What to buy in Thailand? Tips and travel tips

It would seem that there is a very simple question: "What to buy in Thailand?" However, those who are going on holiday in this country, in fact, will have to think about the answer, and, according to seasoned tourists, it is desirable to do so as soon as possible. Why? Well, most likely, due to the fact that in this exotic state, and even more so in the capital, you can find a lot of shops and markets of various directions, offering a huge range of products and souvenirs.

But only if the choice is correct, brought souvenirs will not only remind you of the trip, but will also be an excellent gift for relatives, friends and colleagues.

What to buy in Thailand? General information about shopping in the country

what to buy in thailand

And did you know that it is Bangkok that is consideredone of the most popular destinations in terms of shopping? "But what about China?" - many will object. Well, no one, of course, disputes the leadership of the Celestial Empire in the production of products. However, the quality of the goods produced in it, you will agree, leaves much to be desired.

But Thailand ... What to buy, no doubt, havethink carefully, but that this thing will last a long time, you should not even doubt it. Thailand is actually famous for its value for money. In most cases, Thai things are worn for several years and absolutely do not lose sight. Although we often have to deal with a different point of view. Those who go there often say something like: "There is nothing there except for Chinese-made toads and Buddhist horns!"

So you want to answer: "You are mistaken! Want an exclusive? Prepare to travel well in advance! "

What to buy in Thailand. Where is it worth to go shopping?

what can you buy in Thailand

As in many other countries of the world, the mainTrade here is concentrated in the capital, ie, in Bangkok. First of all, it's worth going to the biggest weekend market called Chatuchak. It's hard to imagine that up to 15,000 tents can be located on its territory at the same time, and about 1/3 million customers come to shop on a daily basis.

You can buy anything here, fromantiques and books to handicrafts and ceramics. Baskets, artificial flowers, clothes and shoes, goods for children, even gold jewelry - that's just a small part of the assortment offered by the locals.

Tourists would like to advise in advanceto get a map of Chatuchak. The market resembles a real maze with multi-kilometer rings of trays and tents. To buy the goods you like is better in advance, because The likelihood that again it will be possible to find what is needed is extremely insignificant.

Many travelers, so as not to get lost,orientate on the tower in the center of the tower. Some tourists are advised to stock up on appropriate footwear, usually with local sandals on a wedge. The weather in Thailand during the rainy season is unpredictable: at any moment a downpour can start, and then the market territory will automatically turn into a huge dirty puddle.

Wherever you buy goods, bargain. Here it is customary. However, you need to do this calmly and with a smile, because Thais do not tolerate rudeness and scream.

Section 3. What to buy in Thailand. Gifts and souvenirs

Thailand what to buy

  1. Jewelry. However, you must be extremely careful and buy rings, earrings, bracelets or chains only in branded stores or certified points. Otherwise, upon returning home, gold can be just a gilded fake, and silver - a material of unknown origin.
  2. Antique and art products. This product is best to search near the hotels "Tavana Sheraton" and "Monten", or immediately go to the shopping center "Charn Issara." Products made of stone or leather you can choose for anyone, even the most capricious, relative.
  3. Many travelers in order to getthe answer to the question: "What can I buy in Thailand?", go to the "Support". This is a series of shops created by the government in order not only to provide the local population the opportunity to earn extra money, but also to encourage the development of crafts in general. Basically, you buy lacy T-shirts and elegant underwear, soft cotton gowns, hand-made silk, bags from the vine and much more.
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