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The bay with an interesting name Oludenizlocated 15 kilometers south-east of Fethiye. This place can be called truly fabulous. This is evidenced by the magnificent nature and picturesque landscapes, which will be remembered for a long time. In addition, the bay is famous for its magnificent sea lagoon and clean coastal strip. It is these conditions that attract lovers of peace and excellent rest.

Short description

Fethiye Oludeniz
A few years ago, tourists could seehere a lively nature, but today you can observe a neat little town with a large number of hotels and boarding houses. Lagoon Oludeniz is one of the most popular places for tourists who like not only to relax by body, but also to gain moral strength. Here you can find a good hotel for yourself, get the most comfortable conditions and enjoy your vacation. Moral and aesthetic pleasure will be presented by warm turquoise water, magnificent pine trees and snow-white beaches - all this Turkey, Fethiye, Oludeniz. The photos taken here will become a good adornment of the page in the social network. In these places there are several protected areas, where nature is protected, and every tourist can enjoy the surrounding beauty.

An Amazing Legend

If you pay attention to the name Oludeniz, thenit has a rather unusual translation. Literally it means "Dead Sea". Local can tell an interesting legend associated with the name of the bay. Back in the distant past ships came to the shores of this city, which replenished the reserves of fresh water and again set off. And one day a son of one of the captains came ashore, where he saw a beautiful girl. The beautiful woman was named Belchegiz. Since then, she has been waiting for a new meeting with her lover.

One of these days, a storm began on the sea,strong wind and waves appeared. The young man invited the captain to moor to a quiet bay. But the considerate father thought that the young guy wants only to see his beloved girl. Thus, the request was not heard, and the captain continued to sail. Such meditations very much angered him, because he decided that the son did not care at all about the fate of the ship. It came to the point that his father struck a blow to his son, the young man was overboard. Because of the high waves, he could not be saved. In the end, the father was in a quiet bay and realized that in fact the son was right, and he should have listened to him. After the girl learned about the death of a loved one, she could not stand this pain and rushed from the cliff. The places where the young drowned were named after them. Here such an interesting and touching story goes about these places, and local people tell her with great pleasure.

A bit of history

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Tourism in these places was founded in the 60's. The history of this city goes back to the distant past and has more than five thousand years. According to historical sources, its foundation was connected with the Lycian state. Initially, there were about 70 cities, but after certain events only 23 remained.

In the 1st century BC Oludeniz wasa small autonomous state, which was part of the Roman Empire. And already in 43 year one of the emperors founded here a small provincial town, where only the elite could rest. For many years he developed.

At the moment near Oludeniz is locatedOne of the famous ways, which is called "Lycian Path". It is one of the ten longest routes. Its length is 509 kilometers. The track has a rich infrastructure. Each tourist will be incredibly curious to do this way.


If you like relaxation with comfort, surrounded bypicturesque nature, cozy houses and a gentle sun, it is definitely worth to book a tour to Fethiye or Oludeniz. Most southern cities have one feature: active life here begins only in the season of arrival of tourists. There are quite a few houses here, and all the free space was occupied by luxury hotels and sanatoriums. Accommodation attracts travelers even with their appearance. Here they resemble small houses that have no more than 3 floors. All these buildings are drowning in greenery and flowers, it looks incredibly beautiful. It is interesting that all hotels work only in season, at other times they are closed. Therefore, in this situation, tourists should be very careful. Visiting Oludeniz not in season, you can just stay without housing, so everything needs to be thought through carefully. In the village there are only three main streets, so it is almost impossible to get lost here. So, let's look at the infrastructure in more detail.

Streets of Oludeniz

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1. The embankment.In every resort place everything interesting happens near the sea. The embankment is paved with cobblestones, it is very pleasant to walk along it. Tourists usually do this, but local people like to make morning walks here, and just relax in the shade. In Oludeniz many rest under the trees with paragliders. On one side of the waterfront is a wonderful beach, but on the other - cozy restaurants, where you can always tasty snack and taste local dishes. Many people like to spend time in institutions called Bizz bar and Help. It is here that everything is surrounded by pink flowers, it is especially pleasant to be on the terrace.

