Titan Select Hotel 5 * (Turkey, Alanya): description, service, reviews

In 2009, opened its doors to travelers from all over the world, the resort complex Titan Select Hotel 5 *. After the restoration of 2013, the institution was brought in line with modern international standards. On an area of ​​7500 square meters. m is a five-story building, as well as an infrastructure that is shared with another hotel of this network.

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Only 250 meters from the well-arranged sand and pebble beach is the resort complex Titan Select Hotel. Alanya, Konakli, 35258 - the address where you can find this hotel. It's only 13 km from the international airport. Also it is worth paying attention to the tourist objects nearest to the hotel:

  • recreation area Ulas (7 km);
  • the amusement park (9 km);
  • Cleopatra's beach (10 km);
  • aquapark (11 km);
  • Archaeological Museum (11 km);
  • the cultural center of Alanya (11 km);
  • Damlataş Cave (11 km);
  • defensive fortress (12 km);
  • the red tower (12 km);
  • Ataturk square (12 km);
  • the residence of the governor of Alanya (12 km);
  • the river Dim (18 km);
  • the fortress of Alarahan (18 km);
  • the river Dim Chai (36 km);
  • the Manavgat waterfall (50 km);
  • Canyon of Sapa Dere (55 km).

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Number of rooms

176 comfortable apartments are provided for accommodation of guests of the resort complex Titan Select Hotel. The description of numbers can be formulated as follows:

  • Standard rooms can be equippedlarge or single beds. Also in every room there is a desk and a cozy place to relax. Some of the rooms in this category are equipped specifically for the disabled. There are wide doorways, as well as handrails in the bathroom.
  • The family room format includes three beds. One double and one pair. There is a soft folding sofa and a desk.

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Room facilities

Each guest room of this hotel has a specific set of amenities. It includes such items:

  • TV connected to a satellite dish;
  • a landline phone, through which you can not only contact the administrator, but also make an international call;
  • a mini-bar in which guests will find a supply of drinking water;
  • individual air-conditioning system;
  • combined bathroom.

titan select hotel alarge

Infrastructure of the resort complex

Although Titan Select Hotel 5 * - this is a relatively small hotel, it has all the necessary infrastructure that will make your holiday full and comfortable. Here are the facilities for guests:

  • garden with park area;
  • several spacious conference rooms;
  • catering establishments;
  • wireless internet in public areas;
  • free private parking;
  • currency exchange office;
  • 24-hour front desk;
  • laundry;
  • business center;
  • elevator;
  • safe at the reception.

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Titan Select Hotel: service

Quality service makes travelers' holiday full and carefree. To the guests of the resort Titan Select Hotel employees provide the following services:

  • delivery of food and drinks from public catering establishments to the room;
  • personal concierge services;
  • booking and sale of tickets;
  • washing and ironing;
  • shoe cleaning;
  • copying and scanning documents at the reception desk;
  • sending faxes;
  • transfer;
  • rental of vehicles;
  • medical service;
  • Courier services;
  • delivery of fresh press in the room.

The concept of "All inclusive"

Do not underestimate the importance of nutrition for travelers. It is food that gives tourists strength and energy for entertainment and new discoveries. Within the concept of "All inclusive" in the hotel Titan Select 5 * provides the following services:

  • breakfast in the buffet format in the main restaurant;
  • late breakfast in the buffet format in the main restaurant;
  • lunch in the buffet format in the main restaurant;
  • snack on the beach (in the cold season is held in the main restaurant);
  • a tea-party with pastry and fresh pastries in the main restaurant;
  • dinner in the buffet format in the main restaurant;
  • night tea in the lobby bar.

Titan Select Hotel: entertainment

It is important that the vacation brings the most positive impressions to travelers. In this hotel you will be available such entertainment:

  • Titan Select Hotel own own alley, fully landscaped, sand-and-shingle;
  • an outdoor swimming pool, open during the warm season;
  • SPA-center;
  • basketball court;
  • billiards;
  • salon of video games;
  • water sports on the beach;
  • football field;
  • volleyball on the beach;
  • tennis court;
  • gym;
  • a children's playground with outdoor attractions.

titan select hotel entertainment

Spa services

To improve your health and renew externally, you will be able toat the Titan Select Hotel. Turkey is a place not only for entertainment, but also for complete relaxation. In the spa, working on the territory of the resort, you can undergo such procedures:

  • foam massage;
  • whole body peeling;
  • antistress massage;
  • therapeutic massage with hot stones;
  • health massage for the spine;
  • reflexology;
  • coffee wraps;
  • massage with aromatic oils;
  • lymphatic drainage massage;
  • anti-cellulite procedures;
  • honey detox massage;
  • Thai massage;
  • Shiatsu;
  • cleansing the face;
  • procedures for skin rejuvenation;
  • seaweed wrapping.

Entertainment for children

Many travelers come to the resort complex Titan Select 5 * (Turkey, Alanya, Konakli) with young children. For the youngest tourists such entertainments are provided:

  • show of balloons;
  • theater of growth puppets;
  • pirate Party;
  • a master class on the preparation of cookies;
  • master class for pizza;
  • molding of plasticine and salted dough;
  • master class on decorating T-shirts;
  • show sand animation;
  • children's disco after dinner.

additional information

Going on vacation in Titan Select Hotel 5 *, read some additional information about the organization of accommodation and recreation. Here is what information can be called the most significant:

  • 14:00 and noon - this is the settlement hours, which are respectively the settlement and departure of tourists;
  • One child under 12 years old can stay in the room for free;
  • in the rooms there is no room for extra beds;
  • residence with pets is strictly prohibited;
  • there are terminals for payment of services through plastic cards.

