Gornozavodsk (Perm region): history and sights

Gornozavodsk (Perm region) is a city,located on the eastern border of the Perm region, 125 km from the regional center. However, this does not prevent him from being among the settlements with a lot of attractions.

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City `s history

At the place of Gornozavodsk was originally locateda small railway station, which was surrounded by a forest. The village began to emerge after the authorities started construction of a cement plant. Gradually, as the growth of his turn grew, the future city grew. At first the railway station turned into a settlement Novo-Pashinsky, named after the name of the river Pashiya.

Then, in 1965, Gornozavodsk (Perm Territory) received the status of the city, after the population exceeded 10 thousand people.

Economy of the city

The basis of economic prosperityGornozavodsk is the OJSC "Gornozavodskcement". The enterprise's products are in high demand in the country, as well as in the CIS countries, which allows maintaining a consistently large number of jobs.

In addition, it is famous for its bakeryGornozavodsk (Perm region). Photos of a developing city can be found in the archive. And near the settlement there are gas pipelines. They serve as a link between the regions of the Tyumen region and the European part of Russia.

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The population of Gornozavodsk

Recent years are characterized by a decreasebirth rate, but the number of cities is steadily growing thanks to newcomers. Every year, a small number of people migrate to Gornozavodsk (Perm Krai). The national composition of the city is dominated by Russians. Many can find ads about work on the site "Avito". Gornozavodsk (Perm region) can offer visitors special prospects for development.

The second in number are the Tatars and Armenians. It is noteworthy that in the city the number of female residents is proportional to the male, which makes it possible to talk about an equal ratio of the sexes. Thanks to working plants, unemployment in the city is virtually nonexistent. This is a huge plus, especially when the country's economy is so unstable.

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Museum of the city

The entire Perm region is very attractive. The city of Gornozavodsk is famous for its sights and buildings.

One of them is the GornozavodskyLocal History Museum named after M.P. Starostina. Once you are here, you will hear the detailed history of the city. It is noteworthy that until the 20th century Gornozavodsk was part of the holdings of the Starostin landlords, in honor of whom the museum was named.

There is an interesting composition "History of exploration, search and industrial extraction of diamonds of Russia", which tells about the first people who discovered precious stones in the territory of our Motherland.

In addition, here you can get acquainted with thea collection of Ural cast iron foundry, a sculpture made of ceramics, trays and dishes made of wood with paintings, as well as a collection of minerals that represents other regions besides the Urals.

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Luxury cliffs and caves

The next landmark of the city -a natural monument "Caps of Nature", rocks, which have a very unusual shape. Their height is 30 meters, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Bassega Ridge and Mount Kachkanar. In addition, it is here that the beginning of the Rudnaya River is located. This unique place is a historical and natural complex of regional importance. Here grow rare plants, some of which are even listed in the Red Book. Among them, the carnation is acicular.

Pashiyskaya cave is allocated in the hotelSight of Gornozavodsk, thanks to its size. It was discovered in the 19th century, but it was not until 1961 that it was protected by the state. The cave stretches for 522 meters, and on its territory is a clean underground lake and stream. You can get into it from a height of 30 m from the beginning of the river Vizhay.

Nature of the city and reserves

A place to visit after arrivalin the city of Gornozavodsk (Perm region), is the preserve of Basega. Having arrived here, you will get to the present taiga with mountains and 11 the cleanest rivers. In eight of them spawned fish, which are found only here. This place is attractive for lovers of extreme rest. In spring, the season of tourism on the water begins, when those wishing to start rafting on the rolls of varying degrees of complexity. The first place in this criterion belongs to the "Pashchi press". Rock Climber and Pashiyskaya cave are also located on the territory of the reserve and attract hundreds of tourists every year.

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Near Gornozavodsk there is a naturalpark "River Chusovaya", the main attraction of which is the water area itself. This river is known among ecotourists for its cleanliness and beauty. The rocks that stretch along its shore are of the most unusual form, and pristine nature pacifies, forcing to forget about the city bustle.

Other attractions in the park:

  • stone Hole fins;
  • stone Mare ribs;
  • The royal gates;
  • Cave "Miraculous".

Each of them is a true miracle of nature,which is worth it to do so not a long way. Thus, Gornozavodsk (Perm Krai) has the most beautiful places that anyone can visit.

In this area there are many hotels and hotels inwhich you can stay at an attractive price. The nature here is gorgeous, it is always pleasant to stroll through the reserved areas and enjoy birds' trills. Be sure to visit this city to see everything with your own eyes.

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