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Miramare Ariadni Village - one of the most beautifulhotel complexes in Crete. It does not matter that it is on the so-called "second line" - from landscapes that you can contemplate from its territory, just breathtaking. After all, the sea and rocks - this is what you can watch endlessly. Here you will find a variety of rooms that suit any budget and wallet - from budget-conscious "two-to-ones" to luxury suites and villas with a private pool. Despite the fact that the hotel does not cost directly to the sea, you can take advantage of just two beaches. In addition, from here you can walk to the wonderful town of Agios Nikolaos. And there are also magnificent gardens, fine Mediterranean cuisine and a SPA center for healing and relaxation. In general, Miramare Ariadni Village is a "four", which reviews tourists put all five with a "plus". He is loved, returned to, recommended to others.

Miramare Ariadni village

Hotel location peculiarities

To come to Miramare Ariadni Village, you needget to Greece, namely to the island of Crete. The nearest airport is in the city of Heraklion. You can fly here directly from Moscow. The hotel is located to the east of the airport, about sixty kilometers away. To the town of Agios Nikolaos - only eight hundred meters. We can say that this hotel is directly under the nose of the inhabitants of this resort. Therefore, quite often in the evenings, guests go for walks there, while entering souvenir shops, shops and authentic Greek taverns. If you walk unhurried step along the sea, then it will take about a quarter of an hour. Near the hotel there is a good supermarket, where you can buy everything you need. In the center of the city there is a bus stop from where you can travel practically throughout the island. The closest major city is Heraklion. It is good that there you can take a walk and make a good shopping.

Miramare Ariadni village 4

Agios Resort Area

The hotel is located in one of the most comfortableplaces to relax on Crete, which is also called the "Greek Saint-Tropez". It is located literally around the fresh lake Vulizmeni (connected to the sea, but without mixing water), and in the evenings the night life is boiling there. Hotel Miramare Ariadni Village 4 (Agios) is famous for the fact that its guests can easily go there for walks. In the city itself there are many beautiful sandy municipal beaches, where there are bars and cafes, sell tasty cocktails, and there is enough space for everyone in the sun. Some bays on the coast are surrounded by trees, so that from their branches you can jump straight into the water. In the evenings people come here to drink something hot and dance. For this, there are two special streets in the town, not far from each other. One is filled with bars, and the other - with disco clubs. A lot of shops with souvenirs and local products. Usually, olive oil is taken from here. In general, tourists recommend visiting the pedestrian area - there are boutiques with things of famous brands, and the best restaurants are open. As elsewhere in Greece, there is the opportunity to buy a good coat.

Miramare Ariadni village reviews

What is in the territory

Crete, as already mentioned earlier, attracts touristssecrets of its history and archeology, as well as attracts fans to relax on the sea. Therefore, those who want to come here must analyze the places of residence that island Greece can offer - hotels. Miramare Ariadni Village is one of the first resort complexes in Crete. It was built in 1983. But in 2010, not only was there a complete overhaul, but several more buildings and bungalows were completed. Now this hotel is included in a large resort "village", consisting of four hotels. Actually Miramar Ariadni is a complex of bungalows, and it is closer to the sea than other hotels. There are two reception areas. Guests Miramare Ariadni Village - reviews, at least in this unanimous - can use the territory of all these hotels, walk through the gardens, swim in the pools. The only exception is restaurants - in each hotel they are reserved for their guests. The territory is so large that when you settle, tourists are given a map so they can understand it. This hotel descends to the sea cascading stairs. Yes, and its hulls are built on tiers. But for the convenience of visitors, everything is thought out. For example, near the top reception is an elevator that will take you to the main restaurant and to the second lobby. Thus, there is the opportunity to scrape half way up the mountain. There are similar elevators in other places.

