Gagra: attractions and interesting ideas for recreation

Abkhazia is a country with unique naturalriches, mild climate, interesting history and a huge number of attractions. Rest here attracts low prices and the possibility of crossing the border without obtaining a visa. One of the most popular resort cities of the country is Gagry. Attractions of these places are worth a visit, stopping here.

The most famous places of the city

Gagry Attractions
There are a lot of natural surroundings of the cityattractions, for example, the Zhoekvar Gorge. The name is due to the Joëquare River flowing along its bottom. From the Abkhazian language this word can be translated as "twelve keys". There are many trails in this area, along which you can go to the North Caucasus. In the middle of the XIX century, a watchtower was built here, but to this day only the ruins of a majestic once-standing structure have been preserved. Nearby to the Zhoekvar gorge is the fortress of Abaat. Be sure to visit this place if you come to Gagry. Sights of this type rarely reach the descendants in the original state. Here and Gagra fortress many times destroyed and restored, but even today there is something to see. Another natural landmark of the city is the gorge of the river Tsikherva. Not far from it there is a cave, the gorge itself is a kind of border between the new and old part of the city.

Gagry: interesting sights for visiting

Rest in Gagra
Pay attention to Seaside Park in Gagra. Here are collected tropical plants from around the world, as well as interesting sculptural compositions. This is a great place for walking and creating vacation photos. The most interesting sights of Gagra are concentrated in the old part of the city. These are unusual houses and outbuildings, as well as some other architectural objects. Visit necessarily the Gagra temple - this is a small simple building, but at one glance there is an extraordinary grace and tranquility. One of the symbols of the resort town is the restaurant Gagripsh, which is located in a unique building, has long been famous for its excellent cuisine, and you can still dine here today.

Rest in Gagra: what to do after sightseeing?

Gagra Attractions
Today, Gagra is a popular resort town,which is a huge number of hotels and holiday homes. Thought out and the organization of leisure for holidaymakers. You can go to the suburbs and see with your own eyes the alpine meadows and the lake Mza. Do extreme sports - go down the mountain stream, fly a paraglider or do diving. If you prefer more conservative leisure options, horseback riding and walking are just what you need. Be sure to walk around the city in the evening, nightlife is what Gagry is also famous for. Attractions of neighboring cities are also quite easy to visit. Excursions to New Athos and Lake Ritsa are popular tourist routes. An interesting offer - boat trips on yachts, evening concerts and discos in numerous cafes and bars on the coast.

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