Grand Excelsior Al Barsha 4 * (UAE, Dubai): description of rooms, service, reviews

United Arab Emirates is a country,visited by tourists at any time of the year. This is primarily due to a favorable climate for recreation, which in the summer becomes hot, and in the winter is more moderate, but still the water in the sea here is warm throughout the year.

One of the most popular hotels in the region - Grand Excelsior al Barsha, which offers its guests the best conditions for recreation.

Location and general information

The hotel is located in a very convenientForeign tourists place - 35 kilometers from Dubai International Airport. Not far from Grand Excelsior al Barsha 4 * is the largest entertainment center, whose name is "Dubai Emirate Mall" - every day a huge number of tourists come from different parts of the world, including from Russia, because many agencies are in great demand tours from Moscow to Dubai.

The hotel was built in 2011 and since then is one of the most luxurious in the entire resort, it is located in a relatively small area - almost 3 400 sq. M. m.


Currently Grand Excelsior al Barsha230 luxury apartments with the best living conditions, which are divided into several categories: "superior", "deluxe", "representative", and also "luxury". Regardless of the category, each of them has a spacious balcony with a stunning view of the surrounding metropolis. Guests of the hotel can perfectly enjoy the excellent climatic conditions created with the help of an air-conditioning system installed in each apartment.

All rooms have an individually equipped bathroom with a full set of sanitary ware and a wide range of bathroom accessories.

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Apartments of the group "superior" offervacationers are excellent conditions for living, which includes a decent rest and a cozy atmosphere created with the help of a carefully thought-out interior. In the description of Grand Excelsior al Barsha numbers it is often specified that the area of ​​each such room is 35 sq. M. m. It is the only, but very cozy room, furnished with expensive furniture, made mainly of wood.

The number of berths here is designed for a coupleadults, as well as for one child - it has a separate children's bed. The rooms Grand Excelsior al Barsha also has a furniture set designed for work - it consists of a table and a soft chair.

In their spare time guests can viewfavorite satellite transmissions on the plasma screen that hangs on the wall. To conduct a spiritual tea drinking there is a kettle and a set of dishes, designed for three. If desired, guests can use the electronic safe, telephone and minibar, an assortment of refreshments in which is updated daily.

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Deluxe Room

Rooms of the "deluxe" group provide theirguests improved conditions. They are located on an area of ​​40 square meters. m, which can accommodate a maximum of three guests. The apartments consist of one room, which is visually divided into two parts: a bedroom and a living area.

In the living room there is a furniture set, inwhich includes a large sofa and a couple of armchairs, there is also a small coffee table. Guests can place their personal belongings in stand-alone pedestals and wardrobes, which are quite roomy. The room also has a working area with a desk and a comfortable chair.

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Executive Apartment in GrandExcelsior Hotel al Barsha are in great demand among people who are staying at the hotel not with a tourist but with a business visit. They are designed for comfortable rest and excellent conditions for employment. These rooms are located on an area of ​​55 square meters. m and are designed for a maximum of 4 guests. The peculiarity of these rooms is that they are located on the upper tiers of a ten-story building, so that from their windows a stunning view of the neighborhood of a large metropolis opens.

The territory of the room is the same as in the previous oneThe case is visually divided into two zones: a living room and a place for rest. The living room is equipped with a luxurious sofa, which, if necessary, can be a bed. It also includes a work area. In the part that is intended for recreation, there is a large bed of European type, where two guests can sit.


Luxury apartments designed to relax the richpeople who know what they want from life and can afford everything. The area of ​​each such room is truly large - it is 90 square meters. m, which are divided into two rooms - a bedroom and a living room. Each of them is furnished with the necessary furniture, made according to the design sketches.

Here in the living room there are furniture sets,made in the classical style. They, like the overall color scheme of the interior, are a combination of chocolate and milk colors, which perfectly blend in with a large number of details from dark wood.

In the sleeping area there is a huge bedroyal sizes, designed for two guests. Also in the bedroom there are several places for storing clothes, personal things, and even here there is a dressing table and a large mirror.

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Conditions for family rest

Description of Grand Excelsior Hotel al Barshaoften emphasizes that the hotel positions itself as a place ideal for family holidays. In particular, this is due to the availability of conditions suitable for small children. Almost every room (except for the "representative" and "luxury" classes) has a cot designed for the age of the child from 4 to 12 years. If it is not provided for in the room, you will have to pay for installation separately.

