Saratov, the church "Utoli my my sorrows": history, photo

A large number of old cult Orthodoxconstructions - this is something that Mr. Saratov can rightly be proud of. The Church of "Sorrow of My Sorrows", located in the heart of the city, in the Volzhsky district, is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist attraction. At the moment, this temple is listed in the regional objects of cultural significance.

the Saratov church have sunk my sorrow

Project history

The temple "Utoli my sorrows" was built in Saratov in1906 on the idea of ​​the architect P. Zybin. As a basis in his project, this architect took one of the most famous buildings in Russia - the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed in the capital. In the end, a reduced and no less spectacular copy of this metropolitan cathedral was obtained. The church was built "Utoli my sorrow" at the Bishops' court of the chief priest of Saratov. Its construction began in 1904 and lasted two years.

Description of the temple

With the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, the architecture of thischurches are brought together first of all by the small brightly colored curly dome surrounding the main dome. Also this one is similar to the Moscow for the tightness of the internal premises, not designed for simultaneous visits to a large number of parishioners, symmetrical entrances and exterior decoration. In addition to the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, many compare the architecture of this beautiful church with the Savior-on-the-Blood in St. Petersburg.

 sated my sorrow of the Sarats

Thus, this church is one of thethe most spectacular architectural structures of a city like Saratov. The Church "Mute My Sorrows" is in our time a cultured tented structure on the rows of kokoshniks (three) with two vestibules located on both sides of the main building. The arched doors and windows give special color to the ensemble of the church. The building of the temple itself is painted in pure white, and some parts of it - in a pleasant beige. The symbol of the arch in Christian culture traditionally means a transition to a different, better world. The courtyard in front of the church is faced with large slabs, and in front of the main entrance there are concrete high flower beds with flowers. The fence of the temple is painted in the same style with its facades.

Since the temple "Quench My Sorrows" was originallywas thought of as a chapel, it is oriented not to the east, like most Orthodox churches, but to the north-east. To his left today you can see the remains of the bishop's house. Once the Saratov Diocese handed over its lower floors to shops.

Very interesting is the forminstalled on the domes of the church of the crosses. Below, each of them has a small crescent. According to the preserved legend, such a design of the crosses of the temple "Utle my my sorrows" (Saratov) was received in honor of some of the victories over the Turks.

the temple sank my sorrows in Saratov

The main shrine

The throne in the temple was built only one - inhonor the icon of the Virgin Mary "In sorrows and sorrows Consolation." This cult image is still the main shrine of the church. With respect to the image of "Quench My Sorrows," there is even a folk tradition. According to legend, Vladyka Hermogen ordered it specially for this temple on Mount Athos. It is believed that this icon is an exact copy of a very ancient Byzantine miracle-working and itself is able to heal from many diseases.

Activity of the temple before the revolution

After the building of worship in this churchoccurred regularly, every day. Conducted by their monks from the Bishops' House. By the beginning of the last century, the brotherhood had only 13 novices and 16 holy fathers. However, this church never had its parish. Baptisms, funeral services and weddings before the revolution were not carried out in it. Served here are only liturgies, vigils and prayer services.

After the revolution, various innovations were shaken, of course, and the city of Saratov. The Church "Soothe My Sorrows", therefore, for its intended purpose was used very briefly.

In the years of the USSR

After the October Revolution as a cult centerthe temple ceased to exist. In Soviet times, more time its building was known as a city planetarium. This is the name of institutions where you can get a lot of useful information about stars and planets. Fortunately, the hand was not raised by the new authorities to destroy such a beautiful temple.

In the 30s, the Mother's House was opened in the church buildingand the child. Later, other secular organizations operated in the church. The planetarium became the last of them and existed until the very transfer of the church to believers at the end of the last century.

Very interesting is the fact that the crosses from the church"Soothe my sorrows" were removed only in 1960 on the initiative of the first secretary of the regional party committee of Saratov. In 1965, Bishop Pimen Khmelevsky asked the city authorities to restore the church's premises. Of course, the city council did not give permission, and refused to provide material assistance to the parish. However, the mood for the Orthodox faith by that time had already begun to change. And so the authorities carried out the restoration of this historical monument on their own, with the money of the city. At the same time, crosses were erected on the church (under the personal responsibility of the secretary of the regional committee of the city of Saratov). The church "Wear My Sorrows", or rather, its main dome, was decorated with gilding. In this case, the restorers have also restored the pommel in the left wing of the building. Since then, the planetarium was included in the list of the best attractions of the city and became the object of close attention of tourists.

they sinned my sorrow for what they pray for

The 90s

Like most other churches, the temple "My Wastesadness "(Saratov) was again transferred to believers in the early 90's. The priests immediately arranged in the side annexe a limit consecrated in the name of Sergius of Radonezh. The throne was entrusted with antimins from the seminar temple, which was once destroyed by the authorities. Also, a large bell tower was erected and interior spaces were repaired. The first rector of the newly opened church was the priest Lazar Novokreshchenykh. The main throne of the church was consecrated in 1993 by Vladyka Pimen.

the temple sank my sorrows

Temple in our time

In 2004, on the basis of the parish of the church "Utley minesadness, "a photo of which can be seen on this page, the Bishops' Compound was restored. In addition to the temple "Utoli my sorrow", it was attributed to it located in the center of Saratov on the Theater Square chapel dedicated to the icon "Picturesque spring". At the same time, large-scale works on the restoration of the church began. Here was installed a beautiful large iconostasis in the Old Russian style. Also, work was carried out to change the interior of the temple.

In 2005-2006, the reconstruction of Sergievside of the church. Its area has been significantly increased due to the elimination of ancillary facilities. In addition, in the aisle, a stylish vaulted ceiling was arranged and a font was installed for the rites of Baptism (with full immersion). In 2006, work was begun on the restoration of the temple from the outside. The building underwent considerable reconstruction. For example, the old roof was replaced with a new one - a copper one.

have sunk my sorrow photo

Today in the temple there is a youth society,Sunday school and pilgrimage service "Revival". Also, a library is open at the church. Its fund is more than 8.5 thousand books. Of course, there is a solemn Sunday service in this church. "Quench My Sorrow" is an image that any believer can pray to today. In addition, on Sunday any parishioner has the opportunity to listen to an instructive conversation conducted by one of the abbots of the church.

Artifacts of the Church

In addition to the famous icon "Utoli my sorrow"the church also has other notable shrines. These include, for example, the image of the Monk Fedor Ushakov with a small part of his relics. This famous Russian admiral had tonsured monks at the very end of his life.

service sapped my sadness

Probably, many believers would like to know,what words should I say in the image of "Quench my sorrows." What is prayed for in this icon, you can guess from the above. The image is healing, therefore, standing in front of him, one should ask the Virgin Mary for deliverance from bodily sorrows. Also, this icon can help to forget about all sorts of sinful passions, which stun the heart of the believer.

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