2. The central street of the village is the local Arbat.This street is distinguished by its special entourage, it is completely decorated in Turkish style. In the same style here are shops, various cafes and bars. Staying in these institutions, and a simple walk along this street, will cause only positive emotions. There are always a lot of people on the street, life here is boiling around the clock. Tourists are attracted to huge screens with advertisements in shop windows. In the evening, almost all the restaurants are full of visitors, so the table is best booked in advance.

It is very interesting to visit local bars, barmenhere - people are special. In the intervals between the preparation of cocktails, they entertain the audience with dances and other incendiary actions. One of the best places on the coast is the Shadows Bar. Every season bartenders here organize whole shows, thanks to this the public strives to get to the evening just here. Among other things, bartenders actively connect the guests themselves to the show, who are also happy to dance on the bar counters. For an excellent dance, every customer can get a delicious cocktail as a reward, absolutely free of charge.

The main contingent of such institutions areEnglishmen. Therefore, here very often ordered beer, fried potatoes, as well as huge hamburgers. As for the Turkish cuisine, it can also be tried here. The most delicious treat is desserts. But you need to take into account the fact that Turkish cuisine is somewhat more expensive, and prices sometimes "bite". On the streets there is a large number of all kinds of shops, where you can find souvenirs and gifts for every taste. In the evening on the square you can see a large number of artists who will draw with pleasure everything that the client wants. In addition, you can buy and other interesting works that will decorate the house and will remind you of a beautiful holiday.

3. Central street for motor transport - Avenue.This street stands "back" to the sea. It is on it that all the main transport goes and local taxi drivers ply. At the beginning of the street there is a bus stop from where you can go in the right direction. Buses run here every 5 minutes, so you do not have to wait long. The routes are available in different directions, so you can arrange excursions from the city and visit other interesting places.

For many years, quite popular and inexpensiveThe direction is Turkey (Fethiye and Oludeniz). Tours to a beautiful resort city cost from 300 dollars. This is a very meager payment for the conditions that the tourist expects.
Oludeniz is the place wherethe traveler can get quality service, a good tan, and also enjoy the magnificent beaches. This is the main advantage of Fethiye and Oludeniz. Reviews about the most popular beaches will be presented below.

Tourists about beach rest in Oludeniz

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In the city there are 3 wonderfulThe beaches are Laguna, Kidrak and Patara. Lagoon - this is the beach that has all the necessary conditions for practicing all kinds of water sports. Here, as tourists say, you can have fun with children. For a more relaxed and measured rest, travelers are advised to choose Kidrak. But to get to it, it will take some distance. The beach named Patara was proudly awarded the title of the best on the coast, so it is definitely worth a visit here.

Hotels Oludeniz

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Each tourist can choose as a placetemporary hotels Fethiye (Turkey) with 5 stars. Oludeniz, however, also offers guests various accommodation options. But travelers note that it is better not to save on housing, and if there is a possibility, it is worth to settle in five-star apartments. Our tourists sing out St. Nicholas Heights Deluxe Suite 5 * and Lykia World Oludeniz HV.

On the territory of the whole bay there are about 30various hotels. Therefore, to choose the necessary option for yourself will not be difficult. There are places for any pocket and taste. You can settle in a chic hotel or find a room in a more budget place. Unfortunately, the staff of most hotels do not speak Russian, so the tourist needs to take into account this fact.

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The best 3 star hotels:

  • Dorian 3 *;
  • Akdeniz Beach 3 *;
  • Flamingo 3 *;
  • Seketur 3 *.

Four-star hotel complexes are represented by the following institutions:

  • Liberty Hotels Oludeniz 4 *;
  • St. Nicholas Park 4 *;
  • Montebello 4 *;
  • Suncity Hotel & Beach Club 4 *.

Kitchen and restaurants

Really worthy establishments on the coastenough. Therefore, a tasty snack can be at any time. Some restaurants and cafes turn into nightclubs with the onset of the evening. Especially popular among tourists, as follows from the reviews, is a restaurant on the water, a snack here in the evening in the rays of the passing sun is especially pleasant.

Entertainment and attractions

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One of the most important events in the city is theThe festival of aerial games, to visit this action will be interesting for everyone. But besides this, there are a number of other entertainment programs and attractions. Each traveler will appreciate both Fethiye and Oludeniz.

How to get there?

First you need to get to Fethiye. From the bus station to Oludeniz there are buses. The journey takes only half an hour. Marshrutka passes by the most inexpensive region Oludeniz - Hisareniu.

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