Central market of Budapest: description, history, interesting facts and reviews

The central market of Budapest is one of 5 coveredbazaars of the city that were created in the 19th century. Of these, it is considered the most colorful, has the largest dimensions. Tourists love this place. There are noisy, many bright colors, pleasant smells of spices, a great choice of goods. Immediately you can feel how Hungary lives.


Almost every guide tellsa visitor to the Central Market of Budapest. Its history begins after the formation of the city, when there was a need to provide people with food. The bazaar was created with the aim of streamlining trade. Today, there are regular tours.

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Visitors rarely succeed the first time correctly to pronounce the name of the bazaar Központi Vásárcsarnok, observing all the subtleties of the Hungarian pronunciation.

On the pl. Fyvam (formerly Salt Lake), where this extensive complex is located, come alone or with a guide. Earlier in the area there were warehouses with salt. Also, there were buildings for storing tobacco, which were dismantled at the time of coming into disrepair.

Today the area is called the Customs. In 1870, a building was built here, in which the customs service operated. It was located on the Pest side of the Danube River.

Nearby there was the Liberty Bridge. Now this building became the building of the University of Economics.

The pavilion that appeared at the time was stylizedthe Parisian manner. The creator of the project was S. Petz. Construction began in 1894. The opening was planned for 1896. When the work was completed, a misfortune happened - a fire that destroyed the roof halfway.

During the year, the Central Market in Budapestrepair, finalize the final details. The opening of the building, built of red brick, was held on March 15, 1897. It, decorated with beautiful ornaments, took up a whole block. In the corners there are towers. Tiles of different colors were made in furnaces at the Folnai factory. Everyone wishing to have access to it. Significant damage to the market building was received in the course of military operations that took place in the 20th century, for some time it did not work at all.

Interesting Facts

The restoration of its functioning took place in the 90s of the last century, after the restoration. There are several factors that can attract tourists to this place:

  • The architectural style of the building of the market affects not less than the abundance of products sold in it. The roof is curved. Color colorful paintings. Openwork stair openings go to high altitude.
  • Date of the last reconstruction is 1994. In 1999, the building was awarded the FIABCI Prix d "Excellence, the most honorable among architectural awards.
  • It is interesting that in the slang of the inhabitants of Budapestthere is the expression "is like a cast iron market". It's about the high cost of building a building because of a fire. So the final amount went far more than planned.

It is worth to visit here, visitingBudapest. Central market tourists began to visit as one of the most memorable of its attractions. After the repair, all the luxury shone in the old world.

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Description of the first level

Now there are three levels. On the first floor, meat and sausage are traded. The choice is truly impressive: a few dozen varieties of salami, Vienna sausages, pork, lamb, sausages, pate, foie gras, able to compete with the works of French chefs.

At the entrance visitors note an appetizing aroma,calling to go inside and take a good look at everything. It is almost impossible to leave empty-handed. The central market (Budapest) is also the place of active sales of dairy products. You can see whole mountains of cheese. Nearby counters with rustic pastries, lagoshi. Vegetables and fruits are invariably fresh. The prices are attractive. Compared to other European markets, they are much lower.

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Tourists who visited here say that herethere are always a lot of people buying home food, researching meat and vegetable ranks. The central shopping row admires visitors, which is decorated with salami sticks, as New Year's toys. It is from here that foreigners enter the market and leave it.

Popular among tourists are sausages,dried paprika, fruit vodka, balms of the brand Zwack Unicumc. As a result of such shopping, buyers usually have a good dinner after a long day, full of interesting but tiring walks around the city.

Many people buy delicatessen sausages, for whichmold is rather an advantage than a disadvantage. Such products are manufactured by the Peak factories. The smell, similar to juniper smoke, has Herz products. Above the shelves, literally curtains of meat products are waving. In addition, not randomly, but distributed in a range of colors from Viennese sausages to pink sausages from Debrecen, made from finely chopped pork in a sheep skin. They come from such a strong flavor that he can switch to other purchases in the bag.

However, despite such a risk, try themhighly recommended. The people who took advantage of this opportunity argue that it is especially good to serve such a meal with Hungarian wine. Going into the left compartment, people see muzzles and various parts of carcasses. The sight is not for the faint-hearted.

