Cyprus, Protaras: reviews of travelers

Snow-white sandy beaches, favorableresort conditions, azure sea, picturesque landscapes, rich cultural and historical heritage attracts tourists to their networks of tourists. Protaras reviews from travelers receive only positive, because this is one of the best resorts of the island. It is located a few kilometers from Ayia Napa, the tourist business in the city began to develop in the 80s of the last century. Today it is successful and popular in Europe and not only a resort, with its name and face.

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Unique sandy beaches and easy access to thewater differs from other maritime countries Cyprus. Protaras (the water temperature here does not fall below + 15 ° C even in winter, and reaches + 25 ° C in the summer) is ideal for families with small children. The length of the coastline is quite large, which allows you to choose the beach on your own. For example, Skoutari Beach is suitable for swimming with a mask, and on Fig Tree Bay there is a wide choice of water activities. Most hotels, private villas, apartments are located near the coast. It is very convenient for tourists who prefer beach holidays.

A huge number of attractionsnotable for Cyprus. Protaras reviews from travelers receive only kind and warm, but they are mostly concerned with high-class service, beautiful nature, although there are interesting places here. Many will want to visit the Oceanic Aquarium, which has about 1000 species of marine elements. There are aviaries with penguins and crocodiles. It will appeal not only to adults, but also to children.

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Spectacular performances are famous for Cyprus. Protaras (a map of attractions will help to visit all the interesting places) impresses the guests with the delightful show "Dancing Fountains", which dance to the music in the color rays. Many will like the walk to the Cape Cavo Greco, which is noteworthy for the bizarre form of the coastline and sea caves. In this place, especially successful photographs are obtained, the newlyweds come to take pictures, sitting on a bench by the tree, and also to kiss the "Bridge of sinners" to be in love with each other forever.

Unique architecturalinteresting places in Cyprus. Protaras, the reviews of which evoke the desire to visit this amazing place, does not have many interesting buildings, but still visitors should visit the church of St. Elias. This building is unique in that it is located on a high cliff. To climb to it, you need to go through the stairs, from which you can see a wonderful view of the whole city. Near the church planted a "tree of desires", on which you should tie a ribbon to make your dream come true.

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A busy nightlife of many young peopleattracts Cyprus. Protaras reviews from fans of outdoor activities receive only positive, because there is a wide selection of entertainment facilities, many restaurants, bars, discos, nightclubs. Rest at this resort will be remembered for a long time, every traveler will bring home a lot of positive emotions and beautiful photos.

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