Interesting excursions in the Leningrad region

St. Petersburg and its environs are extraordinarypopular with tourists from around the world. People from distant parts of the world come here to enjoy magnificent architecture, parks, gardens, ensembles of palaces and ancient fortresses.

Excursions around the Leningrad regionvarious. The concentration of interesting places and natural monuments is combined with maximum closeness to Europe. The Leningrad region borders Finland in the north and with Estonia in the west. These factors could not but leave a certain imprint on the mentality and life of the inhabitants, and also give a European touch to many events.

excursions in the Leningrad region

Tourists from all over Russia and from other countries oftenall prefer to stay in St. Petersburg and from there already go on excursions in the Leningrad region. One-day tours are the most popular. They allow you to see the desired sights and take a little effort. The matter is that objects for visiting are located in various parts of the locality and the distance between them can reach several tens or even hundreds of kilometers.

Excursions around the Leningrad region are usually begun with a tour of the nearest suburbs. There is plenty to choose from. The neighborhood of the city is famous for its many beautiful palaces of Russian tsars.

excursions in the Leningrad region one-day

Peterhof attracts tourists with an amazing cascadefountains and a beautiful park, broken on the shore of the bay. You can get to it right from the center of the city on a special high-speed boat. Another option is an electric train or a minibus.

The city of Pushkin is known all over the world for its uniqueThe Amber Room, the Catherine Palace and the beautiful park that surrounds all this splendor. Nearby is Pavlovsk, which is not bypassed either on an excursion in the Leningrad region. The residence palace is surrounded by a delightful park, which is considered to be the largest in Europe. Its territory covers more than 60 hectares of land, and the stunning beauty of trees and landscapes delight everyone who has ever been there.

Among the beautiful palace ensembles isto visit Oranienbaum. He was the only one not injured during the hostilities and was preserved in its original form. In Strelna you need to visit the Konstantinovsky Palace, where international meetings of leaders of different countries are held.

leningrad region photo

Not only the palaces and parks famousLeningrad region, photos of which are recognizable and known to the whole world. Not far from St. Petersburg is the famous city of sea glory - Kronstadt. It is located on an island that connects two dams to the mainland. It is in Kronstadt that the Baltic Fleet is based, and in times of various wars the city played an important role in protecting from the enemy.

Excursions around the Leningrad region can be carried out bythematic. At one time you can go around a few objects or significant places, such as monasteries. The most famous of them is the Tikhvin Bogoroditsky Monastery. The reason for the trip to the east of the Leningrad region is also the fortress of Oreshek and the magnificent Ladoga Lake.

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