Magnificent "Kharkov Switzerland"

In the beautiful complex "Kharkov Switzerland" youyou can ride on one of two routes, having a length of 300 m. There are two lifts of a rope type. There is a place for tubing, as well as a slope for those who are just learning this wonderful sport.

You will learn a lot of new things

"Kharkov Switzerland" provides an opportunityEveryone who wants to become a student of a ski school, where you will be taught to stand firmly on your feet, will help you to master a snowboard, whether you are a child or an adult. In addition, there is an extreme park. Inventory is kindly provided for temporary use. Almost all sizes are available. The ski complex "Kharkov Switzerland" provides all its visitors with very comfortable and convenient conditions. You can visit a cozy cafeteria and make up for the strength after a shock ride with some delicious food, a cup of tea or coffee that will warm you.

You can park your car for free parkingzone, there is free internet, so you will always stay in touch with loved ones. "Kharkov Switzerland" presents its visitors with unforgettable and vivid emotions, safety and absolute comfort.

Kharkov switzerland


"Kharkov Switzerland" is famous for itslifts. Once they can ride for 10 hryvnia. If you are aiming for a long holiday, take a subscription for 4 hours. From 10.00 to 15.00 you can go for a long ride for 130 UAH. 1 hour costs 100 UAH, 2 - 120 UAH, and 3 - 140 UAH.

There is also an interesting offer for the darkthe time of day from Saturday to Sunday. From 11 pm to 2 nights you can ride for 140 UAH. In the event that you just want to get out on the snow, you need to pay 30 UAH per day. For the use of skis and snowboards you have to pay a different amount on weekdays and weekends. 1 hour - 60 and 100 UAH, respectively, 2 - 80/120 UAH. The daily subscription costs 120 and 150 UAH. You can bring your children to this sport and take a kit with shoes for 2 hours (50-70 UAH) or for the whole day (80-100 UAH).

If you take only shoes, the cost remainsthe same as when renting the entire inventory. Attentively follows the quality of used products "Kharkov Switzerland". Reviews say that the work of the equipment was not a censure. All thanks to regular checks and removal of damages. The sliding surface perfectly performs its functions, and the edges are sharpened.

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Interesting Opportunities

Fans of extreme sports can goin a special park, where your blood will be filled with adrenaline and skills will be honed. A stunningly beautiful place is the "Kharkov Switzerland". Photos are just beautiful. Looking at them, you can always remember all those emotions that you happened to experience.

You can come to work from 10 am to 10 pm. Extreme Park is open every day, and you can enter here for 35 hryvnia. To get tickets, go to the ticket office at the ski lifts.

There is also the opportunity to do so interestingkind of outdoor activities, like tubing. You will roll off the mountain, sitting on the inflated chamber of a round shape. The bottom of her is strengthened, you can hold on to special handles. You seem to ride a sled, but very quickly and feel more emotion.

The hill is in the distance. On weekdays such entertainment costs 70 UAH per hour, if at the same time you do not use the lift. On weekends you can ride once for 10 UAH. Half an hour is 80 UAH, and an hour - 100 UAH. In this case, the rise is also included in the price. This fun is used only at a time when good weather is observed. So it's better to ask questions about her work in advance with the administrator.

You can reinforce the forces in a cozy cafe. Here you are waited with both hot aromatic soups, and a cold snack, juicy shish kebab, from which comes a stunning smell. Significantly decorates the atmosphere standing in the middle of a bowler and a fireplace, performing the functions of the hearth. There they prepare food, and also he heats the air in the room. You will like the Ukrainian style in which this place is built. It seems that you are in a real Carpathian kolyba.

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Do not know how to teach

If the ski vacation for you is a novelty, herethere is nothing strange. Experienced instructors will kindly show and explain everything. Of course, you can go down and touch, but it's better to learn the right skating. Then you get the maximum pleasure, being protected. You will be accompanied by a sense of security and increased comfort. In this you will help a person who can easily and quickly teach you everything you need. Only the best craftsmen work in the complex.

the skiing complex of Kharkov switzerland
The EVEREST school is pleased to welcome you to itslessons. You will be given the necessary skills. Here people who love skiing work and work well in it are working. These are very experienced masters who can take care of your safety.

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