Also in the hotel there is an individual children's roomsection in the pool. This niche has a anti-slip coating and the depth is small. This allows parents to be aware of the fact that their child is completely safe.


Tourists in their reviews of the Grand Excelsior alBarsha is very often noted that, staying on its territory, it is rare to get bored. The fact is that every night for guests organized a disco, designed for adult guests - it takes place throughout the night. At this time in the hall plays hits of foreign performers, who are loved and recognizable by many. The entrance to the disco is chargeable, all drinks and snacks that are offered here are also paid by the guests.

If desired, any tourist who has a rest in GrandExcelsior al Barsha, entertainment to your liking can be found in the neighborhood of the hotel. Not far from it there is a huge number of restaurants, bars, karaoke, and also night clubs, which open the doors every night to their visitors. Many tourists in their reviews of this place recommend specific places to visit, talking about their intricacies and the level of service.


In Grand Excelsior al Barsha, tourists whorest on the voucher, implying the concept of "all inclusive", can visit the main restaurant, which every day organizes a buffet. The hotel administration emphasizes that before visiting this place it is necessary to make an advance reservation of the table for yourself and your satellites. In total, Grand Excelsior al Barsha has three restaurants in which professional chefs can surprise guests with deliciously tasty dishes of oriental and European cuisine. A special attention is paid to the meat restaurant, which offers a menu of delicious grilled dishes.

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If desired, vacationers can visit the bar, whereday time they serve original snacks and desserts, and in the evening it turns into a discotheque. There is a wonderful bar card, which contains a huge variety of soft drinks and bright cocktails.

Vacationers who stay at the hotel together withtheir children, noticed that in catering establishments there is a children's menu, which includes only the best and most appetizing dishes. For the youngest, there are comfortable chairs, food intake on which will be even more pleasant.

SPA & Sports

The SPA zone is incredibly popular among the guests of GrandExcelsior al Barsha 4 *. It is small in size, its structure includes only a sauna and a hamman - a traditional Turkish bath. In a separate room there are a number of tables, behind which professional masseurs work - their services are paid.

Fans of sports lifestyle canallow yourself to visit the gym, which is located right in the Grand Excelsior al Barsha building. Any visit to it is charged according to a separate price list, it is possible to provide services for a personal trainer.


In an open area that is adjacent toThe hotel, amidst blooming gardens, is a small aqua zone, which consists of a swimming pool. It has an automatic water purification system, so the filling is crystal clear. In the niche there is no heating of water - the optimum temperature is reached exclusively under the influence of sunlight.

Around the pool is a sun terrace,on which comfortable sunbeds are installed, as well as beach umbrellas that save vacationers from direct sunlight. Guests can rent towels on request.

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Business Conditions

A huge number of guests to the hotel arriveswith business visits. Very often this category of people needs the conditions for negotiations, presentations and other events related to doing business. In order to create optimal conditions for customers, the hotel founders had seven perfectly equipped conference halls of different sizes on its territory: the smallest of them can accommodate 20 people, and the largest one can accommodate up to 500 people.

In every hall there is all the equipment necessaryfor meetings. There are lighting and video equipment, there are office and photocopying equipment, as well as a small number of office supplies. The furniture is provided with large lacquered tables, made of expensive woods, as well as comfortable leather armchairs.

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Grand Excelsior al Barsha (Dubai), in the opinion oftourists, is not the best option for a beach holiday. This is due to the fact that it does not border the coastline. However, if necessary, everyone can visit the city's landscaped beach, which is located 5 kilometers from the building - you can get to it by bus, which runs daily from the hotel to the sea and back.

Tourists point out that this small beach, butvery well refined. Staying on it, you can rent chaise lounges, umbrellas and towels, as well as inflatable mattresses. Along the coastline, various entertainments are also possible.

Reviews of tourists

Holidaymakers in Grand Excelsior al Barsha service,provided here, as a rule, are satisfied. In their comments about the rest, they celebrate the excellent arrangement of rooms, convenience and excellent organization of leisure and entertainment. Great attention from the guests is given to the high level of service provided here.

A huge number of tourists tells that in the restaurants of the hotel they prepare fine food, they recommend to try the traditional oriental cuisine by local cooks.

As for prices, on average, according to reviewstravelers, a tour to Dubai from Moscow with a weekly stay at this hotel costs about 95-110 thousand rubles. In this price, operators include not only accommodation in a superior room, but also a flight with a transfer.

Very often travelers who have been here recommend to go here to rest their relatives and friends, motivating them with their positive and vivid reviews about this place.

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