Hotel "Russian House", Sochi: address, description, reviews

About Sochi you can talk endlessly. Stunning nature, the gentle sea and sandy beaches leave no one indifferent. An abundance of demand creates supply. For today along the whole coast you will find a huge number of hotels, boarding houses, hotels and hostels. The Olympics pushed construction even more, new resort towns grew in Sochi, characterized by modern infrastructure and stunning conditions for recreation. Today we are interested in the hotel "Russian House" (Sochi).

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Surely you already heard about the famousa city hotel called "Velvet Season". This is a huge complex in the Imereti lowland, which every year flood tourists from all over Russia. It is on its territory that the hotel "Russian House" is located. Sochi is the most magnificent and bright corner of Russia, but this hotel has its finest part. Right from the windows you can freely admire the magnificent views of the mountain ridges of Krasnaya Polyana, parks, ponds and avenues. Designers invested a huge amount of labor, but the beauty they created is beyond praise.

How to get to the hotel

Here the question of this disappears by itself. This is a completely new facility, which was built specifically for the reception of numerous guests. Therefore, the issue of transport communication was solved immediately, even before the construction of the hotel complex "Russian House". Sochi is an extremely modern resort, and now, thanks to the developed transport structure, it will not be difficult to get to any of its corners.

Adler district

Hotel address: 28 Figurnaya Street. If you have decided on the hotel at the airport, you can get there with bus transfers. From the airport you will take a shuttle bus number 135, which will take you to the shopping center "New Age". Next buses number 57 and 100 will take you directly to the stop "Russian House". Sochi is a resort where surprisingly hospitable people live, so if you get lost, just ask for directions. From the railway station can be reached by electric train to the station "Olympic Park". Next, you need to hire a taxi or go on foot.

Advantages of the hotel

Adler district is a picturesque nature and freshair, stunning beaches and warm sea. But that is not all. A distinctive feature of this complex is the availability of its own infrastructure. Here you will never be bored, for each age category there is an occupation to taste. The most pleasant thing here is that it is possible to combine a comfortable life outside the city and all the advantages inherent in the urban infrastructure of recent years. You can go for a walk in fashion boutiques or go on a bike ride, sit by the pond or go to the most fashionable restaurant.

Territory of hotel

If you love wildlife, you likewalk through the forests and fields, then you will definitely enjoy and rest in Sochi. The complex "Russian House" is located on the territory of 44 hectares, and in the immediate vicinity of the hotel begins the territory of the ornithological park, where tourists love to spend their days. On the site itself (it is difficult to call such a huge area), there are 18 buildings of the hotel. Each of them is given the name of a Russian gem. Adler district itself is a real gem of Russia, so the names "Sapphire", "Granat", "Amber" and "Amethyst", "Emerald" and "Pearls" fit the local hotels as well as possible. The usual resort entertainment here you are waiting right under the windows of hotels. Directly between its buildings are dozens of restaurants and cafes, bistros and bars. To have a tasty snack or a cup of coffee you do not have to go far.

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On the territory of the complex there are cosmeticsalons and shops, which women love so much. You can not only have a good rest, but also make purchases, which have long dreamed of. And if you decide to leave the complex and ride around the neighborhood, then at your service car rental.


If you want to know what the realRussian hospitality, it was for you to create a hotel "Russian House". Sochi is the dream of many Russians, however, according to tourists' reviews, here is just a paradise, so captivating and desirable in the summer. Although in fact, visitors come here all year round. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel, so if you have an emergency and a laptop, there will be no problems with its implementation. In order to conveniently watch the wardrobe, dry cleaning and laundry services are available, as well as an experienced tailor. If you want not just to lie in the sun, but also to put in order a figure, then at your disposal a lot of fitness centers. These are gyms and a sauna, an aerobics and yoga room, and a massage. There are Internet cafes, pharmacies and hairdressers on the territory, that is, you can spend an amazing holiday without leaving the hotel.

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Number of rooms

It should be noted that this is a modern hotel, whichopened very recently, which means that the whole situation in the rooms is appropriate. Each room has modern furniture and equipment. Standard equipment includes a bed and telephone, LCD TV, hairdryer and bath accessories. In addition, you are offered a mini bar and a set of dishes, a work desk. Each room is equipped with air conditioning. If you choose a luxury room, you can count on a separate office with a comfortable desk. The apartments additionally have a fitted kitchen with a fridge, a kettle, a stove and a dining area. For 2 years of existence a large number of guests managed to visit the "Russian House" (Sochi). Reviews of tourists say that this is an ideal place to relax. In the center of the famous resort is not to find a hotel of this class for a similar amount, in addition, there is more crowded and noisy, but here you can spend your time enjoying yourself, enjoying peace and quiet.

Sochi Russian house prices

Cost of living

Of course, this issue worries tourists in the first placeturn, so it should be decided before you arrive in Sochi. "Russian House" prices are kept at an average level, that is, they are available to almost everyone who decided to go to the resort. Single standard will cost you from 1800 to 3450 rubles per day per room. The price varies depending on the season, the peak of which falls on the hottest summer months. The double standard costs a bit more, but, per person, is more profitable. In a day you will give from 2500 to 4500, depending on what time you have chosen for the trip. Finally, two-room double "comfort" costs from 3000 to 6000 rubles. The price includes accommodation and breakfast buffet. At the same time, children under 12 years are accommodated free of charge, only breakfast is paid separately. Its cost for a child is 500 rubles.

Sochi Complex Russian House

Food for tourists

The food here is organized according to the Swedish systemtable". Breakfast is included in the price, and then you can adjust the food system at your own discretion. You can choose a half board or full board, or you can go to lunch and dinner in various cafes and restaurants, which are enough here. It all depends on your preference. Judging by the reviews of tourists, the food in the hotel restaurant is very good, the cuisine is simply amazing, but if you want to find a cheaper option, then it is worth paying attention to a network of cafes like "50/50" or "Lagoon". Round the clock on site, there are 9 bars and 17 lobby bars, as well as 8 restaurants. Each of them has its own zest, which distinguishes it from everyone else.


Many people come here in order tobask in the golden sand. The hotel has its own beach, equipped with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas. Just 500 meters from the hotel separates the "Russian House 3 *". Sochi is the cradle of a beach holiday, and going away from here without sunbathing will be at least imprudent. If you are tired of swimming in the sea or the weather seems unsuitable, then at your service an indoor pool, which is very fond of children in the first place. Judging by the reviews of tourists, the beach is very clean and well maintained. There are toilets and showers, as well as rescue towers. For children there is a huge playground.

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Reviews of tourists

As usual, there are a lot of reviews, andgood, and not very good. However, having become acquainted with their content, it can be concluded that the situation in the hotel and the quality of service at an altitude, while the prices are reasonable enough. Some tourists were dissatisfied with the quality of food in the hotel restaurant, but if you recall how many different cafes and bars are on the territory of the hotel, as well as the entire resort city "Velvet Season" - the question is removed by itself. No more shortcomings in the work of the hotel guests did not mark, that is, we can conclude that this is an excellent place for a family holiday.

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