodation

A couple of words worth saying about this. Check in the hotel starts at one o'clock, and ends at midnight. Departure lasts until midnight. But however, as already said at the very beginning, individual registration is possible here.

The hotel is allowed to stay with children. And if they are less than 12 years old, then they do not have to pay for them. And the smallest (the age of which has not reached two years) is provided by cribs. Also absolutely free. But in one room - a maximum of 1 baby cot.

And more to book an apartment betterearly. The hotel is quite popular, so it is better to take care of the reservation of rooms before (preferably for a couple of months). In addition, there is an option to get a good discount.

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Guest comments

Finally - a few words about what getsAegean Blue Hotel 4 * reviews. Basically they are positive. Naturally, first of all guests pay attention to the price. They are very modest here. And in Crete this hotel is one of the most successful in terms of a combination of price and quality.

Also talk about the staff. People here work attentive and pleasant. Rooms are cleaned every day. In time, they replace linens and towels. And the whole hotel is very clean. Pools are regularly cleaned, so swimming in them is nice and safe. The area is also well-groomed - everything is green and flowers.

Many say that, even despite the rule ofsettling in at 14:00, there can put on bracelets of guests and early. Here, if possible, meet halfway. What can not but rejoice. Even if the room has not yet been released by other guests (accordingly, it is not ready for occupancy), guests can be invited to go have breakfast. And you can leave things in the storage room and go to the beach. Also a good option.

Still guests are pleased to note the fact that each room has a separate entrance. So there is a feeling that it's not an apartment in a hotel, but a private house in nature.

And here are some of the best beaches in Crete. If you travel around the island and look at others, you can understand this.

Animation is almost none, except for the rare "Cretan evenings." Very interesting and fascinating performances. However, there are no other shows here.

The hotel is focused on recreation with children, so if you need a budget room for holidays with kids near the sea, it is worthwhile to go here.

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