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This organization is a convenient servicesearch, selection and realization of the necessary tickets for trains and planes. Opportunities offered by are travel documents at the best prices, booking of comfortable charter flights. As many satisfied customers say, it's convenient and profitable to use the service.

In case of need arises easilyTo exchange or to hand over the tickets purchased on "". Feedback on the return indicates that they can be returned, but it is problematic. Initially, the company considers more urgent appeals from customers. Everything happens in the order of the queue, you'll have to wait for those who first decided to turn in their travel documents.

Reviews about ""

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Due to the conclusion of this service contracts withby many air carriers the cost of air tickets is slightly reduced. This search service has been recognized by many companies as the number one search service. The "Air ticket office" works quite efficiently. Testimonials of customers who have successfully applied the service more than once confirm this. The company tries and makes maximum efforts to solve in the client's favor all emerging controversial situations and emerging issues.

And how honestly he keeps his promises"Air ticket office"? The passengers' opinions differ on this issue. Some note the convenience and comfort of this service: do not go straight to the cashier and buy expensive tickets. And others note the problems with re-registration of the flight. It is important when buying to take into account that some available tickets are also considered irrecoverable. If there are any personal circumstances, it is almost impossible to change the departure time and the date, in which case the customer loses money. At the same time, it's not the service that is to blame, but the client, who did not pay attention to this little nuance when buying a ticket.

Advantages of choosing this service

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There is a rich arsenal of advantages that the "" service is endowed with. Reviews of numerous customers also notice this. Among the main advantages are the following:

  • The availability of the air ticket, and the buyer can be sure that his price after the reservation will remain at the same level.
  • A wide selection of travel documents for the most common destinations that are available for sale and booking.
  • Easiness and ease of booking the required flights - this requires only a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Convenience, which distinguishes the service "". Feedback from passengers who wrote positive feedback on the level of services provided, also talk about it.

Visible cons of this system

Despite a decent list of the merits of thisservice, he has too many shortcomings. The main disadvantages are the rather mediocre official website of the company, it does not have any working mobile version. The lack of a 24-hour hotline also does not please the clients of the Aviakassa website. Reviews about this and suggestions are available, because such a line is always needed. It is easy to buy a plane ticket, but it's already problematic to return it. The support service is not important for the service. Customer feedback on various forums also talk about this. Here they can even be rude or not provide information on a specific question posed. Especially as regards the return of tickets or money to the next client.

Short guide on the site

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When a client gets to the bright page of thisservice, it becomes clear that this is a travel company providing the opportunity to easily find tickets not only for the train, but also for the plane. A person who enters the site can easily book a hotel in the city where he arrives. There you can subscribe to online news, where the mailing list will indicate all the changes regarding the selected flight, company news, various discounts, promotions, etc. For the convenience of customers, there is a special support service where you can contact any question of interest.

What is the company ""?

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This agency should be entrusted with its trip, becauseit has a successful work experience since 2007. Among its partners are the largest domestic and foreign carriers, who before signing contracts carefully check the availability of all important statutory documents, so as not to spoil their impeccable reputation by contacting fraudsters. Many are proud of the partnership with the service "". Air tickets here are sold round the clock, the information is updated daily. All of them are real, their authenticity can be checked on an independent portal when entering the registration number in the register. You can also simply contact the acting contact center for the purpose of making it clear in the list.

Easy flight search

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Many customers also note the convenience of searchingyou need to fill in all the necessary data in the electronic search, determine the expected date of arrival. After that, the system displays the result of the selected query within 30 seconds. For the selected date, all the current offers from different air carriers come out. Based on the issued result, there is a real chance for each client to become the owner of the treasured ticket. It is important to remember that such tickets, as a rule, are irrecoverable: in the event of any circumstances, it will be practically impossible to make their surrender. Most of the customers who buy tickets from this company face this, all this negative and the inability to change the ticket they associate with its unsatisfactory service. Although in reality everything is somewhat different. All this must be provided in advance.

Rules for refunding tickets for ""

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It should be noted that the conditions here are quite standard. Travel documents purchased on the service "" on the plane, including, are subject to exchange and refund in case they are returnable. In case of cancellation of the flight, the company must return to the passenger his money spent for the purchase of the ticket. And the whole amount is subject to return, except for the agency fee, which is charged at the time of booking.

If it is necessary to make any changes to the ticket, it must be handed over or exchanged. If it is irrecoverable, you will have to purchase another travel document.

In other cases, the refund is made inorder of priority. In case of late arrival or non-appearance of the passenger, many air carriers charge a penalty of 100%, that is, the person who has spent his money on the ticket will no longer see it.

Some companies still allow such indulgence for their clients: in case of their non-appearance on the flight, they return the money spent to them, but with very large penalties.

How quickly to return a ticket to ""?

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To start, the client needs to contact the company's contact center, which operates from 08:00 to 23:00 Moscow time. This service is not round the clock, which can cause some inconvenience.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with the tariff,applied to this ticket. After following all the rules, you need to start exchanging or refunding. On average, when exchanging this service, the customer gives an amount equal to 900 rubles. Changes to the previously purchased ticket can be made by the following parameters:

  • change of flight;
  • choice of a higher class of service;
  • change the date of departure.

In order for the customer to have an acquisitiona new travel document for the plane, first you need to make a return of an unnecessary ticket. Only after that you can use the form of buying a ticket. If during the delivery the client for any reason does not want to purchase a new accessible travel document, he loses 1100 rubles. of its total cost. During the return, you must specify its reason. If it is sufficiently respectful, and the client makes a forced refusal of this ticket, then the company fully reimburses the entire amount spent for it.

You can use the online formreturn on the company's website. After the registration of such an application, it is processed in the order of 12 hours, and the funds that went to buy an air ticket are returned to the owner's card within 30 days. This process is quite long.

When buying a ticket, you must be extremelycareful not to come across a non-returnable category, because it will not be possible to return it at all. This is perhaps the most basic thing that you need to remember and know when buying and returning travel documents from this service. Many people who have hardly exchanged airline tickets from Aviacassa, write about this process very negative, not fully understanding the essence of the issue that has arisen.

Nevertheless, despite all these difficulties, many actively take advantage of this service, stopping the choice on it.

Choice for the client

Many, preferring this service,note that here one of the most affordable tickets in comparison with other similar systems. Despite all the subtleties in the exchange and return of tickets and other difficulties, many customers trust their flight to this company. "Air ticket", reviews of which work are very contradictory, continues to actively develop and sell a huge number of travel documents every day, positioning itself as one of the leading online search services for air tickets. Therefore, the choice of a particular company is an individual matter for each client.

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