How to organize an unforgettable trip and what can you bring from Greece

what can you bring from Greece
In Greece, there is everything. This slogan went even from antiquity. And for today it is fully consistent with reality. Many people go to Greece not only to have a good rest and have a great time, but also to buy a lot of souvenirs and useful things. The fact that there is everything in this wonderful country inspires many tourists. But still, with such an abundance of choice, when the eyes are scattered, it is sometimes difficult to choose what is really needed. Therefore, it is recommended to make a list in advance in order not to become a hostage to shopping, remember that this trip to Greece is not the last, if you forgot to buy something, you can return here for the second and third time.

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What can I bring from Greece, apart from commemorativesouvenirs. Olives and olive oil. Yes, it may seem strange, but they are in the range of purchases in the top three. Since we sell them mostly in canned form, and there you can buy fresh fruits. Who tried it, will necessarily say that the difference is really significant. The oil can differ in taste, but here, rather, it's a matter of taste habits.

Particularly proud - and not in vain - Greece cheese"Feta". Therefore, the question of what can be brought from Greece, lovers of Greek salad is recommended this particular cheese. After all, only in this picturesque country of the Gods you will find a real, 100% Feta cheese, and be sure - this is not a fake. In other countries, they say, there is no real "Feta".

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What can you bring from Greece to lovers of strongdrinks? Of course, wine and cognac. Carefully study the price, for how many years, for example, brandy. If less than twelve - take is not recommended. So is wine - it's better to take more than three euros apiece, otherwise you can get into a mess. Most of these drinks are produced in Greece in home distilleries. Therefore, in any case, this will be done with the soul. Tour to Greece will be incomplete if you do not try only the Greek drink "Rezin" - white dry wine with wood tar.

What can I bring from Greece in memory of the tripwoman? Of course, fur and fur products. Greek fur coats are works of art. They are posh. Money costs considerable, but every woman dreams of a royal gift. Be sure to consult before buying expensive, how to choose the right mink coat. To exclude the possibility of forgery.

It is also worth paying attention to products fromof gold. Greece is famous not only for its assortment, but also for its quality. The main style of products is Byzantine. Greece is considered one of the best jewelry markets. Of course, a souvenir for a gift, maybe a little and expensive, but this quality and such an assortment of gold products you will find only here.

What can you bring from Greece in the form of souvenirs andgifts? Handmade dishes. Masterpieces of local masters. Be sure to require a check, since it is so similar to the original products that customs control can detain the participants of the trip to check the authenticity of the dishes.

Having spent your holidays in Greece, you will get a lot of fun. Pleasant rest and unforgettable impressions!

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