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In Russia, many monasteries with an interesting history, but requiring serious restoration. One of them is in the village of Goritsy, Vologda region. The monastery is based on the XVI century. Today, there are many tourists at any time of year, however, among them there are no foreigners. Restoration work in the monastery is still underway, and when they are completed, it is not known.

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Hotels: Goritsy (Vologda region)

This is quite small inhabited There are no more than six hundred people living here. Guesthouses in Goritsa There is no Vologda region. The nearest is located in the park "Russian North". In order to see the sights of the village, you can book one of the hotels in the Kirillov district. True, Goritsy tourists usually go toKirillo-Belozersky monastery in the framework of the tourist program. Fans of self-guided trips to the Russian outback can use the services of the following hotels:

  • "Lumanskaya Zavod".
  • "Rus".
  • "Have lakes".
  • Zvozsky Bereg.

However, it would be incorrect to classify all these organizations into one category. "Lumanskaya creek" - Mini Hotel. Goritsy The Vologda region is visited during a river cruise. If you plan a trip by car, it is worth to book a room in an inexpensive hotel, for example in "Lumanskoy creeks" or a hotel located on the territory "Russian North".

"Have lakes" - full-fledged guest house. Goritsy Vologda region is visited primarily because ofmonastery. In walking distance from it there are no hotels, but, as already mentioned, they visit the village either during a tourist trip or on their own car. In the latter case, it will not be difficult to drive from the city of Kirillov, where there are about ten hotels of different levels, only seven kilometers. In addition, the district has many interesting places, which are also worth a visit. But our article about the village Goritsy Kirillovsky district of the Vologda region. So let's talk about the events that took place here several centuries ago.

 Goritsy Vologda region hotels

Maiden Mountain

Where did the name of the village come from? Goritsy The Vologda region? Most likely, from the word "mountain". Local residents, by the way, uttering the name of the village, stress on the second syllable. The first mention of this populated paragraph refers to the XVI century. But then it was called otherwise - Maiden Mountain. And it is not accidental, because the terrain here is quite hilly. In the vicinity of the village are several mountains: Nikitskaya, Maura, Sandyreva, Gorodok, The old cemetery.

Goritskaya Sloboda

In the village Goritsy The Vologda region was founded in 1544. By that time there already existed a church. Inhabited item then yet modern name is not received. It was called Goritska Sloboda. It is noteworthy that the monastery was mentioned separately, that is, it was not part of the settlement. Until the beginning of the 20th century, there were only about 60 residential buildings, inhabited by about 250 people. In the village there was a shop, a wine shop, and a pier. In the composition of the Kirillovsky district this small inhabited paragraph has entered in 1927, after which the name disappeared "Goritskaya Sloboda".

Goritsy Vologda Oblast Attractions

During the Soviet era

After the revolution, the monastery, of course, was abolished. There are many legends. One of them, for example, tells about a mysterious event, which allegedly happened already in Soviet times.

The monastery was converted into a disabled house. In the warm summer days, the patients were carried out on stretchers to the bank of the Sheksna River. One day one of them was forgotten, but the nurse immediately saw the spirit of the abbess of the abolished monastery, who had been lost for 20 years, who shook her finger. In this way An unexpected ghost recalled the frightened to death of an employee of the Soviet institution about her duties. They say that after the appearance of the harsh abbess nurses followed their wards more attentively. But the guest from the past appeared here after the war. And what happened in the village in the beginning forties?

The front line stopped two hundred kilometers to the north-west, near the mouth of the Svir River. Enemy aircraft quite often, especially at the beginning of the war,flew over the village and dropped propaganda leaflets. More interesting historians do not tell us about this period. The house for disabled people was opened in 1946. Church on Nikitskaya woe to that time does not It was. Her blew up the Bolsheviks back in the twenties.

In today, there are many sparsely populated villages. In the village Goritsy so few people also because at the beginningsixties some houses were flooded. It happened as a result of filling the Sheksna reservoir. The hills, which are in the vicinity of the monastery, then turned into small islands.

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Goritsy village today

With the city Kirillov inhabited item on which speech goes in today's article, is connected by an asphalt road. It was built in the early seventies. And before that, the residents had to get to the district center on a dirt road that ran through another aside lakes Aristovo. Buses along this route have been going since 1965.

The quay was built long ago - yet in the first decade of the reign of the last Russian emperor. In 1963 her dismantled and built a new one. Passenger navigation is currently discontinued. The marina accepts only tourist ships. In 2009, more than six hundred ships stopped here.


Before visiting the monastery, the history of which is set out below, the weather in Goritsa Vologda region for two weeks forward it is not necessary to learn. But it is advisable to ask how sunny the next few days will be. After all, you can not only see the local sights, but also swim in the Sheksna, enjoy the enchanting scenery, similar to which you can see only in Russian villages, distant from long lost the national color of large cities.

There is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the sights of the Vologda region and relax on the ship - to go on a cruise along the Volga. One such tourist routes ends in the village Goritsy. Local monastery The program, of course, is not limited. Tourists also visit the Museum of flax and birch bark, the mountain Sandyreva, the chapel of Cyril and Ferapont Belozersky.

