Snow Finland. Levi and all his charms

One of the most suitable countries for winterrest is Scandinavian and frosty Finland. Levi - the most popular and well-developed ski resort, which is located 160 km north of the Arctic Circle. The local infrastructure is more like an alpine recreation area - dense buildings (mostly hotels and cottage settlements), proximity to the mountains themselves, a large number of ski slopes. Spending the winter holidays here, you just will not be bored. In Lapland there are entertainment programs, cozy cafes, and, of course, schools where you will be taught to conquer snow tops.

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To begin with, we note some features of thisregion, and also consider its infrastructure. In this mountain range there are a lot of hotel complexes of various categories, as well as adjacent restaurants and cafes. They should try first of all the dishes that Finland is famous for. Levi offers its tourists two main delicacies: "rieko" (cooked by local technology white partridge) and "poro" - reindeer meat. However, here everyone can choose and something more familiar for themselves, as most restaurants offer their customers a so-called "universal" kitchen.

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This ski resort is far from the same,what are its analogues in Finland. Levi - this is the only place where a gondola lift is built, to climb along which is a fairy tale for everyone. As mentioned above, there are schools in the region where local instructors teach children and adults skiing and snowboarding. Also, a variety of tracks were opened specially for skiers of different levels in the mountains. Experienced athletes often go down the eleventh or thirteenth. Quite often professionals skate on the fifth and sixth descents. Children and beginners are advised to start with the first three tracks, and also the eighth is ideal for them.

Being in this cozy winter town, you canto feel to the full what is real Finland. Levi is both an entertainment center of the country, and historical. In local markets you can always get very valuable things that are not produced anywhere else. The attention of tourists is also offered to the wine cellars, in which are stored real hot masterpieces made from grapes of higher grades. Well, you can relax in a family way, hang out with friends and enjoy the atmosphere of the holiday in the entertainment complex "Hulu-Poro-Areena".

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Proceeding from this, it is possible with complete certaintysay that the best place for winter vacation is the country Finland, Levi. Hotels in this area are designed for people with different incomes. Therefore, their configuration begins with three-star hotel multi-storey complexes and ends with fashionable cottage villages. Almost every hotel has its own small spa resort, swimming pool and sports hall.

By the way, the most visited by children is winterthe resort is Levi (Finland). The reviews of the kids who visited there are full of bright colors and unforgettable impressions. That's why everyone who loves winter, we recommend to visit this wonderful place.

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