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The sea ... This word excites the ears of any fan of relaxation on the azure coast in the middle of a sandy beach.

The sea itself is a very beautiful creationnature. A reservoir of this type is available in all parts of the world. In total, on the world map, 81 such a creation of nature can be found. Knowing about such a variety, it is very difficult to determine one, the most beautiful sea in the world. However nothing prevents to consider some of the best and most interesting reservoirs.

Currently, there is a rating of the mostbeautiful seas in the world, in the first places in which are Bali, Coral, Arabian, and Andaman. So, let us consider in more detail the features of some seas recognized as the best in the whole world.

the most beautiful sea in the world


The sea of ​​Bali is located in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. On the geographical map, it can be easily found between the islands of Java, Madura, Sumbawa and Sulawesi. Bali often leads the lists of the most beautiful seas in the world.

This pond is a rather unusual phenomenonnature. At its bottom everything is not covered with sand, as in ordinary seas, but with volcanic sediments, which are here due to the proximity to the sea of ​​large volcanoes. The beaches on the coast of this sea are sandy and incredibly beautiful. They grow tropical vegetation, characteristic of the equatorial belt.

If you look at the sea surface of Bali from above, it seems that it is simply riddled with numerous small islands.

Due to the tropical climate peculiar to these places, the water in the sea remains invariably warm throughout the year, and, even at great depth, about 28 degrees.


Often in the rankings of wonderful places in the world leadingposition is occupied by the Coral Sea. The most beautiful place in the world is due to the unusual coral reefs that are on its bottom. Undoubtedly, this fact distinguishes it among other water bodies of nature.

You can find the Coral Sea in the waters of the PacificOcean, near the coast of Australia. The waters of the Coral Sea are also washed by such islands as New Caledonia and New Guinea. In this sea there are two known geographical objects: the Great Barrier Reef and the Torres Strait.

In the Coral Sea there are many small islets, to which the human foot has not yet trod. On them you can meet unusual representatives of flora and fauna.

At local resorts, divingscuba diving in the waters of the Coral Sea. Tourists are very fond of this activity, as it is really fascinating: swimming between the reefs, one can admire the strange beauty of fish and other representatives of the underwater world that live here.

the most beautiful sea in the world rating


One of the most beautiful seas in the world is the Arabian Sea.It is unusual, above all, its geological structure. Underwater, it is divided into two large halves by the Carlsberg Ridge. It is located in the Indian Ocean, in its northern waters.

The Arabian Sea occupies the first position in the rating of the most productive seas of the world. This is due to the large variety of inhabitants in its depths: there are about a thousand species of fish and crustaceans.

It is in the waters of the Arabian Sea thatThe islands, which attract tourists with their beauty. One of them is the island of Astola, which is currently uninhabited. Also here is the popular island of Maldives.


Mediterranean - the only sea in the compositionwhich includes several smaller ponds. It is the most famous and is often included in the lists of the most beautiful seas in the world. Photos of the Mediterranean Sea easily convey the purity of its waters and the beauty of the underwater world. The waters of it are washed by the islands of Crete and Cyprus.

In the modern world, near the waters of the Mediterranean Seaespecially well developed tourism. Holidaymakers from all over the world go to the shores of this huge and warm water body in order to spend their holidays here.

In the abyss of water you can meet a large number of unusual representatives of flora and fauna.

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One of the most beautiful seas in the world - Black - is washed by the banks of several countries, which are in Asia and Europe.

Thanks to the purity of the waters and the bright underwater worldnear the Black Sea coast is very popular among tourists in Russia and some European countries. A large number of recreational areas for tourists have been created in the zone of the subtropical climate.

In the waters of the Black Sea, one can find a largethe number of representatives of marine life and fauna. However, in addition to the peace-loving marine inhabitants, there are also those that are dangerous to human life - stingrays and sea dragons, but they can be met only at great depth.


The most beautiful and clean sea in the world - White,which is internal and located on the territory of modern Russia. Its waters are very clean, but the climate is quite cold, because of what on the coast of this sea there are no resort zones.

The peculiarity of the White Sea lies in the fact that it was often mentioned long ago in the legends of Scandinavia, where it is known as the Serako Yam.

In the waters of the sea there is a considerable number of small islands on the territory of which grow northern plants and animals that are adapted to survival in cold climatic conditions.

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On the question of which is the most beautiful sea inworld, many can respond that the Caribbean. And they will be right. This reservoir is not only included in the rating of the most beautiful and unusual seas of the world, but also completely justifies its being in it.

In history, this sea is more known as pirate, as ships navigated under its black flags in its waters. On the seabed and the islands that wash its waters, there are still many treasures hidden.

In the Caribbean, recentlythe greatest seismic activity is observed - earthquakes and volcanic eruptions most often occur here. However, despite this, on the coasts washed by the Caribbean Sea, many tourist and recreational areas have been created, where tourists and the most beautiful girls in the world like to come.

The sea is tropical climate.

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The waters of the Red Sea are washed by the shores of severalcountries that are located on the territory of the Arabian Peninsula and in the north-eastern part of Africa. From the waters of the Red Sea originates artificially created Suez Canal, which leads to the Mediterranean.

The Red Sea is rightfully considered the most beautifulsea ​​in the world, which is reflected in the relevant world rankings. Such a title it received due to the magnificent plant and animal world that is here. The whole bottom is covered with bright coral reefs, which now and then attract tourists. A very popular type of active recreation here - diving to the depth with scuba.

The peculiarity of the Red Sea is that no river flows into it. It is also the most salty sea on the planet.

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The Dead Sea is a pond that is washing the shoresJordan and Israel. It is a unique creation on the planet for two reasons. Firstly, the Dead Sea is recognized as the most saline water body on the whole planet - tourists who come here to swim here have the opportunity to sunbathe literally on salt lumps that float on its surface. Secondly, this reservoir is at the lowest point of the planet, since it is located much lower than the level of the world ocean (430 meters).

the most beautiful and clean sea in the world

Plunging into the waters of this sea-lake, it is impossible to drown because of the high concentration of salt in them. However, despite this, in the depths of the sea a small number of fauna representatives live.

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