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Goritsy of the Vologda region: attractions

In addition to the Resurrection Monastery, it is worth visiting the following historical and natural monuments:

  • Mountain Maura.
  • The Vvedensky Church.
  • Resurrection Cathedral.
  • Trinity Cathedral.
  • Museum of flax and birch bark.
  • Mountain Sandyreva.
  • The Intercession Church.
  • Chapel of Cyril and Ferapont Belozersky.

Resurrection and Trinity Cathedral, as well as the Intercession Church are located on the territory of the monastery.

Efrosinya Staritskaya

The Resurrection Monastery was founded by a relative of Ivan the Terrible. Namely the widow of his own uncle - Efrosinya Staritskaya. In the middle of the 16th century there was already a monastery in Kirillov, and in the village Goritsy the Resurrection Church operated. In 1544 a small wooden church with the assistance of Efrosinya Staritskaya was replaced by a stone one. From this event the history of the Goritsky monastery begins.

The fate of Efrosinya Staritskaya was not easy. After the husband died, her was put in prison. Among the boyars were those who saw the son of Euphrosyne suitable candidate for the throne. Ivan the Terrible did not like it, but because he ordered his relative to send away - in the monastery, it is also based. True, she was tonsured in a nun she was in the capital, and in the village Goritsy already sent after.

In the monastery of Euphrosyne lived not so bad. The princess was allowed to take along servants and fellow counselors. AT Goritsky she also transferred a goldsmith's workshop. Some of the works, by the way, have survived to this day and are in the Russian Museum.

In 1569, on the orders of Ivan the Terrible, all members of the Staritski family were destroyed. And in October the princess, together with several monks, was drowned in Sheksna. After a few days, the body of Efrosinya Staritskaya was found and buried on the territory of the monastery.

Other nuns

The idea of ​​sending uncomfortable relatives and ex-members to the monastery wives I really liked Ivan the Terrible. In 1575 in the village Goritsy Anna arrived Koltowska - the fourth wife of the king. Although, perhaps, she was here much later. It is known that in monastic life she spent most of her life. Her exiled to both Moscow monasteries and Vologda. She spent some time of her long-suffering life in the Resurrection Monastery, but how long it was, it is not known.

Later in Goritsy exiled Maria Naguyu - yet one wife of Ivan the Terrible. Here she was known by the name Marfa. In the Resurrection Cathedral, Maria Nagaya erected a chapel in memory of the murdered son. At the beginning of the 17th century, the daughter of Boris Godunov was among the nuns. Here, too, she was not of her own free will.

After more than a hundred years the Great Reformer sent to Goritsky the monastery is its former mistress - Barbarian Arsenyev. There is an assumption that within the walls of this monastery spent several years and Ekaterina Dolgorukova - the wife of Emperor Alexander I.

It is known only about the famous women who were brought here by force. Probably, many were unfortunate. In the nineteenth century, a violent vows in a nun went out of fashion. Abode in the village Goritsy headed by Mother Superior of Mauritius, who led it for about forty-five years.

In the vicinity of the monastery

In addition to the cathedrals and churches mentioned above,The monastery includes a water main, several buildings and a cemetery. The first burials were made in the 80s of the XIX century. The pogost is on a mountain that acquired in the beginning of the 20th century the gloomy name of the "Old Cemetery".

The plumbing in the monastery was arranged under the Mother Superior of Mauritius. Outside the monastery found a source, from there they carried the pipes to a stone chapel, constructed next to the Resurrection Church. An old water pipe works today. Outside the monastery there are several buildings that are in poor condition. In 2015, one of the walls of the monastery collapsed. Restoration is carried out, but, according to reviews of tourists who have been in these places repeatedly, the restoration work is sluggish, slowly.

Church of the Presentation

The temple does not belong to the oldest buildings of the village Goritsy The Vologda region. The photo of the Vvedenskaya church is located below. It was built in the second half of the XIX century. The Vvedenskaya church arose yet before the foundation of the monastery, but it was another temple - wood. It is located beyond the territory of the monastery, for a long time remained parish. The stone church was built in 1861. During the Soviet era her closed later than other churches in the village Goritsy. It operated until the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, and in the 40s in the her The tractor garage was placed in the walls. Near the church until the fifties of the last century there was a small cemetery, but after flooding the graves went under the water.

Goritsa Vologda region

Mount Maura

There is such a tradition. Once upon a time the monks Cyril and Ferapont came here. Long looked around the neighborhood in search of a suitable place for a new monastery. And, at last, have found. True, not in the village Goritsy, and a little further. The Ferapontov and the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery started a number of monasteries, among of which monastery, o which is told above.

 Goritsy Vologda Region Hotel

Resurrection Cathedral

This is the same temple that was founded beforethe beginning of the construction of the monastery. At the beginning of the XVI century, the Resurrection Cathedral was a wooden building. Later, the founder of the monastery replaced her with a stone one. The temple has come down to our days without significant changes. It is made in the typical 16th century architectural style. In 1611 a small bell tower was added to the church, which was restored in the 18th century. After another hundred years, there was a refectory.

Museum of flax and birch bark

To visit this landmark will be of interest to lovers of antiquity. Among exhibits - tools production of birch and linenproducts. In the building of the museum there are also quite unusual master classes. Here you can learn the basics of weeding, painting on birch bark, pottery and the basics of others crafts, not in demand in modern life, but extremely interesting.

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