Sea terminal in St. Petersburg: how to get there

St. Petersburg is a city located on the islands. It has a developed water transport. Many cruises in Europe and Scandinavia will start from here. Also, flights to Finland are often sent.

There are several ports in the city, butespecially popular in St. Petersburg Maritime Station. Almost all cruise ships come here due to the fact that this is the only port in the city that can accept ferry boats.

History and structure of the Maritime Station in St. Petersburg

Marine station of St. Petersburg

The building was built between 1977 and 1982 under thethe leadership of VA Sokhin. According to the architect's design, the facades of the station are lined with aluminum panels resembling sails, and on the roof of the building there is a tower with a spire, on the tip of which is depicted a ship. The grand opening was held in 1982.

The Marine Station in St. Petersburg has five berths and sevenfloors, on which, in addition to technical rooms and halls for customs and border inspection, there is a whole complex for a comfortable flight waiting. There is a conference hall, a hotel and a restaurant.

Initially, the station was built for the Balticshipping company and receiving tourists from Germany, Sweden and Finland. But now the Marine Station, which operates all year round, is also engaged in cargo transportation.

How to get to the Marine Station in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Maritime Station

Registration for the flight starts 4 hours and ends 1 hour before landing, so it is advisable to arrive to the port in a couple of hours. The departure time of all vessels is indicated on the official website of the station.

The address of the Marine Station in St. Petersburg is Marine SquareGlory, 1. Nearby are the metro stations "Vasileostrovskaya" and "Primorskaya", so you can first get to one of them, and then take the minibus №690. There is also another version of the road - on trolleybus №10 from the metro station "Nevsky Prospekt".

If the plans to get to the station on your own car, then on the territory of the building there is a paid parking, at which for 250 rubles a day you can leave the car for the entire journey.

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