A reminder for tourists from the hotel: what to take with you

In order not to cloud your rest, you need to take everything you need with you on a trip. Taking care of guests, the hotel's administration has compiled a list of what it is necessary to have with you on vacation:

  • passport;
  • the necessary minimum of medicines (antipyretic, analgesic, sorbents, dressing kit);
  • swimsuit;
  • sunglasses;
  • photo and video equipment;
  • driver's license (for guests planning to rent vehicles);
  • a credit card for payment of additional expenses;
  • several units of warm clothes in case of bad weather;
  • light headdresses;
  • sunscreen cosmetic products;
  • Waterproof bags for safe transportation of documents and valuables;
  • an extra empty suitcase if you want to devote time to shopping.

Positive reviews

Tourists who have already visited the resortcomplex Titan Select 5, eagerly share their impressions of the rest. From the comments of travelers you can find such positive information about this institution:

  • hospitable staff creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere (perhaps the only exception is the hotel guide);
  • a lot of quality drinks (this applies not only to imported, but also local goods);
  • good food (although the range of dishes and small);
  • maids conscientiously fulfill their duties (even cleaned on balconies, which can not be found in all hotels);
  • if the bathroom has wet towels (even if you did not put them on the floor), they are necessarily changed to dry;
  • the territory though small, but very beautiful and well-groomed, is where to take a walk, relax and take pictures;
  • quick registration and settlement procedure (this takes you no more than five to ten minutes);
  • if there are enough free rooms in the hotel, no one will force you to wait for the estimated hour, and populate instantly;
  • in the buffet menu a huge amount of fresh vegetables and fruits of local production;
  • the waiters are very bright, polite and try to please the guests in every way, patiently respond to all requests and comments;
  • employees work in good faith, regardless of whether you give them a tip (no one even hints at the reward);
  • clean warm sea;
  • on the beach, garbage is constantly removed;
  • near the hotel there is a bus stop, with which you can get to Alanya (bus number 50);
  • absolute conformity of the price and quality of the services provided;
  • Guests who arrive at the hotel at night and do not have time for dinner or night soup are given a dry ration;
  • an excellent cool pool that does not smell of bleach at all;
  • near the hotel there are many inexpensive shops and catering establishments;
  • literally a meter from the hotel there is an ATM, in which there is a Russian-language menu;
  • adequate prices for accommodation (an order of magnitude cheaper than in most similar establishments in Konakli).

titan select hotel service

Negative feedback

Not everything is perfect in a resort complex Titan Select Hotel. Feedback will help you navigate the shortcomings of the institution and prepare yourself in advance for possible unpleasant moments:

  • in public catering establishments, music is rarely played, and therefore it is boring;
  • on the beach a lot of sharp stones, and at the entrance to the water - slippery slabs, which is especially inconvenient for those who rest with their children;
  • hammam is far from the present (there is not enough high temperature, not very beautiful design and is dirty enough);
  • managers of the spa too obsessively offer services to guests, which is quite unpleasant;
  • bed linen old, all in small holes and stained spots;
  • on the official website indicated that the beach is 200-250 meters, but in fact this distance is about 600 meters;
  • after 9 o'clock in the morning it is impossible to find a free sunbed on the beach, and all because there are much fewer places than the guests at the hotel;
  • Ice cream is not included in the concept of "All inclusive", it is available only at an additional cost;
  • tasteless local wine in bars and restaurants;
  • It is felt that the owners of the hotel are trying to save on everything (and for repair, and equipping rooms, and for food, and for the number of staff);
  • the wireless Internet practically does not work (chances to "catch" the signal is only at the reception and near the pool);
  • loungers on the beach do not wipe, umbrellas are also very dirty;
  • old, leaky beach towels (if possible, take your own from home);
  • on the territory of nowhere to find coolers or refrigerators with drinking water, which is unacceptable for a five-star hotel);
  • in the bathroom is often worth the smell of sewage, and also quite damp;
  • when you arrive at the hotel it may turn out that your rooms are busy, so you will have to spend a few days or your whole vacation in another room;
  • regardless of the number of guests, the number is given only one key, which is very inconvenient;
  • when you exit the room, all devices are turned off (air conditioning including);
  • there is almost no animation, so guests have to invent entertainment for themselves;
  • drinks in the bar are poured into plastic cups, which is unacceptable for a hotel of such a high category;
  • in the dining room there is no children's menu;
  • in the bathroom there is no hygienic cosmetics;
  • there is no tea set, for hot drinks it is necessary constantly to go down to the bar;
  • next to the hotel there is a busy highway, which emits a lot of noise and dust;
  • windows and balcony doors in the rooms are closed not very densely, because of what noise from the street is heard;
  • in the buffet menu very few meat dishes (mostly a bird);
  • the staff practically does not speak Russian (especially tangible language barrier during communication with the waiters);
  • in the restaurant there is not enough cutlery, and so guests often have to eat plastic spoons and forks;
  • on the beach is always very crowded, since it belongs at once to two hotel chains;
  • because of poor noise insulation in the room you can hear everything that happens through the wall.

Overall Impression

After studying the reviews of travelers, you canconfidence to say that this hotel does not meet the five-star status. On the level of service is the maximum "four". Although, if it is sensible to estimate the price for a tour to this resort, full compliance with the level of service is noted. The hotel is suitable for lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday, as well as active tourists who prefer to spend all their free time on the beach and on excursions.

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