 Hotel Miramare Ariadni village

Rooms and rooms for guests

The whole complex offers guests moretwo hundred and fifty rooms of various categories. Miramare Ariadni Village has a hundred rooms. First of all, these are ordinary standard rooms, which can accommodate up to three people. They have an area from sixteen to twenty square meters. The hotel complex has family rooms designed for four guests. They are large, up to 40 square meters, have a bedroom and a living room. Some of them are two-leveled and connected by a ladder. Junior suites (twenty one square meters) also accommodate up to three guests, some of them have a private pool. There are several types of family suites. They differ in that they have one or two bedrooms, as well as access to an individual pool. In the Miramare Ariadni Village 4 there are also rooms for especially fastidious tourists who love the exclusive. This villa, where can live from six to eight people. There are all good things: they are spacious (one hundred and fifty - two hundred square meters), they have three or four bedrooms, including a jacuzzi, a living room, a kitchen with a stove, a microwave and a toaster, and a washing machine at the dishwasher. The villas offer stunning views of the Mirabello Bay. There are still some bonuses for residents of the premises of the highest category. They are given a dressing gown and slippers, they have free Internet. Extra beds can be added to the rooms. All rooms have refrigerators and TVs with Russian channels. Clean rooms cleanly, towels are changed every other day, the maids are obliging and smiling.

Miramare Ariadni village greece

How to feed here

The main restaurant in Miramare Ariadni Village 4works on the type of "buffett". It is located above the reception. In it there is a zone for usual lodgers and branch for "VIP-persons" who live on system "ultra all inclusive". The restaurant has a dress code, so people in swimming trunks and pants will not see. There is also an "a la carte" establishment, and a few decent bars. Two of them are located by the pool. There is a tavern in the Greek style. Food tourists call a variety and exquisite. Here for breakfast, among other things, serve real Viennese waffles, there are always seafood, in particular oysters, and the wine is simply of excellent quality! A lot of delicacies, dishes for people who sit on a diet, as well as baby food. Guests praised the special Cretan tea, which is served here. In the evenings, cooks often prepare dishes on the grill directly with tourists: meat, chicken, fish. Special responses were given to cheeses, which are really delicious in Crete. Many fruits: watermelons, grapes, melons, plums. Enough of various baked goods, jams and ice cream. The waiters and the manager try to serve all the guests, very friendly.

Range of services

Miramare Ariadni Village 4 takes care of tourists,who want to stay in touch, receive the latest news or work without stopping from rest. On the territory of the complex there is an Internet corner and a "wi-fi" in the room. However, these services are paid. But you can go online and not for money. In the territory there is also a free Internet. To use it, you need to take a card with the code at the reception desk. If you are lucky with the location of the room, then you can catch it there. In the hotel you can exchange rubles for euros, if you did not have time to do it earlier. There is a mini-market where you can buy souvenirs, necessary beach trivia, water and food. If you have a car, it is parked in the hotel. And in the case when you have stopped too early, or you have a late departure, and the room must be vacated, you can put things in a special room for luggage. The hotel also provides services for seminars - for this there are four halls, which can accommodate up to three hundred people. There are a variety of sports activities. Tennis, both large and table. You can take paid game lessons. Stretch and lose excess calories is offered in the gym. Miramare Ariadni Village reviews are also praised for the SPA center. The hotel has many different services for children: a playground, a special pool, high chairs in the restaurant and a special menu (including infants). In the evenings a DJ works - there is always beautiful music and a great opportunity to dance. You can order a melody for your taste - you will not be denied anything.

