Unforgettable vacation in the Maldives with children

Currently, vacation in the Maldives with childrenis becoming more popular, because the romantic islands are almost at the equator, and in the Indian Ocean washing them all year round. The weather on the islands varies due to monsoons, from April to September due to the influence of the south-west winds the sea can be restless and the air is the wettest, however this season is considered the most favorable for tourists from northern regions who do not tolerate heat. Buying trips to the islands is considered an excellent option for a quiet and romantic holiday without depression and turmoil, and tourists can admire the exotic nature and unique local fauna.

Benefits: Rest with children in the Maldives is favorable andis safe for the following reasons. Firstly, the summer is always on the islands of atolls because of the proximity to the equator, and the climate remains warm, so the children will not catch cold. Secondly, the beaches of the islands are covered with white clean sand, and the healing air and abundance of greenery are considered to be an ideal addition to the beach holiday. The water in the Indian Ocean remains so transparent that the children will be able to watch with pleasure, as exotic motley fish swim along the shore.

Although the local fauna is rather exotic, there is nono snakes, no poisonous spiders, so kids can run barefoot, without fear that they will be stung by a snake. From living creatures that live on land, only herons and ants are distinguished, and mosquitoes appear quite rarely. And kids will enjoy watching such exotic animals as funny crabs, unique colorful lizards and parrots of amazing beauty.

Infrastructure: Rest in the Maldives with children is convenient thanks tothe presence of a highly developed tourist infrastructure. Although the main places for entertainment are concentrated around hotels, on any island, regardless of its location, both children and their parents will find what to do. Local hotels offer travelers accommodation of the type "All inclusive", offering cozy and comfortable rooms, as well as high-quality service.

The rooms are cot for babies, workmodern mini-clubs, children can swim in the pools-frogs, and their parents - to call a nanny, especially when planning a long excursion, which is not recommended to take the child with them. Unforgettable holidays in the Maldives with the child will appeal to travelers thanks to the availability of children's dishes in the restaurant menu of most hotels. A fun animation that allows children to get a lot of indelible impressions, will make their leisure rich and diverse. Although there are no water parks and entertainment centers on the islands, the children will not be bored, getting acquainted with the unknown world of the equatorial zone.

sights: Planning a holiday in the Maldives with children of schoolage, you can take advantage of the offers of local travel agencies and go on an exciting excursion, allowing to understand the originality and uniqueness of local attractions. Along the whole Maldivian archipelago, there are underwater coral caves and reefs that teenagers will be able to see, plunging underwater with an experienced instructor.

During a one-day excursion you can visitMale is the capital of the island state, which, thanks to a small area, even a schoolboy can walk. Among the sights is the tomb of Mohammed Takurufanu, the bazaar "Singapore", the Islamic center, the medieval mosque Hukur Miskiy with the huge minaret and the Sultan cemetery. If you are planning an educational excursion in the Maldives with children of school age, be sure to visit the National Museum in Male, which displays unique ancient sculptures collected from Buddhist temples throughout the region.

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