Bridge "Bagration" in Moscow

The first trade and pedestrian structure,connecting the two banks of the river, in the capital is the bridge "Bagration". Moscow, and, perhaps, the whole of Russia does not have him any other similar analogs made of glass and concrete, which would combine several functions: crossing the river, a shopping gallery and a huge sidewalk.

Bagration Moscow

The bridge "Bagration" has a span structure. He has quite impressive technical parameters: its length - 216, width - 16, and height above the water - 14 meters. The supports of this structure are reinforced concrete, and the base for the channel is the drill pillars, and the shore is placed on a natural stronghold.

The author of this unique facility isthe famous architect B. Thor, who designed it for the 850th anniversary of the capital in full accordance with the style of an actively developing business center located on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, which connects the bridge with Taras Shevchenko Street on the other side of the river.

Bridge "Bagration" - two-level. Its lower part, where today there are trading rows, is made in the form of a glazed across the length of the covered gallery. There are many boutiques here, and for moving convenience, moving sidewalks are installed.

Bridge Bagration

The pedestrian bridge in its upper part is glazed,but its middle part is open, and in this place is turned into a viewing platform. The upper and lower floors, with pedestrian paths 11 and 15 meters wide respectively, are connected by escalators, stairs, and elevators.

Named after the great commander of the bridge"Bagration" with its massive construction of metal trusses does not at all seem heavy or bulky. This effect of "lightness" is achieved due to its streamlined and rounded shapes, as well as the presence of glass in large quantities.

The main entrance hall of the bridge included in thethe composition of Moscow City - the business center of the capital, is its zero floor, which in the future through a whole escalator system will be connected to the underground level of the complex and the interchange metro station.

Pedestrian bridge

Today, the Bagration Bridge at its levels offers restaurants, travel agencies, a café, a beauty salon and even a bowling center to the services of Muscovites and visitors.

From the side of the embankment named after Shevchenko bridgeends with a beautiful shady alley, and with Krasnopresnenskaya - a spacious lobby, combined with the ground floor of a five-level building. There is also a cafe and a restaurant, often there are exhibitions of artists and sculptors.

The lower level of the bridge with its travallators,significantly accelerating the movement, is very popular with adults and children who can eat ice cream here, relax on comfortable benches or just do shopping.

From the observation deck, you can enjoy stunning views of the river and the embankments. Here people like to be photographed, young people walk, photo shoots are arranged by newlyweds.

Since 7 am this unique "Bagration" bridge has been opened, and the entrance to it is free.

Near to it, from the side of Krasnopresnenskaya, a convenient berth for motor ships is arranged.

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