Miramare Ariadni village 4 Crit

Where to sunbathe and swim

Although the Miramare Ariadni Village 4 is locatednot right next to the sea, on its territory there are many opportunities to sunbathe and swim. Here at your service there are three freshwater swimming pools in the open air, and one under the roof, heated. He works mainly in the cold months: April, October ... Near the two pools there are bars where they give very tasty ice-cream of different kinds. There is a jacuzzi, not very many people, comfortable beds. Near the hotel there are two beaches. One of them is very close - literally fifty meters away, and to the second one it is necessary to go 300 m through a beautiful promenade. Near the beach is a pebble beach, and the second (Almiros) is sandy. There is also a small small cove in the rocks where there are no waves and it is convenient to rest with children. To go to the near beach, you need to turn left from the hotel. It is not equipped. Therefore, you can only sunbathe on towels. On the big beach there is a sandy entrance to the water, it is gentle. Towels are issued under the deposit, and for sun loungers and umbrellas must be paid. But if you are lucky, and enough space, then you can find beach equipment from the hotel. His sun loungers have light umbrellas, and guests do not have to pay for them. There is good infrastructure, lots of water sports, a bar. The main beach is transported by buses, but it is not tiring to travel there on foot, even with a child. On the way to the beaches there are many rocks, from where you can jump into the water and dive with a mask. Miramare Ariadni Village 4 reviews are characterized as one of the best for sea holidays. Beaches of excellent quality, the purest, and the water is just crystal clear. The entrance to the water is so comfortable that you do not need special shoes at all.

Miramare Ariadni village crit

Where to go

What excursions can be made from MiramareAriadni Village 4? Crete is an island that attracts travelers with its secrets of ancient history, as well as wonderful landscapes. Therefore, many experienced tourists advise to rent a car and just drive around. In this case, you do not depend on transport, and you can stop at any place you like. But if car rental is not for you, you can take advantage of the proposed excursions. One of the favorite trips of hotel guests is a ferry to the island of Chrysea. It's something like the Greek "Dominicans", and it's not for nothing that many tourists describe it as a paradise on earth. Also very popular are excursions to Santorini. The hotel is also taken to caves, where, according to the legends, Zeus was born, to a pottery workshop where you can watch the work of Greek masters and buy something for yourself. They offer many excursions to various monasteries, which are very numerous on the island. And if you do not want to spend time on trips, but still want to see something else besides the hotel, you can simply walk around the city of Agios Nikolaos, drink fresh in a tavern, sit near Lake Vulizmeni under the heavy accompaniment of Greek music, just relaxing.

How much is all this worth

So, suppose you chose to restMiramare Ariadni Village. Crete is not an expensive island, and therefore the prices of tour operators for two people (six to seven nights) start from fifty thousand rubles. As for payment for various services during the stay in the hotel, then, according to the feedback of tourists, the following picture develops. If you decide to rent a car, then three days with the payment of gasoline and entrance tickets to various museums will cost about one hundred and eighty euros. This is much cheaper than paying for tours from tour operators. For example, for any, even the cheapest organized trip, you put at least forty-five euros. If you want to sunbathe with amenities, it is also worth the money. Two sunbeds and an umbrella on a large equipped beach - about seven euros a day. The deposit for towels for sunbathing - 10 Є, and two more must be given for washing. If it gets dark, and you find yourself in Agios, and you are reluctant to go back on foot, for a taxi you will pay five euros. The bus to Heraklion costs 7.20 Є per person.

Miramare Ariadni Village (Crete): reviews

Many tourists who visited this hotel, beforeall, they write about the amazing view from the windows and from the balconies. They assure that reality does not just match photos, but it far exceeds them. The praise was also awarded to two-level numbers. In principle, the hotel itself causes almost exclusively positive emotions of the guests. It is very diverse, there are many pleasant surprises that guests discover every day. Beautiful territory, excellent food and the opportunity to admire the divine sunsets, according to tourists, make this hotel the best on the coast. The staff not only does not cause criticism, but is rewarded with words of gratitude. He is very friendly and attentive. The attitude of Greeks towards children is especially pleasing for tourists. They adore them and just ask for sweets. The hotel gives guests a complete delight. He likes those tourists who prefer active recreation, and those who like to just lie on the beach. In any case, here you are waited by absolutely unobtrusive service and a leisurely life where anybody does not hurry anywhere. If you summarize, that is one thing that unites all those who visited Miramare Ariadni Village. Greece becomes for them a country in which they fall in love.

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