What to bring from Hungary? Herend Porcelain, Hungarian Wines, Souvenirs, Rubik's Cube

If you were lucky enough to spend your vacation inHungary, then be sure to grab a souvenir that will remind you of gay and carefree days. What to bring from Hungary? This question will be answered in detail in our article.


Hungarian chefs add spicy and sweetpractically in all dishes. Therefore, the spices brought from this country will certainly remind you of the national cuisine of Hungary. In addition, you can bring this gastronomic souvenir as a gift for friends or relatives.

Paprika is sold in souvenir shops,grocery stores and supermarkets. Usually it is laid out in colored canvas bags, decorated with embroidery or painting. Gift sets are often provided with wooden spoons and ceramic storage containers. Sometimes paprika is sold as a paste or chilli.

what to bring from Hungary

To date, there are seven typesground red pepper, each of which has a special taste. Some varieties are sharp, and others can be used as a spicy seasoning. In addition, as a souvenir, you can buy an inedible garland of dried pods. It can be used to decorate a kitchen or a country house.

Figures from marzipan

This is another culinary souvenir that you candecorate the shelf in your apartment, give it to friends or just eat it. You can buy products from sweet almond paste, which depict cartoon characters or zodiac signs, almost in all souvenir shops.

In addition, anyone can buy a ready-madedough from nuts and sugar, and then independently mold it out of any decorative figure. If you need a little inspiration, then visit the museums of the marzipan figures that are in all the major cities of the country. Here you will see fantastic heroes, figures of people in national clothes and many other interesting things.

What to bring from Hungary for children? We offer to choose your favorite characters from marzipan, as well as bright sets for culinary creativity.

soccer ball cannon


Fans of gastronomic delights for surewill appreciate the famous Hungarian sausage. Salami "Peak" is prepared according to an old recipe, which is kept by local culinary specialists from the middle of the 19th century. The products of this brand are easy to recognize by the bright packaging, which duplicates the colors of the Hungarian flag.

If you want to invite friends to visit after coming from a vacation, then by all means, treat them to a sandwich with salami. We are sure that he will perfectly complement the Hungarian drinks, which will be discussed below.

 souvenirs from hungarian

Tokaj Wines

These drinks have long been considered a visiting card of Hungary. The unique taste, pleasant aroma and reasonable price make them extremely attractive for tourists from different countries.

Hungarian wines are often called beveragescrowned persons. This is not surprising, since the most famous brands are produced in some regions of the country since the 16th century. Certain varieties that are easy to find on sale have an exposure of more than ten years and are marked with a quality mark.

If you do not know what gift to make to your friends, then safely choose for this purpose any Hungarian wines. This is a win-win option, which will be appreciated not only by men, but also by women.

 Hungarian wines


This name is proudly worn by the Hungarian brandy,made of fruits. Usually for him take apples, quinces or pears, and the strength of the drink should be at least 37 degrees. Palinka in Hungary began to be cooked more than seven centuries ago, but its recipe has hardly undergone any major changes.

Note that this drink is rarely used inpure form, as it is much more often used to make a variety of cocktails. If you can not decide what to bring from Hungary to a representative of the stronger sex, then stop on this option.

Hungarian porcelain Herend

If you want to surprise your family and friends, thenbring them as a gift porcelain beauty or a statue depicting a brave hussar. If you have the opportunity to bring home a whole service, then certainly use it.

Famous porcelain products are produced ina small town of Herende. From the hands of masters there is an amazing painted dishes, souvenirs and other household items. Hungarians are proud that members of the British royal family use porcelain produced in their country.

We want to immediately warn that buying such a souvenir is quite expensive. However, you can find porcelain of this brand in antique shops at fairly democratic prices.

Hungarian porcelain herend


What to bring from Hungary, if you have long wanted to update the appearance of your home? We recommend paying attention to the wonderful tablecloths with folk ornament, decorative panels, napkins and towels.

If you are a fan of exclusive things, take home the handmade textiles. In addition, here you can find products with embroidery, made by hand craftsmen, and printed fabrics.

Football Fans

Hungarian football player Puskas recognized FIFA as the bestscorer of the last century. His compatriots are so proud of this fact that they released a whole range of products devoted to the landmark event. A soccer ball from Puskasha or a T-shirt with a celebrity photo will be an excellent gift for fans of this sport.

Gift to intellectuals

Rubik's Cube is a world famousa puzzle that was invented by the Hungarian sculptor Erna Rubik several decades ago. A rare person was able to solve the task independently, and therefore it is still considered very interesting. Traveling around the country, be sure to purchase as a gift to yourself or your friends the real Rubik's cube, which is so different from the Chinese counterparts.

Rubik's Cube


Fans of antiquity will find in the souvenir and antique shops quite interesting gizmos. We list some of them:

  • Albums of Magyar art - art and historical books with illustrations of talented artists.
  • Ancient cookbooks.
  • Carved wooden boxes.
  • Coins and banknotes of the early 20th century.

Looking for a search for connoisseurs of antiques can satisfy in Budapest, the famous market Falk Miksa.

clothes from hungary


Hungary is a dynamically developing Europeana country. Therefore, shoppers will be able to entertain themselves here, visiting fashionable boutiques, drains and noisy markets. Remember that most shops work on weekdays until 6 pm, on Saturday until 1 pm, and on Sundays they are closed at all.

Clothing from Hungary is of high quality -not in vain even in the 20th century, this country was the main supplier of consumer goods of the Country of Soviets. In our time, fashionistas and women of fashion with special impatience await sales, which fall for the period after the New Year and from August to October.

In addition to modern fashion brands, popular items from tourists and items of folk costume. Clothing from Hungary, sewn by hand, will be an excellent gift for friends or relatives.

Where to shop

The favorite place of shopping for tourists is bright and noisy markets. Like locals, they hurry here to buy inexpensive clothes, wines, household items and food.

If you want to bring quality souvenirs fromHungary, then definitely visit the souvenir shops and benches. Here you can buy handicrafts, handmade textiles, hand-painted porcelain, wooden dolls in national costumes and albums of Magyar art.

Alcoholic beverages, wines and balsams are best purchased in branded stores. If you want to buy them as a gift, you can choose beautifully designed bottles in the original packaging.

Remember that in this country, as in any otherthe state of the European Union, you can return the value-added tax. This rule applies if you have spent more than 50,000 HUF in one place. If you want to get back some of the amount spent, ask the seller to help fill out your request form.

You can refund the tax in cash at the terminalsairport, international river port, at the Eastern Railway Station and road checkpoints. Please note that between the export of goods and the date of purchase should not take more than 90 days.

albums of Magyar art

Shopping centers in Budapest

If you are lucky enough to visit the capital of the country, be sure to check out the following shopping centers:

  • "Arena Plaza" - here you can find clothes and shoes at very different prices. Local stores offer goods at budget and very high prices.
  • "Campona" is a very large shopping center with an area of ​​about 50 thousand square meters. Here you will not only find the goods you need, but you can also visit a cafe, a restaurant and a cinema.
  • "Polyus Center" is the second largest shopping centerin Budapest. In local stores you will find children's, men's and women's clothing. In addition, here you can have a snack in a cafe, watch a movie and even skate.


We will be happy if, thanks to our article, youdetermined what to bring home from Hungary. Pleasure yourself and your loved ones with wonderful souvenirs, as well as wonderful wines and delicious products. Thanks to them you will remember for a long time about the days spent in this hospitable country.

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