Grandeur De Sanchi 4 * (India, Goa): description, reviews

North Goa is a beautiful place thatcan not be better suited for a carefree and cheerful vacation on the beach. The flow of tourists here does not stop. For example, the weather in Goa in September is not worse than in the spring and summer months. And do not forget that India is a country with an incredibly interesting culture and traditions, which are worth getting acquainted with.

Of course, on the coast there are many hotels andhotels. And an increasingly popular stopping point is the small boarding house Grandeur de Sanchi 4 *. At the time of the trip planning, people, of course, are trying to collect the maximum amount of reliable information in order to decide whether to prefer this hotel.

Hotel Grandeur De Sanchi 4 * (India, Calangute): features location and information about the hotel area

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As you know, the convenient location of the hotel forsome tourists are extremely important. So where to find Grandeur De Sanchi 4 *? Calangute (Calangute), a cozy resort village right on the shore of the Arabian Sea - here, in a quiet tourist area, you will find a temporary shelter. The city of Palangi is 15 km away, where you can have a pleasant time. And for 15 minutes drive you can get to the huge flea market Anjuna - here you can immerse yourself in the local flavor and buy several unique souvenirs for yourself and your close people.

The distance to the nearest airport is 37km (the city of Dabolim). But the large railway station Tivim is located only 16 km. The hotel is easily accessible even by public transport.

The hotel Grandeur De Sanchi 4 * is small andconsists of a three-story building. The hotel territory is cozy, well-groomed and clean. There is even a small garden where you can relax, enjoying the bright colors of nature and pleasant coolness.

What does the number look like? Description and photo

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Hotel Grandeur De Sanchi 4 * very small- on its territory there are 48 rooms. There are both standard double rooms and more spacious rooms with an increased level of comfort and even suites for newlyweds.

The rooms are clean and cozy, with the necessary kitfurniture and household appliances. You can count on a modern air conditioning system and a handy portable fan, which is simply indispensable in the summer heat. Guests can spend time watching TV, but it is worth noting that the shows are mostly Indian channels. There is a small safe, refrigerator, radio and telephone.

Pleasant bathroom with modern fixtures. Depending on the category of room, you can take a shower, relax in the bathroom or even use your own jacuzzi. Guests are provided not only with clean towels, but also with soap, shampoo, shower caps, toothpaste and other hygienic supplies. In deluxe rooms, guests can use slippers, soft, comfortable bathrobes.

The food scheme offered to tourists

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When booking accommodation in Grandeur De Sanchi4 *, tourists get the right to daily breakfasts, which take place in the hall of a local restaurant in the form of a buffet. The guests say that the food here is quite tasty, and the choice of dishes is quite large - fresh fruit and vegetable salads, fish and meat dishes, traditional Indian tortillas and sauces, several kinds of eggs, flakes and side dishes. Of course, guests are offered drinks, including fragrant tea and strong coffee.

During the rest of the day, the restaurant operates on the menu -here offer both Indian food, and standard international dishes. By the way, the cost of the same lunch or dinner at the hotel is not so high. But if you want, you can eat in other places - the city is full of cafes and other institutions.

There are also two bars in the hotel that serve not only chilled drinks, but also freshly squeezed juices, tea and coffee, strong booze, desserts and even snacks.

Where is the beach? Rest at the water

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What can a traveler count on,stay at the Grandeur De Sanchi 4 *? Calangute - a town that is famous for its beautiful coast. The hotel is located very close to the beach. The distance to Calangute beach is only 300 m. It is accessed by a convenient hiking trail, and for most tourists daily short walks do not cause much trouble.

Immediately it is worth saying that this is a public beach. On the other hand, there is not a large number of tourists here, so you can rest, enjoying the beauty of nature and some degree of privacy. Of course, for renting a deckchair and umbrella you have to pay, but here you can get beach towels at the hotel for free (subject to return, of course).

On the shore there is a water recreation center, where you canto rent water transport or devices for swimming under water. Tourists enjoy a lot of water skiing, bananas, boats. There is an opportunity to go surfing and even sailing.

Can I count on an additional service?

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Hotel complex Grandeur De Sanchi 4 *provides some additional services. For example, you can use the laundry (paid separately) or change the currency directly on site.

There is ample parking, andcenter where you can rent a cheap transport. Almost everywhere in the hotel (including the rooms) there is access to the Internet, and the connection speed is pretty good. If necessary, you can visit the business center - here you can send a fax, make an international call, use a computer and some other equipment.

Leisure of guests: what to do in your spare time?

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Despite the rather modest size, theThe territory of the hotel has something to do. In the courtyard there is a swimming pool with a spacious sun terrace. Here you can relax on a comfortable sunbed, refresh yourself in cool clean water and just chat with other guests.

There is a fitness center with a small butfully equipped gym, where tourists can always be engaged, preferring to always maintain a good physical shape. Guests can also relax in the jacuzzi, which, by the way, is located in the open air. It is necessary to visit the massage room, which offers different types of procedures for healing. There is a room with tables for tennis and billiards, where you can have a good time with friends.

Do not forget that India, North Goa- a place that offers great opportunities for sightseeing. An interesting tour of the surrounding area can be purchased on site. By the way, if you rent your own transport, then you can contact the staff who will help you to compose an interesting route and tell you about the brightest sights of the island. By the way, temples and old cities in the north are on the UNESCO list.

We rest with the whole family: services for parents with children

For parents who are going to travelwith the child, the comfort issues come to the fore. Can I bring my children with me to the hotel? India, North Goa in particular, are great for a family holiday. In the city you will find a lot of entertainment for yourself and for your child. Moreover, on the beach, children can splash and rest, because there is a large cleared shoal area.

As for the amenities, on request to the roomimmediately deliver a folding, but a large and comfortable bed. This service is paid separately. By the way, children under the age of five can live with their parents for free. For older children there is a system of discounts. Meals are unlikely to become a problem, as the local restaurant serves predominantly international cuisine without traditional Indian spices. For a small fee, you can use the services of a professional nursemaid.

Grandeur De Sanchi 4 *: reviews of travelers

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All experienced tourists know that sometimes information,received from people who have already visited the hotel, are much more reliable than information on official websites. Do travelers recommend Grandeur De Sanchi 4 *?

North Goa - an ideal place for a beachrecreation. As for the hotel, the living conditions here are quite decent. This is a small complex, so you can rest from the noise of the city center. The territory is cozy, as well as the rooms themselves. The technique is not new in every room, but it works perfectly. Clean here every day, and the quality of the maids work is good. Food is also considered good - there is always a choice of dishes and the opportunity to eat Indian food.

Advantage can be considered and the proximity to the beach,which is important for many tourists. Also, the guests are supportive of the hotel staff - they are always polite and friendly, are ready to help solve the problem, so conflicts do not arise. By the way, all employees are fluent in English, and some even understand Russian a little. The weather in Goa in September or even in the winter months is warm, so the island is perfect for wintering. By the way, one of the advantages of rest in India is the relatively low cost - this applies to the Grandeur Hotel. Tourists recommend the hotel for a relaxing holiday on the beautiful beaches of Goa. By the way, the price-quality ratio here is more than profitable.

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