Popular Tmani hotels

In the Taman hotels in the usual sense of the wordyou can count on the fingers. The main part of the local rental market is now occupied by guest houses. Hotels in Taman offer comfortable accommodation. They are more expensive from neighboring villages.

The price of rooms in hotels seems to be overestimated,and for that there are reasons. Now there is an active construction of a new port near the village of Volna (near Taman). This facility is visited by a large number of shift workers and seconded employees during the year, and they fill the hotels of the whole district well. In addition, the appearance of the ethnographic complex "Ataman", as well as the improvement of the central beach made the village a popular summer destination. Consequently, she does not experience shortage of guests. On the contrary, now there are not enough inexpensive and modern hotels here.

In the village of Taman, hotels and hotels offer the tourist all the necessary services: food, transfer, laundry services, wireless Internet. Rooms are always safer and more convenient to book in advance.

Hotel "Old Town"

The modern complex "Old Town" is located on the shore of two seas. He will meet the guests with all possible cordiality.

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In this place you will feel an amazing atmosphere,since the complex is located in the center of the Bosporan kingdom (an ancient settlement), on the ruins of the old city, which existed many centuries ago. The architecture of this hotel Taman repeats the features of ancient buildings.

Once in the "Old Town", you will feel yourself inthe heart of the ancient world, while not remaining without the necessary modern amenities in the rooms. The main feature of this hotel complex is the creation of an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

There are 8 standard double rooms for guests. On the territory there is a common kitchen and parking.

Hotel "Fort Apatur"

The hotel "Fort Apatur" is located on the coast of the Taman Bay. It offers a stunning view from the windows of the rooms, which are designed for any prosperity and taste.

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The interior of this Tamani hotel, made insea ​​original style, will not leave anyone indifferent. Rough massive armchairs and tables, accessories made of wood in a marine style, finishing with natural stone give the hotel a special flavor.

The place is beautiful and beautifulhistorical place. About two centuries ago a group of immigrant Cossacks landed here, which laid the foundation for the unique and distinctive culture of this region. In honor of the ancient settlement, the hotel "Fort Apatur" got its name. "Apatoor" in Ancient Greek means "deceptive." In fact, with its impregnable and strict appearance, the institution makes an impression deceptive. In fact, always with warmth and joy meets all of its guests.

Residential complex "Fortuna"

Residential complex "Fortuna" opened its doors not solong time ago - in 2012. The location of this hotel Taman is very profitable - on the coast of the Azov Sea. The hotel offers rooms of categories "junior suite" and "suite", there are also rooms with balconies.

Taman hotels and hostels

It is worth noting that the services of tourists herethere is also a cafe, parking. There are special conditions for tourism. Nearby is the ethnographic museum "Ataman", in which you can learn in detail about the centuries-old history of the Cossacks.

Mini-hotel "Cascade", Taman

Mini-hotel "Cascade" is aa large green area. There are pavilions for rest, a children's playground, a cafe with a TV room, a real home kitchen. Also there are summer kitchens with a full set of dishes for cooking on their own for all those who chose this establishment, having arrived in Taman.

taman hotel cascade

Hotel "Cascade" is located in ten minutes fromsand and pebble beach, promenade and the sea. Nearby there are a market, cafes, shops, an archaeological museum, post office, a winemaking museum with its own tasting room, a church from the 18th century, a cinema.

It is also worth mentioning that on the outskirts of the villagethere is an ethnographic complex "Ataman", which has already been mentioned a little higher, and to this day are conducted unique archaeological excavations. Also for tourists are organized excursions to mud healing lakes, to Golubitskaya village and to Anapa, to the water park, to the lotus valley, to other interesting places.

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