Dairy department

Passing by the sellers of alcoholic beverages, you get to the dairy department, where it's calmer. For sale milk, milked the morning of the same day. You can go with a can, and the seller will fill it with a ladle.

A large amount of cheese makes the mountains look likeBricks or bags of cement, stored in the warehouse area, which is admired by never seen such a spectacle of people. Tourists like to try lagoshi, baked in oil, - one of the favorite Hungarian delicacies. In the dank winter, which is typical for this state, this kind of food warms and brings a sense of comfort. In large banks sell pâtés - a creamy substance with fatty veins. They will be kept for at least three months.

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Lower level

Going down to the lower level, people fall intosupermarket. According to tourists, it does not differ much from those that exist on almost every street. Where is more interesting located nearby counter with spices. It is called the "Colonial Shop".

Approaching it, people catch the smellthe smell of spices and herbs. Their smells attract saffron, Thai herbs, Sumatran coffee, zira, barberry and sumac. Local sellers could compete with traders from the Istanbul market.

Especially beautiful look blown cans and flasks. It seems as if I got into a drugstore from the Middle Ages. Inexpensive sale of rosemary oil, which the Hungarians use as an elixir. This green substance is filled with salads. Next is the bakery. Guests of the city like to sample delicious baguettes, a scone with the smell of cinnamon and anise.

It is great to support such products with strength after a walk, washing down coffee, tea or juice. The bun is the best in Budapest.

The central market - a place where you can dopurchases from mushroom pickers. There are earth embankments and aquariums. Here mushrooms are not only sold, but also grown directly. You can see how a whole colony of sprouts or gingerbread grows. If in our latitudes the stem of the fungus is cut with a knife, then in Hungary it is torn from the ground. Then it is placed in a cellar with a low temperature or an aquarium, where it is stored for three days without blackening. In this part of the bazaar there is a strange odor of dampness for most people. It is worth noting that there is a risk of stumbling upon fake truffles, so here it is better not to take them.

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Top level

On the upper gallery are catering establishments and benches with souvenirs. For sale are author's crafts, national costumes, woven towels and tablecloths, hand-made dolls.

According to the people who were here, all these productsthey are worth a lot, but they give a great pleasure to the owners or those who just passed by and decided to stop and look. In restaurants and cafes there are always a lot of people, even despite the relatively high cost of food.

Goulash, strudel with cottage cheese and cherries, sausages and coffee are popular. The central market of Budapest is a huge shopping mall. Walking on it, willy-nilly hunger.

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Address and opening hours

Interesting is not only the Central Market of Budapest itself, but also a picturesque river bank. It is interesting to ride on a pleasure boat. But first you need to get here.

Once in an unfamiliar city, without a guide andsightseeing bus is difficult to navigate. How does a tourist get to the Central Market (Budapest)? Bazaar Address: Budapest, Vámház krt. 1-3, 1093. The Liberty Bridge, located above the Danube, will become an orientation point.

From public transport bus 15,trams 2 and 2a, 47, and also 49. Also use the blue metro line to get to the Central Market (Budapest). The opening hours are different on different days of the week: Monday - 6: 00-17: 00, from Tuesday to Friday - 6: 00-18: 00, on Saturday - 6: 00-15: 00. On Sunday, the bazaar does not work.

Impressions of tourists from the market

In order to admire the architecture andimpressive scale of construction, tourists often come to the Central market of Budapest. The testimonies indicate that people get a triple pleasure: get acquainted with the style of the building, get the opportunity to buy original products and spices, and taste deliciously.

central market in budapest

This is the place where you can walk with pleasure in any weather, because there is a roof over your head. The scale of the establishment impresses visitors of the city.

Three floors of the building do not cease to amaze and please the assortment of products. It feels like trading is treated as art, not just business.

After visiting here, people look at shopping as onan interesting adventure, and not an urgent need. If before that man was accustomed to go to the market for several kilograms of potatoes, then here he goes like a museum or a bright fair.

Hungary, Budapest, Central Market - a wonderful place for both a curious tourist, and for a practical and resourceful city dweller.

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