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City of Nice (France) - another living museumcountries. It is located literally thirty kilometers from the Italian border, and with its banks goes to the Bay of the Angels. Nice is the capital of the Côte d'Azur, where very, very rich tourists come to rest every year. This area is also famous for its penthouses, fabulously expensive hotels and boutiques.

Location of the city and its layout

This resort city is by no means the typical France. Nice is divided into two parts, and not conditionally, but, we can say, one band. The central point of the city is Massena Square, to the east of which there are old houses, churches, temples, in general, all that the ancestors of the French left here. The western part of the city directly rises above the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and is famous for its high-rise hotels, restaurants, towers and new elite quarters. In the very center of Nice there is a chic promenade - Promenade des Anglais, where every tourist goes out for a walk, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the local scenery.

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We go on a trip to Nice

Each of us knows perfectly where on the mapis France. Nice - a city located in the southern part, 960 km from Paris. If you fly there by direct flight from Moscow (the flight is operated by several airlines), then the journey will take more than 4 hours. Also you can get to Nice from Marseille or Paris. So, in the air you will spend no more than an hour and a half. The airport in this resort town is right on the coast of the French Riviera. When the plane goes on landing, do not forget to look out the window to enjoy the beautiful view. From the airport you can get to the city by bus, which will cost no more than 4 euros, by train (within 1 euro), or by taxi - the cost will depend on the distance.

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Local climatic features

In order to rest on the shore of the FrenchThe Riviera was a success, it is important to know in advance what the weather is like here. France, Nice in particular, is in the tropical Mediterranean climate zone. Even in the winter months the air warms up to 13-17 degrees Celsius, and in summer the column reaches a mark of 30 or more. It is worth noting that in the summer months it is very hot and dry here, as the region is protected from the west by the Alpine mountains. Almost always the sun shines, and the rainy season begins only in the middle of autumn, and it ends very quickly. The water in the sea is always warm - 25-28 degrees. But it is also nice to come in the winter months, even though the swimming season is closed. Snow almost never happens here, and the sun warms up the earth very well.

We drive around the city. On what is better?

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Despite the fact that Nice is a havenmillionaires, a budget tourist can easily move around it. There is a well-known to the whole world bus route "Lazurnaya Line", which delivers everyone to any part of the city. A day pass costs only 4 euros. You can ride around the city by taxi - each trip will cost you no more than 20 euros. On this type of transport you can also go to the neighboring towns. It is only important that you have a map of France with the cities, as well as several hundred euros. In Cannes you will get for 70 euros, and for Saint-Tropez - more than 250. One can not help saying that a helicopter taxi is one of the most popular forms of transport in the resort, of course, for wealthy tourists. From a bird's-eye view, you can enjoy beautiful views: before you open the whole of Southern France. Nice, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Antibes - all the best cities will be as in the palm of your hand.

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Beaches of the French Riviera

When we hear the words "France", "Nice", ""Cote d'Azur", before your eyes immediately get sunny pictures, where the turquoise sea merges with the blue sky, and against the backdrop of the endless landscape rise palm trees, snow-white hotels, summer restaurants ... It is such a chic, shine and wealth inherent even beach rest in this city . Here, on the city's main beach, which is located just below the Promenade des Anglais promenade, the pathos triumphs. On the girls you can see the luxurious bathing attire, in the cafe, which are nearby, serve delicious delicacies and expensive wines. Nearby there is a dock where many huge yachts are parked. Find secluded beaches in Nice you can, a little out of town. In the western part of the region there are rocky beaches, and in the east there are many sandy coves, where it is always clean and peaceful.

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Russian architectural monuments, which is famous for Nice

France, whose attractions haveextremely interesting history, always attracted tourists. So, in his time in this wonderful city visited Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Then he stopped at one of the local boarding houses, which nowadays has turned into a hotel "Oasis". Also in the same building rest Vladimir Lenin. In honor of both famous personalities of our country, memorial plaques are hung on the building.

But the Cathedral of Nicholas deserves special attentionThe Wonderworker, located in Nice. This is the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe. Here is buried the Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolayevich, his family, as well as the mass of Russian emigrants.

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Kokad Cemetery, or Nicholas: in memory of our ancestors

Once a part of the French lands in the territoryNice was bought by the Russian government to install heavy artillery. Several years later, it was decided to turn it into a cemetery for people who came from the Russian Empire, for which France became the new home. Nice now is the burial place of more than three thousand of our ancestors. Representatives of well-known noble families, such as the Obolensky, Lazarevsky, Gagarins, Volkonskie and many others, rest here. The cemetery is also famous for the Nikolskaya chapel, which is another small corner of Orthodoxy in Europe.

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Features of local architecture and history

Now let us consider what are their own peculiaritiesis characterized by Nice. France, the sights that are on its territory and the cultural heritage - all this represents a living history. It begins with the Roman emperors' campaigns. They founded this city, calling it Cimee, erecting here a lot of monuments of architecture. Today, they are all half-ruined, and looking at the ruins, one can imagine what the termes, arenas, ancient temples and aqueducts once were. Later all the houses and temples that are still in the Old City were erected. Walking on it is best without a specific route. Just walk around the winding streets, inspect each colored house. Sooner or later you will go to the Place de Gaulle, where the central market opens before you.

The central part of the city of Nice

Near the central squares, the largest andbeautiful of which is considered Rosetti, erected a lot of chic palaces. Among them - the residence of Lascari, which was built in the seventeenth century by the decree of the Duke of Savoy. True, at first the facade of the building may seem very modest, but it's worth stepping on the threshold, as everything is drastically changing. Vaulted portals, arches, stucco and forging, painted walls and chandeliers, chandeliers, candlesticks, engravings, chic furniture - the luxury of this palace simply does not have a limit! Now in this building there is an operating museum of musical instruments, where everyone can enter. No less luxurious is the operatic museum is the Opera of Nice. There are performances every day, however, getting only in the foyer of this ancient building, you understand that this is a real work of architectural art.

French cuisine in Nice

Meat delicacies, small portions,passion for sauces and wines - it is these gastronomic features that France is famous for. However, things are different in Nice. Along with many Spanish towns, this place was also previously a fishing village. Since then, there are many warehouses in which they decided to open restaurants with traditional fish food. They can taste fish soup, sandwich and salad with tuna, sweet dishes from the sea flora, as well as snacks from algae and small inhabitants of the Mediterranean. Still, luxury restaurants with fine cuisine are located at the hotels. People who are not guests can go there, but they will have to pay extra for the entrance.

Paradise for Shopaholics

It is known that Nice is famous for its highprices, but many products, and even clothes can be bought here for a few pennies. The shopping tour starts here with the Kur-Salei flower market, where various souvenirs, symbols of the region are often sold. However, on Mondays, there are mass sales of antiques. Among such products you can find things for the house, household items, clothing and jewelry. In comparison with the price indicators in other European cities, the cost of such products is simply ridiculous, so you can buy everything you want. Well, if the rest in France does not seem to you without a typical shopping, then go to the shopping center CAP-3000. Here you can also buy branded clothes and accessories at low prices.

Instead of concluding

Undoubtedly, one of those countries that needvisit, is France. Nice (photo can be seen in the article) is its peculiar southern capital, which is constantly filled with tourists eager to swim in the local turquoise water, to buy a lot of souvenirs and things at low prices, to look at all the beauty and luxury of the city. It's impossible to get bored, because walking alone, even on foot, will give you so many new impressions along the streets of this city, how many times we do not get it even in half a year of life at home.

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