Hotel "Tourist", Grodno: reviews and photos

Grodno is one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus,where almost every day hundreds of tourists come to feel and understand what it is - the life of the population of this country. There are a huge number of hotels and restaurants here, but noteworthy institutions are not so many. Today we will consider in detail one popular hotel and restaurant complex.

Do you plan to go in the near futurebusiness or leisure in Grodno? Hotel "Tourist" in this case will be an ideal option for accommodation. In this article we will conduct a brief but detailed review of this institution, discuss its feedback, find out the exact address and contact details, as well as other equally useful information. Let's start right now.


This institution began its work in 1986 andalready at that time was one of the best tourist sites in the city of Grodno. To date, the owner of this hotel is the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, and the founder is a private enterprise "Belaruskurist".

Hotel "Tourist" (Grodno)

The hotel is located near the commercial andcultural and business centers of this city. In addition, the hotel "Tourist" (Grodno) has an excellent transport connection with almost all parts of the city, so do not worry if you did not come by car, because in a few minutes you will find a bus with which you can reach your destination.

It is also worth noting that for todaythe hotel has all the necessary infrastructure to serve the tourists at the highest quality level. By the way, it will be useful to note that during 2006-2009 "Tourist" became the best entrepreneur in the tourist sphere of activity, and also won four times in the nomination "The Best Entrepreneur of Grodno". In general, as you can see, this hotel and restaurant complex has a lot of merit.

Latest events

Not so long ago the hotel "Tourist" (Grodno) has becomeowner of three stars for the high level of service, modern interior and comfortable rooms, equipped with everything necessary for guests of the establishment. It should be noted that the visitors of this hotel directly on its territory can use the services of a hairdresser with a lot of experience, a dentist and even a masseur for relaxation, as well as visit a solarium, a bank center, arrange an insurance policy and much more.

Tourist Hotel (Grodno): reviews

For customers arriving on their ownvehicles, a parking area is available. And for young people, who can not live for one hour without social networks, high-speed Wi-Fi is always available. As you can see, the hotel "Tourist" (Grodno), reviews about which are almost always positive, is almost an ideal place for a measured and comfortable rest or productive work.

Basic services

The main service of any hotel is accommodation. "Tourist", which has 3 stars, offers its visitors a long list of rooms, divided into categories. Altogether, there are 129 comfortable rooms, including categories: twin comfort, 17 single comfort rooms, 18 twin standard rooms, 31 standard singles and 5 suites.

The second main service is to providepower supply. In this case, everything is just fine, because on the second floor of the building there is a modern restaurant with the same name, which is ideal for any solemn event or business meeting. The restaurant can accommodate up to 250 people, and the disc-bar has an additional 80. It should be noted that there are three halls for 5, 10 and 30 people, and up to 28 people can meet in the express bar.

G. Grodno, hotel "Tourist"

Anyone here has the opportunity to tasteculinary masterpieces cooked by experienced chefs on traditional Belarusian and European recipes. There is a restaurant every day from 7 am to 2 am. Breakfast is from the opening until 10 am, and you can order a business lunch between noon and 4 pm.

Additional services

Everyone already guessed that on arrival in the cityGrodno, the hotel "Tourist", the photo of which is presented in this article, should be the first in the list of places to visit. As for additional services, there are more than enough in this hotel.

For example, you can rent a business hall for 40places, if you plan to hold a small event, or a conference hall, where up to 90 people can be at the same time, if the scale of the planned event is somewhat larger. In addition, all visitors to the project have the opportunity to use the storage room, guarded parking area and safe. In addition, you can additionally visit a newsstand, a clothing repair office, a beauty salon and other infrastructure that perfectly complement the hotel's functionality.

Hotel "Tourist" (Grodno): address

For fans of traveling here constantlythere is a travel agency where you can book excursions around Belarus, after which you will have only positive emotions, which is the main thing, is not it?

Cost of rent of rooms

If you often visit Belarus, then you already haveIt is known that very recently in this republic there was a demonetization, as a result of which the exchange rate of the main currency changed very much. On the official website of the hotel "Tourist" the information has been updated, that is why the prices for accommodation are indicated both in the former Belarusian rubles, and in modern ones. In addition, we note that the reduction occurred in the ratio of 1000 to 1, that is now 10 thousand Belarusian old rubles - this is 1 new rub.

Grodno, hotel "Tourist": photos

So, the luxury room can be rented with breakfast for132 rubles. And without the main meal, the cost will be 110 rubles. At the same time, the single will cost you 66 and 55 rubles. with breakfast and without it. At the same time, the rent of the single will cost 59 and 48 rubles, respectively, but you can get a comfort for twenty-five hours, for 93 or 71 rubles (with and without breakfast). Double standard twin has such prices: 80 rubles with breakfast, 58 rubles. - without him.

basic information

Hotel "Tourist" (Grodno), whose address: Yanka Kupala Avenue (63 house), is always glad to new visitors. You can contact the hotel administrator by phone number +375 (152) 54-57-96.

In addition, we note that the hotel works around the clock, and for e-mails you can use the mail [email protected]


User comments are positive by 90%. People are satisfied with the high level of service, home atmosphere, excellent rooms and sociable staff. Also, guests like the reasonable prices and location of this hotel complex.

Tourist Hotel (Grodno): booking

It should be noted that the hotel "Tourist"(Grodno) the room reservation on its website offers everyone. To do this, you just need to go to the "Numbers" section, choose the right one and click on the "Book" button. Then you will be on the page with the choice of dates, number of rooms and so on. Zapolonite all and press the same button.

In general, "Tourist" - a fairly modern hotel with good service and an acceptable price policy.

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