Hotel Meraden Opus 3 * (India, Anjuna): reviews and hotel reviews

India is a country that becomesmore and more popular among travelers. And tourists from all corners of the world tend to spend at least a few days on Goa. It is a paradise island with picturesque beaches and incredibly beautiful scenery. Of course, when planning a trip, the important thing is to choose a hotel, because comfort depends on it. One of the most popular places to stop is the hotel Meraden Opus 3 *. This hotel stands out for its favorable location, good service and pleasantly low prices.

Description of infrastructure and location

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A small hotel of urban type Meraden Opus 3 *located in the northern part of Goa, very close to the center of the colorful resort town of Anjuna. The eponymous beach is only 700 m from the hotel building. By the way, the distance to the international airport Dabolim is also not too big - 50 km. Tourists do not need to worry about the long move, as a convenient transfer to the hotel can be reached by 40 minutes. And in 19 km there is a large railway station Tivim.

The hotel itself is a five-story building withmodern repair. Own territory here is quite small, but decorated with greenery, exotic flowers and palm trees. Tourists like to spend time in the hotel - here you can count on modern comfort.

Hotel Meraden Opus 3 * (India, Anjuna): photo and description of rooms

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As already mentioned, this is a very small hotel -on its territory there are 22 standard rooms. Guest reviews say that they are all comfortable, cozy, with a discreet but very elegant design. In addition to large comfortable beds and a roomy closet in the room there is also a comfortable desk, which is ideal for work. At your disposal will be a spacious balcony with wooden furniture - you can enjoy fresh sea air and a view of the city.

It is difficult to imagine the life of the moderntraveler without at least a basic set of home appliances. And the hotel Meraden Opus 3 * has all the conditions for a comfortable pastime. You can watch TV, use the phone, adjust the temperature in the room with the air conditioner, keep valuables in a small safe. The minibar is filled with drinking water, but other drinks can be delivered at an additional cost. Guests can enjoy the free internet. In the room there is also a set for making drinks (tea, coffee), as well as an electric kettle.

The bathroom is also quite spacious -tiled floors and walls, modern plumbing, a shower and 24-hour hot water. Also guests can use a hair dryer, clean towels (they are changed daily) and quality branded cosmetics from the hotel.

Do guests offer meals?

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The question of nutrition is very important, because good food -part of the rest. When paying for accommodation on the territory of the Meraden Opus 3 * hotel, tourists get the right to go to breakfast every day, which are held in the restaurant in the buffet format. As the reviews say, the menu here is uncomplicated, but there is a choice of dishes, and the food is fresh and tasty. You will be offered several types of scrambled eggs, toast, garnishes, light salads, fruits, pastries and some traditional Indian dishes.

In the same restaurant you can have lunch ordine, but already ordering on the menu and paying the bill. In occasion of meal in any case it is not necessary to worry, after all in city there is a weight of restaurants, cafe, fast food establishments and even the markets where it is possible to get any local delicacies at quite good price.

Beach: amenities and entertainment on the beach

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Of course, when you arrive on the island of Goa, youexpect to have fun on the beach. What does Meraden Opus 3 * offer to its clients? Anjuna, a picturesque beach, is located about 700 meters from the hotel. A direct road leads to it, which will take no more than 10-15 minutes. Most travelers do not mind daily walks.

The coast here is very beautiful, the water is clean, andentrance to the sea convenient. This is a public beach, so the rental of sun loungers, umbrellas and beach towels is paid separately. On the other hand, the prices here are low, and in the beach bars at any time of the day you can get a good snack.

Tourists who want a more active holiday, alsowill not be disappointed. On the shore without problems, you can rent a boat or a catamaran, make a trip on a boat, go water skiing. And still popular among travelers is diving, sailing and windsurfing (you can go to the beach for instruction and training courses).

Hotel Meraden Opus 3 * (Anjuna): additional service and leisure for tourists

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Of course, you can count on someadditional conditions. Virtually the entire building can connect to the Internet, and its speed is quite good. Near the building is equipped with a small but compact parking (by the way, it is easy and inexpensive to rent transport in the city). Also at the hotel you can exchange currency, use the services of dry cleaning and laundry, and ask to call a doctor in case of health problems.

On the roof there is a small swimming pool with a clean,fresh water, and nearby, on the terrace, comfortable sunbeds are arranged. Here, guests can refresh themselves, sunbathe, enjoy the scenery and just chat with each other.

Hotel reviews: travel tips

Of course, an important issue is thatthink about the hotel Meraden Opus 3 *? Reviews by and large are positive. Despite its modest size, the hotel is very comfortable and cozy. Employees all communicate politely and are ready to help with solving the problems that have arisen at any time of the day.

Location is not bad - next to the beach and cafes, and shops. And still the prices for accommodation are affordable, which makes the hotel extremely popular among fans of an economical holiday.

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